Applications of photography


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Applications of photography

  1. 1. Task 1. Different Applications of Photography Stick your name here
  2. 2. Advertising IndustryPhotography is a vital part of theadvertising industry. It is used mainlyfor advertising on billboards, on theside of busses, bus stops etc. It is verypowerful because it is usually the firstthing someone will see when they seean advertisement and quite often thelast thing they will remember. Whenphotographers take images for anadvertisement they have to beabsolutely clear about the messagethe company want to convey, howthey can make the photo sell theproduct. Unlike with TV adverts, theyonly have one image to sell theirproduct so the photograph has to bethe best it can be to sell the product.
  3. 3. Fashion IndustryPhotography in the fashion industry isused to advertise clothes in things suchas magazines, catalogues, websitesetc. It is the photographers job tomake their photos eye catching andillustrate the intended design. Certainclothing brands have a specific way ofmaking clothes and this must beshown in the photos. Quite oftencertain items of clothing will be shownon celebrities to increase the appeal tothe audience because of the celebrityappeal. Basically someone who worksin fashion photography, their job is touse their skills to promote a company’sclothes to the best they possibly can.
  4. 4. Music IndustryPhotography is used in the musicindustry for things such as musicmagazines, photos of musicians/bandsare used for front covers/articles as anaccompanying image from the text. It isa chance for a music artist to get theirface seen so they try and look theirbest. Also it is used for things such aspromoting festivals and concerts. A lotof music photographers go to festivalsand gigs and take pictures during liveshows and use them in magazines andon websites to promote them. Alsosome photographers may take theirown photographs to use in a portfolioor website.
  5. 5. Sports IndustryPhotography is used in the sportsindustry for things such as footballmagazines or websites such as skysports or bbc sport. Quite often aphotographer will go to an event suchas a football match or an F1 race andtake pictures of the players/driversand also of the crowd, thestadium/track, staff and other thingsto use for articles. For big events suchas the world cup or the olympics,photographers will have to be at theirvery best to get hired to take picturesbecause they are once every fouryears events and the photos need tobe at their best. The main skillsinvolve being able to capture heaction of the event and take actionshots to show the intensity of thesport. The best sports photographerstry and capture the facial expressionsof the people taking part to show theemotions they feel whilst in the sport.
  6. 6. Photo journalismA photo journalist would most likelywork for a news company or possiblyfreelance, their role would be to lookat a news story and take photographsto be used on the news and innewspapers, for example they mayhave to take pictures of someone whois involved in a news story and wouldeither return to the news companywith the photos or try and sell it to anews company. They may also work fora magazine or a website and wouldtake different kinds of photographs fornews stories relating to thosemagazines. The main skills involvebeing able to tell a news story throughphotographers rather than just takingphotographs, they have to givemeaning to the photographs.
  7. 7. Fine Art PhotographyFine art photography is basically whenthe photographer takes photographspurely for the way they look, they wouldgo somewhere where there are plenty ofgood views and set up shots and use thecamera to create their vision. Unlikemost other types of photography, fineart photography doesn’t have to sell aproduct, or tell a story, it just needs tolook good. Photographs may go todifferent types of places forphotographs, they may have an album inthe mountains and one in a big city. Mostof the time they will try to fit as much asthey can into a photograph but stillfollow some of the rules of photographysuch as the rule of thirds to make it lookas good as possible. They usually workfreelance and have a website/blog withtheir photos on and will try and sell themto people for good amounts of money.