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Marketing Presentation

Marketing Presentation

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  • 1. LETS START WITH WHERE WE CAME FROM • To best understand where we are today I wanted to start with a brief history of marketing! • Any Mad Men fans?
  • 2. PRODUCT ERA • This began in the 17th century • It was an era defined by the focus on qualities of a product or service • Companies strongly advertised the attributes of their products to reel consumers in.
  • 3. CONSUMER ERA • 1965-five minutes ago • Focus off the product and to getting into the head and the heart of the consumer • 4 step process: Find out what the public desires, offer it, create ads to seduce that audience, and place ads in front of your target market.
  • 4. RELATIONSHIP ERA • Started with Fragmentation-fall of advertising • Who uses DVR, Hulu, Netflix to watch their favorite shows? • Push marketing no longer works, you have to pull your customers in
  • 5. RELATIONSHIP ERA • Steve Jobs explained the reason why no market research was done in the development of the Ipad “It’s not the consumer’s job to know what they want”. • The relationship era favors brands who are comfortable in their own skins. • Today the Consumer Era seems cold-blooded and opportunistic, relationship era relies on human connection.
  • 6. RELATIONSHIP ERA • This is the first period of modern commerce when your success or failure depends not on what you say, or even what you produce, but on who you are. • Businesses have to have clear purposes and stand behind them. Customers want to know what your purpose is. • People care about your mission, vision, values, how you treat your employees, etc.
  • 7. BRANDS HAVE TO TELL THEIR STORY • Storytelling is more important than ever today • It is about starting that 2 way conversation with your customers • This is why Social Media has become a successful marketing strategy for businesses • It lets them tell their story and have a conversation with their customers.
  • 8. WHY SOCIAL MEDIA? • Social Media is not just a fad but a modern method of communication. • Once upon a time you could advertise your way into the minds of consumers. • We are now in a new era, an era of Relationship Marketing. • It started with the Product Era, moved into the Consumer Era, and we are now in an era of creating meaningful relationships with your consumers.
  • 10. BEYOND SOCIAL……CONTENT MARKETING • Consumers have shut off the traditional world of marketing as we just learned. • Smart marketers understand that traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute, and that there has to be a better way. • Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience. • By providing valuable content for your target market you become a trusted resource for them. • Content marketing ties into a strong social media strategy • Examples- Hubspot, Knot app, Hilton on Twitter
  • 11. JABS AND RIGHT HOOKS • Gary Vaynerchuk talks about social media being a series of jabs and right hooks. • A Jab-a piece of content that accomplishes nothing but creating a relationship with your customer. -ex. Happy Friday!! • Right Hook-Drives your customer to a direct purchase. -Take 50% off your marketing package today-Order Now! • You want to throw more jabs but make sure to follow through with a right hook.
  • 12. JABS AND RIGHT HOOKS • The biggest mistake people make on Social Media and with their content marketing is they throw too many right hooks. These are not distribution channels, this is a place to create relationships. • What happens when you someone throws too many right hooks at you?
  • 14. JABS AND RIGHT HOOKS • Another Common mistake is throwing too many jabs and not following up with that call to action. • You might increase awareness and have lots of followers but that means nothing if you aren’t converting those followers. • This is where you need to have a complete marketing plan that Attracts people and then turns them into your brand ambassadors.
  • 15. GET YOUR PILLARS IN PLACE When you create your marketing strategy there are many pieces to think about. • If your whole business rests on one form of marketing you create a very unstable foundation for your business….aka Diving Board Theory of Marketing. Social •
  • 16. YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY Email Web Content Blogging Print SEO Social You want to have all of your marketing “pillars” going to have a stable foundation for your business.
  • 17. YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY • Each of your marketing activities will increase certain consumer actions. So instead of only focusing on getting more customers you are using marketing techniques that get more customers, increases the amount they spend with you, and increases the frequency they purchase from you. • When you increase all 3 of these things you increase your business exponentially! • If you focused just on one form of marketing you would experience much slower growth. 10% # of Customers 10% Amount Spent 10% # of Transaction s 10% # of Customers