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  • 1. Welcome
      • smartWTP >>>
      • web-to-print made easy
      • Samal, January 2009
  • 2. About smartWTP
    • a long established expertise in development of scalable AJAX web applications
    • a long established expertise in development of workflow systems
    • a long established expertise in customization and sw integration
    • this will enable smartWTP to elevate the level of automation to maximum, and thus further improve the value and opportunities DI brings to the customer's business
  • 3. What makes smartWTP unique
    • smartWTP has been designed to function as:
    • SaaS (Software as a service)‏
    • on demand solution
    • open platform
    • customizable solution
    • scalable solution
    • inter-operable solution
  • 4. What does it bring to the customer
    • customer does not pay a license fee, thus eliminates a high initial investment
    • customer does not have to maintain a web-to-print server, thus eliminates a need for specialized IT staff, costs, downtime, trainings, etc.
    • customer pays only a monthly fee
    • customer can change the business easily – smartWTP is scalable, thus will adjust to any number of visitors without additional investments
  • 5. 3 easy steps to start
      • I. customer selects modules which he/she will use
      • II. specifies customizations: e.g. customized design
      • III. edits his/her print offer and pricing policies
      • And everything is ready to go. Now, the customer can focus on his/her business because smartWTP takes care off all technical issues running the system.
  • 6. Storefront module - design
    • storefront module has been created with visitor's comfort in mind, resulting in simplicity and speed
    • webdesigns can be customized for the customer
    • customer can edit the offer for general visitors and can add a special pricing for a specific customer
    • the whole user interface of smartWTP is written in AJAX , which means that the results are shown to the visitor instantly without the need for a new page to load, resulting in higher speed, productivity, and overall comfort for the visitor
  • 7. Storefront module – print buyer
    • From the print buyer's point of view,
    • the storefront module offers following:
    • quick price calculation
    • easy and fast job creation and submission
    • easy ordering including transportation selection and secure payment via credit card, paypal, etc.
    • management console for active orders
    • archive of already delivered orders (which can be resubmitted, edited, etc.)‏
  • 8. Storefront module – print provider
    • From the print provider's point of view, the storefront module offers following:
    • web presence – customizable according to customer's corporate identity and requirements
    • reduced costs for sales and order processing
    • automation of job submissions, orders processing
    • web based, easy-to-use, overview and management of jobs including history
  • 9. Storefront module – calculation
  • 10. Storefront module – orders overview
  • 11. Additional modules
    • It will be possible to add following modules:
    • collaborative web solutions module (webmail, im, calendar, documents and knowledge creation and sharing)‏
    • online (from browser) wysiwyg job creation and editing module – for advanced visitors
    • online (from browser) template wysiwyg job creation module – for unexperienced visitors
    • online automated prepress workflow module
    • module for interconnecting with DIsw(automating materials,service, and spare parts ordering, ...)‏
  • 12. Additional modules – online editor
    • collaborative web solutions: webmail, im, calendar, documents and knowledge creation and sharing
  • 13. Thank you!
      • Thank you for your time. We are looking forward to future cooperation.