Venture lab project2
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Venture lab project2



Technology Entrepreneurship Project #2

Technology Entrepreneurship Project #2



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    Venture lab project2 Venture lab project2 Presentation Transcript

    • Ven ture-lab P roject#2 id or iP hone and AndroiProcrastina te Mobile App f
    • crastinate Mobile App iProEverybody procrastinates.We put things off because: ● Theyre difficult to do; ● Were too busy with other things on our plate; ● We dont like to do what it is were putting off doing.But, are you one of those people who CONSISTENTLYavoids tasks on your To Do List?Are you chronically late on projects or do you always waitto the last minute to complete things?Then the new iProcrastinate Mobile App is just for you!
    • i Procrastina te FeaturesThis smartphone app helps you to manage yourtime and get more productive by helping you: ● Establish easy to reach goals ● Create motivational incentives to help you reach your goals ● Track your progress towards goals ● Minimize distractions that prevent you from reaching your goals.
    • h Easy To Re ach Goals Establis ● Auto-Schedule function schedules daily time based on a user entered due date ○ Sample: Auto-schedule sets aside 35 minutes a day for a 4 hour task due in one week ● Milestones function enables users to set incremental milestones to meet a goal ○ User creates smaller tasks to meet the overall goal ○ Sample: Plan vacation: 1) Pick a location, 2) Find hotel, 3) book hotel, 4) make travel arrangements 
    • otivational Incentives Create M ● Link Auto-schedule time or Milestones to incentives ○ Earn 5-10 minutes on entertainment Aps for meeting time or milestone goals ○ Pay-up feature deducts money from users bank account for not meeting goals ■ Deducted money will be donated to a non-profit specified by the user ● Personal coaching ○ Share iProcrastinate goals with friends or family who check in and sign off when goals are met  
    • Tra ck progress● iProcrastinate helps you squash your procrastination habit by helping you track your progress.● You can put in a date range and see how you are progressing as the weeks and months roll by.● You should see a marked improvement as you continue using our app!
    • M inimize Di stractionsEach time that you press the procrastination button, you will belocked out of a different social networking site/app that youhave an account with or have downloaded.Pressing the button will take away one by one each of theactivities that are preventing you from accomplishing the taskat hand. The idea is to eventually lock you out of so manydistracting activities that you become bored with nothing to doexcept complete your task. This app will essentially force youto accomplish your goals. Don’t worry, you’ll thank us later! 
    • M inimize Di stractionsBelow is an example of some of the apps that you mightfind yourself locked out of when the procrastination buttonis pressed. The apps that you login to most often will belocked first to encourage you to be productive sooner ratherthan later: YScramble With FriendsFacebook  YoutubeTwitter PandoraInstagram SkypeGoogle+ Angry BirdsFlickr Draw SomethingFoursquare
    • e Motivatio nal Quotes FreIncluded in your subscription fee,iProcrastinate will send daily motivationalquotes io your email and/or twitter account. These quotes are sure to encourage andmotivate you to reduce/eliminate the habit ofprocrastination and get you moving towardsachieving your goals!
    • inate - Get it Today! iProcrastIf your constant procrastination has youfeeling anxious and discouraged, then get theiProcrastinate mobile app today! iProcrastinate will help you stop the cycle ofprocrastination - teach you better work habitsand motivate you to get going!