Maine Youth Leadership - Social Media Strategies & Challenges


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Frankee Chapa of Maine Youth Leadership spoke to Social Media Breakfast Maine about the non-profit's social media strategies and challenges.

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  • Intro: Board Member, 2000 Alum Qutes you’ll see throughout the PowerPoint: Re
  • Held annually since 1986, Currently held at USM in Gorham (past 7 years or so?), also have a Bangor Associate Board – Invite all schools, Guidance Counselors are encouraged to nominate, still struggle, cost per student: $250 for the 4 days
  • Community Engagement: All Students go volunteer for a few hours on Saturday: Everything from helping with Portland Trails to sitting with dementia patients at the Gorham houseVariety of kids – From Fort Kent to Kittery Putting a Kid from Biddeford, Yarmouth, Deer Isle & Millinocket in the same group-realize how diverse Maine is Local Leaders: Everyone from Angus King, Kyle from E-lick-sor Clothing, and then Some of our alum: Young City Councilors (Ben Sprague/former alum from Bangor), Local Author StephDeschenes, when I went – Bill Irwin – Hiked Applichain Trail. Blind.End with the quote
  • Quote you just read…quotes/posts from Alum both what they posted/we took from end of seminar feed back forms– the kind of posts we want to shout from the roof tops.
  • Blood drive, Volunteer with the Iris Network to go Christmas Shopping with the visually impaired Our speakers during event: tag, mention, etc.Photos from events: say so much.Inspiring quotes/quotes from teens: most likes
  • They can converse openly: how differently they feel. The “Life after MYL” you just went through this gut experience and now what!? No one will understand.Fundraising: Meet us here! (margarita’s night – profits go to MYL) or help me with this (fundraising to go to Honduras for college trip to volunteer)Social Events: Who will be at the district track competition? This basketball tournament? Let’s all meet for the Old Port FestVolunteer: Blood drive or their personal activities“From our backs to theirs” Organized a state wide slothing drive
  • Most difficult instances: never had to ban anyone, just take a post down. MYL 2011, 2010, etc.Come to trust their Senior Facilitators and other Staff Members: we will get emails, phone calls, good – we are starting to bring on a Licensed Counselor to help with “comfort level” – sharing levelsBut great because these are adults & role models that they might not have: As a teen I was able to meet people like Dave Mac & Rory Strunk of RSN – Now I get to spend time with Linda Varrell – all people who showed me you can live your passion
  • Videos of Alum, of parents, etc. – more confirmation for events – easy to put off commitment – would like to increase use/integration of Kintera – a fundraising system we haveDies off – starts back up around Seminar
  • Please let me know if I can send you this – Needs: Volunteers, Donations, Sponsors, Contacts with Schools for recruitment – BOARD MEMBERS!
  • Maine Youth Leadership - Social Media Strategies & Challenges

    1. 1. Maine Youth LeadershipSocial Media Strategies & Challenges Motivating Maine’s Future Leaders Leadership. Character. Volunteerism.
    2. 2. @MYLSeminarMYL Overview• Annual 4 day leadership seminar• Schools are asked to nominate one sophomore student• No cost to parents or students• Funded by donations, grants & sponsorships• Last Year: ▫ Participation: 108 Students from 97 Schools ▫ 45 Staff Members: 30 were Alumni• Current Goals: ▫ Participation: 120 Students ▫ Would need 50-60 Staff Members
    3. 3. @MYLSeminarProgram & Purpose “…I dont have to be loud or popular to be lead--if I take what I learned here back to my school and lead by example, it will be just• Focus on: as important to the world.” ▫ Creating a no-judgment zone ▫ Encouraging community engagement ▫ Finding inspiration through local leaders• Example Sessions & Workshops: ▫ Mock Trials and Town Halls ▫ Brand Camp ▫ Discovering Personal Leadership Styles ▫ “Game of Life” & the Economics of Education ▫ Leadership Panels
    4. 4. @MYLSeminarSocial Media Activity• Currently on: ▫ Facebook:  ▫ Twitter • Main Focus: Facebook ▫ “Public”Page ▫ Alumni Groups
    5. 5. FB Username: MaineYouthLeadership Twitter: @MYLSeminarMain Objectives: Promote & EngagePromote MYL through Public Page ▫ Events ▫ Volunteer Opportunities ▫ Speakers ▫ Quotes ▫ Photos “I have made some new friends and now realize that there are other people like me in Maine.”
    6. 6. @MYLSeminarMain Objectives: Promote & Engage• Engage through Group Pages ▫ Create a “Safe Space” to continue & start conversations ▫ Maintain the “No Judgment Zone” ▫ Allow Students to Connect, “I Organize & Engage realize, embarrassingly, that  Experiences at School complaining about not getting a nail appointment, having to  Fundraising shower in flip flops, or  Social Events walking across campus in the  Volunteer Activities rain is so insignificant when others dont have concrete floors to walk on or clean water.”
    7. 7. FB Username: MaineYouthLeadership Twitter: @MYLSeminar Challenges with Social Media (& Teens!) • Monitoring ▫ Pay Attention to What Teens Post ▫ Multiple Groups tend to pop-up • The “Trusted Adult” ▫ Comfort Level"For me, MYL was about finding myself more than anything. Im goingthrough a lot in my life right now and Ive sort of lost who I am. I camehere hoping to drop any fears of social situations I had and thats exactlywhat I did throughout the seminar." Solution: Social Media Agreement
    8. 8. FB Username:MaineYouthLeadershipTwitter: @MYLSeminar
    9. 9. @MYLSeminarNew Social Media Goals• Increase Video• Event Organization• Better Fundraising Efforts• Keeping the Conversation Going After Seminar “10 years ago I missed my prom to go to Maine Youth Leadership. Here I again am on my 28th birthday.... Which event do you think had a bigger impact on my life?”
    10. 10. www.maineyouthleadership.orgContact Info @MYLSeminar•• info@maineyouthleadership.orgFrankee Chapa:• @FrankeeC•