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Twitter Fact Sheet


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Twitter Fact Sheet

  1. 1. fact sheet Twitter is the concept of • Before you start, figure out your strategy and goals. What are you trying to accomplish? Who are you trying to reach? micro-blogging. Simply, you have • Make sure that you have filled out your bio, uploaded a picture and shared a URL after creating your account.140 characters to answer the question • Keep in mind that you can change your name, username, email, URL, bio, location,“what are you doing?” Here are some background and picture at any time by clicking on Settings in the top right of the page. tips and suggestions on how to get • You only have 140 characters, so write in headlines and use TinyURL.com to shorten long URLs. the most out of your Twitter account: • Use search.twitter.com to follow new people, monitor your company, as well as see what your target audience is talking about. Also, if you want to see if people have retweeted or asked you a question search @username. • Another way to add followers is to see who your followers are following. • To re-tweet, use RT @username then copy and paste what the original user said. REMEMBER: By following this process, you give proper credit where credit is due. Remember, on Twitter, a RT is a compliment! Tweet often about exciting news, • @reply is when someone asks you a question. Use @username and then anwswer how to pieces, FAQs, products, the question. Since your followers might not know what the original question was, rephrase it and then answer it. events and share articles • Hashtags are # followed by a keyword. They are used to discuss specific topics of interest. and facilitate better searches within search.twitter.com. For example: #marketing. • Add value and have fun! Treat twitter like a dinner party — don’t just constantly talk about yourself. Answer and ask questions, reply to concerns or complaints and RT often! • Remain transparent and do what is appropriate for your audience. • If you think something is questionable, don’t say it. Tweets are permanent. • Consider using other web sites such as TweetDeck, Twitpic and Hootsuite to personalize Twitter and make it easier to use based on your needs. Twitpic allows you to upload and share photos. Hootsuite allows you to tweet to many accounts and TweetDeck is an added tool to monitor mentions, @replys and tweets. • Avoid getting in a “Twitter war” when addressing a complaint. Take the conversation off Twitter and discuss concerns over the phone, e-mail or in person. To implement this step, send the user a direct message (DM) asking for their contact information. To send a DM, go to the user page, in the mid-right part of the page, there is an option to message the person, click this. Or you can be on your home page, click direct messages and Twitter allows you to select any users on your list to DM. CONSTRUCTIVE Constructive Communication, Inc. www.constructivecommunication.com C O M M U N I C AT I O N
  2. 2. Ideas on how to use in your marketing program! • Coupon Campaigns: Launch a coupon campaign. Remember that the shorter and more direct your message is, the more successful you are going to be. • Artful Customer Service: Answer and respond to customers, help solve their problems. • Focus Groups: A new twist on focus groups! Solicit customer opinions. Use Twitter techniques such as coupon • Poaching Customers: See what people are saying that may be negative about your competitors and your company. campaigns, focus groups, direct • Customer Expectation Management: If something goes wrong, sales and research to maximize your Twitter is a great outlet to let customers know what went wrong and what you are doing to fix it. company’s marketing campaign. • Corralling Eyeballs: Add twitter feeds to websites. • Vendor Selection: Twitter can snag customers and suppliers by monitoring what people are tweeting about. • Conflict Resolution: If something goes wrong, respond to customers and observe how companies are responding to customers. • Employee Recruitment: Send messages to prospects when a position opens up. • Direct Sales: If someone identifies a need – sell your services! • Target Content: Speak to your target audience, give them information designed for them. • Mobile Marketing: Invite followers to text to receive a coupon on their phone. Or tell followers to use a certain keyword to receive an offer.CONSTRUCTIVE Constructive Communication, Inc. • Tweet-Ups: Facilitate a hashtag to allow users to tweet about a 7321 Wiltshire Drive, Dublin, Ohio 43016 specific topic and have real-time conversations. 614.873.6706 • Research: See what people are talking about, what they care about C O M M U N I C AT I O N www.constructivecommunication.com and what they are saying about your company and competitors.