Creating a Killer Event


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Event management expert, Stefa Normantas of Green Tree Event Consultants, will share best practices for creating a killer event using social media tools. She’ll cover the elements of a killer event, teach you how to build a plan, manage the pieces and avoid event disaster. Presented at Social Media Breakfast Maine by Stefa Normantas

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  • As one of the only full service event managers and marketers, we see which events work and have a unique view that taps us into the industry.
  • Producers of New England Products Show
    For those not familiar…giftware/specialty food, all products are juried, ne made
    This is where we see a firsthand look at the tourism confidence level
    Held in march for 3 days—on site, we quickly hear if the buyers are buying…….reflecting if they have confidence in the upcoming tourist season. It’s our early indicator of retailer expectations.
  • This year’s project from one of those crazy new yorkers….
  • This year’s project from one of those crazy new yorkers….
  • We’ll start with why we go….
  • Creating a Killer Event

    1. 1. Creating A Killer Event Presented by Stefa Normantas, Principal Green Tree Event Consultants January 27, 2012
    2. 2. (or at least avoid disaster)
    3. 3. To Start…And You Would Be Who? [favorite elements of my big fat life] @StefaNormantas
    4. 4. What We’ll Cover  Introduction  The Questions You Must Answer  How To Build A Successful Plan  Managing The Pieces  Integrating Social Media  Q & A
    5. 5. About Our Companies  Produce conferences, trade shows, galas, special events typically in business to business arena  Full service from concept/sales/logistics/execution/post
    6. 6. Events we do…
    7. 7. Specialize in business-to-business events… @neproducts Biggest shows you’ve never heard of…
    8. 8. And other fun things…
    9. 9. Biggest. Bow. Ever.
    10. 10. Producers of the 2013 LPGA Futures Portland, Maine
    11. 11. …Now: What You Must Know
    12. 12. First, You Must Ask The Question “Who and Why” of your event
    13. 13. What is the soul of your event?
    14. 14. Who & Why …you say? Need a laser-sharp, informed answer.
    15. 15. Holy Grail Question Answers will drive all planning & social media efforts.
    16. 16. Big Picture For Killer Events It’s about knowing your peeps, cultivating relationships to provide an experience of value and speaking with an authentic voice.
    17. 17. Where to begin? Events are like individual businesses…budgets, sales, accounting, marketing, operations Miss elements at your peril.
    18. 18. Planning = Success
    19. 19. Killer Events •Inspire •Connect with a need •Bring the attendee to a valued experience •Thoughtful details •Unexpected twists, touches Keep asking…”what’s the soul of the event and stay close….”
    20. 20. Plan Elements • Purpose (hint: not money) • Budget • Metrics for success • Timeline • Task List (Sales, Marketing, Ops) • Evaluation
    21. 21. Killer Events
    22. 22. How To Manage The Pieces What are the tools?
    23. 23. Tools To Consider Project Planning •Basecamp •Tomsplanner •oneplacehome •Todoist •[Filemaker pro]
    24. 24. Tools To Consider Registration/Tickets •Regonline •Cvent •Eventbrite •EventFarm •Constant Contact •Wordpress
    25. 25. Tools To Consider Others worth a look… •Socialtables-planning for large, seated events •Surveymonkey •Storify-social storytelling • – online newsletter
    26. 26. Underutilized Tip #1
    27. 27. Partner, Partner, Partner Great events have great partners. Find yours.
    28. 28. Why Partner? Leverage.
    29. 29. Where/Who? • Association alliances • Media (radio, print….) • Outreach groups • ‘Endorsing’ Sponsors • Non-profits/Charity
    30. 30. Killer Tips •Know what your channels deliver for attendance-don’t over- rely on social media •Offer exclusive experience-behind the scenes for vips •Early bird pricing works •Bonus early signups –first 25 get swag; better than drawing •Scarcity helps – only xx tickets left •Offer incentives if they post on their walls
    31. 31. Moving To Social Media… Underutilized Tip #2
    32. 32. Sad Fact Your event is not likely to “go viral.” Work will need to commence.
    33. 33. my worst event fear….
    34. 34. How To Succeed? Don’t Rely On Social Media For Driving Attendance Focus on how to create value and use social media to amplify the results.
    35. 35. Test Time Awareness Test
    36. 36. Create Event Personas Focus on your top 3 personas •Who are they? •Demographics (age, $, education) •What’s important to them? •Where do they live in the social media world?
    37. 37. Play to your social strengths Know which platform works for you…find help for the rest. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Tumblr, Pinterest….
    38. 38. Social Media – Miracle Grow Understand why you’re using social media….apply accordingly…. •Generate traffic? •Revenue? •PR/Awareness?
    39. 39. Use An SM Editorial Grid Date Exhibitor Sponsor Attendee Event Feature Industry Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
    40. 40. Need Ideas on Content? Sponsor callouts Crowdsource Behind the scenes Flash events Flickr pages Scavenger hunts Training Attendee profiles
    41. 41. Subtlety not helpful. Be crystal clear in your call to action. What exactly do you want them to do?
    42. 42. Don’t Forget •Get your hashtags early (check out for unintended crossovers) •Have your blurb kit ready for pass alongs…badges, buttons, banner ads, calendar listing, press release….use your partner’s marketing channels as well…
    43. 43. Finally… Events are killer when there’s a shared purpose and a spirit of collaboration and connection. Leverage social media to help build your killer event one relationship at a time.
    44. 44. Need a good book?
    45. 45. Thank you! @stefanormantas @neproducts