Prepare your workload for its Holidays


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Are you going on holidays? Here is a great check list to prepare your workload and your desk/office for that well-earned break away

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Prepare your workload for its Holidays

  1. 1. The Smart TrainPrepare your work for itsHolidays #SmartTips
  2. 2. Prepare your work forits HolidaysEasy to follow check-list to ensureyou enjoy that well-earned breakaway from the office #SmartTips
  3. 3. E-mailOOO MessageEnsure your “Out Of Office”message extends by a day to allowyou some space to deal with emailoverload on your return #SmartTips
  4. 4. E-mailRulesSet up some basic rules in youremail program to automaticallyclean out your inbox while away,helping to lesson the burden onreturn #SmartTips
  5. 5. E-mailRSS FeedsConsider culling certainfeeds, especially if coming into yourInbox through collaboration orshared workspaces #SmartTips
  6. 6. E-mailQuotaIs your email account strainingunder the weight of volume ofemails? Consider doing a cull onyour email account before youleave #SmartTips
  7. 7. E-mailPasswordsEnsure your passwords are notgoing to expire while you are away #SmartTips
  8. 8. TelephoneCall ForwardingIf you really need to keep up withphone calls, set up call forwardingto your mobile or an answeringservice #SmartTips
  9. 9. TelephoneVoice-mailOtherwise, set up your voicemail tosay you are returning a day later, toallow you the time to catch uponce you return #SmartTips
  10. 10. ComputerProtectionEnsure your anti-everything iscompletely up to dateConsider doing a complete cleanup of your system, defragmentationetc., and give your PC a little spatreatment #SmartTips
  11. 11. ComputerPasswordsPassword protect your PC if leavingit behind, even if you do notnormally have one on it #SmartTips
  12. 12. ComputerBackup dataBackup your PCs and Laptops to anexternal disk that you can removefrom the premises or store in afireproof safe #SmartTips
  13. 13. ComputerSafetyIf leaving your PC behind, considerthe safest possible place for it – athome? At work? In a Safe?Also safeguard your USB sticks andother storage devices #SmartTips
  14. 14. ComputerPowerEnsure you always use power surgeprotectors when using electricalequipment, including your phoneline if using wired internet accessTurn everything off - no little redlights! #SmartTips
  15. 15. ComputerPeripheralsUpdate drivers for peripheralsUnplug the ones that will not be inuse during your absence #SmartTips
  16. 16. MobileContactsEnsure your contacts are up to dateon your phone.Whenever creating a contact,always use the country code soyour phone numbers will operatewhen abroad (i.e. +353 or +44) #SmartTips
  17. 17. MobileSyncSync smartphones and updateapps, software etc. #SmartTips
  18. 18. MobileChargersEnsure you bring your charger,connectors and all other wiringsystems you will require whilst away #SmartTips
  19. 19. MobileRoamingConsider your calling and dataroaming options with your providerWould you consider buying a localpay-as-you-go phone while visitinga certain country to save on costs? #SmartTips
  20. 20. CollaborationShared FilesHave you password-protected filesthat you need to un-protect toallow others gain access while youare away? #SmartTips
  21. 21. CollaborationEvents CalendarBlock out time away (including thatall important extra day on yourreturn) so your colleagues andclients can clearly see you are notavailable #SmartTips
  22. 22. CollaborationIM service – Consider who isconnected to you on Skype, iChatetc.Will they be able to contact youwhile away if you are using thatmedium?Set your status to ensure privacy #SmartTips
  23. 23. CollaborationSocial MediaBe aware about declaring yourabsence if you are working from ahome office (another whole debatehere) #SmartTips
  24. 24. OfficePostDefer your post with your local PostOffice, until your return #SmartTips
  25. 25. OfficePowerIf the whole office will bevacant, consider shutting off powercompletely #SmartTips
  26. 26. OfficeSafetyEnsure locks are secure and youmake a trusted person aware ofyour absence and ask them tokeep an eye on the placeAlso ask them to remove anyleaflets/mail that may be left ondoorstep #SmartTips
  27. 27. OfficeWater/GasTurn off other vital services ifpossible, and ensure no electricalequipment is sitting on the floor #SmartTips
  28. 28. OfficePlantsWater well if the break is short,otherwise leave in a tray of water orbring home if necessary #SmartTips
  29. 29. This is not an exhaustive list, and itvery much depends if you areworking in an organization, fromhome or running your own business.Either way, you have a responsibilityto take care of your equipment,premises and of course yourself!Enjoy your break! #SmartTips
  30. 30. Contact Points /TheSmartTrain /thesmarttrain /elainerogers