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Me and my movies presentation

  1. 1. Me and My MoviesAdam Foster
  2. 2. Hot FuzzDirector: Edgar WrightYear of Production: 2007Hot Fuzz is a police comedy about a top cop inLondon who is transferred to a small village inthe countryside and is paired with another copwho isn’t so smart, they encounter somesuspicious accidents and events and have tosolve the mystery behind them.
  3. 3. AnchormanDirector: Adam McKayYear of Production: 2004Anchorman is about a man named RonBurdgundy who is the top Anchorman in SanDiego but a new female anchor arrives with theintention of ruining him and becoming the nexttop anchor in San Diego.
  4. 4. American PieDirector: Paul WeitzYear of Production: 1999American Pie is about four teenage boys in theirlast year high school who make a pact to losetheir virginity before prom as they are having noluck with women, they think making a pact is agood idea so they can spur each other toachieve their target.
  5. 5. The main elements of the comedy genre that attract me toit are mainly the stars, actors such as Will Ferrell, SethRogen, Simon Pegg and many more. They all star in a lot ofmy favourite comedy films and they make them a lot moreenjoyable to watch. The story often involves the charactersencountering problems on the way to achieving their goalwhich are often given a twist because of the nature of thegenre and they always make the film more enjoyable andfunny to watch. Also I find comedy films to be quiterelatable, usually the characters have a problem which I andlots of other people can always relate to because people ofthe age who the film is aimed at may have similar problemsand can often relate but with a humorous twist.What attracts me to this genre?
  6. 6. Area of Analysis Example Technical feature (Camera/sound/mise enscene/ editing)Conforms to genre? Y/N Breaks conformity? Y/NIf yes, how?Codes and conventionsAppearance of thecharacters, funnyclothes/moustaches.Characters pulling funnyfaces.Characters talking in funny voices, lots ofcharacters together talking and laughing.Yes NoSettingSet in San Diego, mainly in aTV studio. Typical Americancity.Lots of large buildings, always sunny. A fewestablishing shots of San Diego are used.Yes NoCharacterDressed in funny costume,all have funny hairstyles andunusual facial hair.Close ups of characters so you can see thefunny elements of the characters.Yes NoThemesLove – between RonBurgundy and the femaleanchor.The two characters are shown on screentogether a lot and there is a theme of loveat some parts even though mainly theydislike eachother.Yes NoNarrativeRon Burgundy is a veryhighly rated anchorman inSan Diego but his place astop anchor is jeopardisedwhen a female anchor aimsto become top anchor.The two anchors sat in the studio shows therivalry between the two and the goal incommon.Yes NoFilm title Anchorman trailerDirector Adam McKayYear 2004Genre ComedyIconographyLarge bridges + buildings inSan Diego – typicalAmerican cityLots of establishing shots are used to showthis.Yes NoAnchorman Trailer Analysis
  7. 7. Area of Analysis Example Technical feature (Camera/sound/mise enscene/ editing)Conforms to genre? Y/N Breaks conformity? Y/NIf yes, how?Codes and conventionsLots of references to rudescenes: parents catchingtheir son watching porn,scenes of characters with fewclothes on, characterswatching girls on livestreams.Some comedy films often include rudescenes like the ones mentioned because itappeals to the target audience.Yes NoSettingTypical American high school,large American houses,parties.American flags all around the school. Lots ofscenes with people drinking and dancing toindicate it’s a party.Yes NoCharacterFour slightly geekyteenagers, one friend whohas lots of luck with girls.The four main characters all have strangefashion sense and unusual haircuts whereasthe other friend has a slightly better fashionsense etc.Yes NoThemesLove – each of the charactershas a love interest within thefilm.The characters are often shown with theirlove interest and presented so you knowthere is something between them.Yes NoNarrativeThe four main charactersenter a pact to lose theirvirginity by prom.There is a scene where the four charactersput their hands together and make the pactofficial so you know they’re all in it together.Yes NoIconographySunny American city. A few shots are used giving you a glimpse ofwhat the city they are in looks like and showsit to look sunny and like a nice place to live.Yes NoFilm title American PieDirector Paul WeitzYear 1999Genre ComedyAmerican Pie Trailer Analysis
  8. 8. Area of Analysis Example Technical feature (Camera/sound/mise enscene/ editing)Conforms to genre? Y/N Breaks conformity? Y/NIf yes, how?Codes and conventionsPolice uniforms, police cars,guns, criminals, goreyincidents.All things you would expect to see in apolice movie but there is the humoroustwist to all of these things.Yes NoSettingRural English village. Churches, country pubs, cottages are allfeatures of a typical rural village and thereare no particularly large buildings.No Yes, usually an action/policefilm would set be set in alarge city but the mainpoliceman has been movedto this rural village.CharacterTypical highly skilledpoliceman and a slow wittedcompanion.There are lots of clips of him showing hisability and determination.No Yes, usually the mainpoliceman would be quitegood looking and would bequite muscly but thispoliceman is fairly ugly andquite chubby too.ThemesFriendship between the twopoliceman, at first it takesthe main policeman a whileto get used to the slowwitted policeman but theydevelop quite a strong bond.Lots of clips of the two together, looking likea great police partnership.Yes NoNarrativeA highly skilled policeman istransferred to a rural villagewhere it appears nothing ishappening but there is a bigmystery behind it all.There are scenes of the main policemandoing lots of research and paperwork touncover the truth behind the village.Yes NoFilm title Hot FuzzDirector Edgar WrightYear 2007Genre Comedy-ActionHot Fuzz Trailer Analysis
  9. 9. What makes me go to see a film?The main thing that makes me to go to see a film is the trailer of the film or if it is a highlyanticipated sequel to a film series I have enjoyed. If the trailer makes the film look interesting or ifit has a cast of actors who I really like then most of the time I will go to see the film. The genre canalso influence me, generally I would be more influenced to go and see a comedy than any othertype of film but action and horror films also appeal to me and if the film looks really good then Iwill usually just go for any genre. I would also go to see a film if it is a highly anticipated summerblockbuster, even if it doesn’t interest me all that much I would still probably because it has highexpectations. Also I would see a film based on the director, if a director I like released a new film Iwould be more tempted to see it because I know that director generally makes films I enjoy.
  10. 10. Where I find out about my films?Quite often I find out about films from friends and family who would recommend a filmto me based on what they know I like. Also social networking sites such as twitter andfacebook sometimes help me find out about films, when people talk about them andhype them up it persuades me to go and see it. Quite often if I like an actor, I would useIMDB and look at films they have been in and watch a few of them and films similar. Alsoon IMDB, there is a list of similar films to a film I like and sometimes I choose to watchone of them because I know it would be good.
  11. 11. Reception TheoryReception theory is the theory of people being interested in aspecific genre or type of film based on their culturalbackground, what they like doing, life experiences and more. Forexample, I enjoy watching comedy films, particularly teenagecomedies because it’s something I can relate to and I aminterested in the kind of things they do in the films so theyinterest me more than other genres of film. But with otherpeople, they may enjoy romance films because they aregenerally a romantic person and may have experienced break-ups similar to those in films so they can relate to it.
  12. 12. Active SpectatorshipActive spectatorship is looking at elements of a specificgenre and researching why they attract people to thatgenre. For example in James Bond, we always see nicecars, nice looking women etc and that attracts people towatch it because they like to see that in films. In comedyfilms you see things such as parties which interests mostteenagers because it’s what people of that age generallydo and enjoy. These are typical things we see in certaingenres and must be included in a film of that genre toattract as many viewers as possible.