Get started with blogging (or NOT)


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Presentation given to the KLCK blogging community recently, on starting a blog, procrastination around getting started, and getting over writer's block once started.

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  • Get started with blogging (or NOT)

    1. 1. The Smart TrainTo blog or not to blogElaine RogersKLCK, Bloggers Network #SmartTips
    2. 2. Who are *BLEEP* areYOU?and what are you doing here?(what ONE thing do you want from this evening) #SmartTips
    3. 3. Procrastinationaround bloggingand dealing with writers block oncestarted Procrastination is ATTITUDE’S natural ASSASSIN #SmartTips
    4. 4. I had a life……then I became a blogger #SmartTips
    5. 5. 2011My Biz Others #SmartTips
    6. 6. 2011Too many blogs, not enough connection #SmartTips
    7. 7. 2012#SmartTips
    8. 8. 2012 Seefin Coaching TheSmartTrain TweakYourBiz“ Less is… MORE ” #SmartTips
    9. 9. Take 5 to answer…I havent started a blog because…I will start a blog on __________I will write _____ blog posts #SmartTips
    10. 10. Take 5 to consider…I get in my own way because…How can I get out of my own way? #SmartTips
    11. 11. Finding solutions…Where else do I procrastinate likethis?What did I do to overcome it? #SmartTips
    12. 12. WHY people blog?Why do people REALLY blog?CuriousNarcissist (craving for admiration)BusinessAudienceTry out new things #SmartTips
    13. 13. Bad PracticeNOT BloggingCopying othersBlogging because you feel you have toBlogging for othersNot interacting / closing commentsNOT learning about the basics(tagging) #SmartTips
    14. 14. Bad PracticeDON’T write FOR your communityDON’T fill your blog posts with keywordsDON’T write compelling headingsDON’T use TAGS and CategoriesDON’T write guest posts for other blogsDON’T comment on other blogs #SmartTips
    15. 15. Great BloggingWrite FOR your community W.I.F.E.Fill your blog posts with keywordsWrite compelling headingsUse TAGS and Categories #SmartTips
    16. 16. Great BloggingWrite guest posts for other blogsComment on other blogs - linkbacksAdd plugins to your themeConnect to SN sites – Twitter, FB, G+Feed your blog to LinkedIn #SmartTips
    17. 17. Great BloggingInvite popular bloggers to guestblogEnd your blog with C2A (call toaction)Have a strategy - consistency #SmartTips
    18. 18. First 5 Blogposts??Outline solutions to commonproblemsShare expertiseShare opinions on stats, surveys,research #SmartTips
    19. 19. First 5 Blogposts??Introduce your businessArticle / book reviewsTop 10, top 5 Tip List (getsbookmarked)Monster posts – 100 ways to… #SmartTips
    20. 20. The emotive BlogpostGenuine – humanTransparent, BelievableDressed for the occasion (images)Empowering, informativeEducating, entertainingInvite interaction #SmartTips
    21. 21. If you do not blog…you do not…Provide content for your websiteKeep Google happyKeep your readers happySend traffic to your websiteMake a difference #SmartTips
    22. 22. If you do not blog…you do not…Portray yourself as an SME (subjectmatter expert)Engage with othersBuild your brandChannel sales #SmartTips
    23. 23. Contact Points /TheSmartTrain /thesmarttrain /elainerogers