Identity access and management solution for your cloud


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Identity access and management solution for your cloud

  1. 1. Your Enterprise Needs Our Identity Access And Management Solution for your CloudIt’s probably about time you get introduced to Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) orIDaaS (Identity as a Service) if you haven’t done so already. Cloud IAM allows you to have a cen-tralized structure to all Cloud/Web identities you and your employees have. It’s a wonderful additionto your business that does more than just sit around with a cute dashboard.The feasibility of an on-demand IAM depends on the service you employ to help your businessmaintain secure – and more conveniently accessible – identities. But there have been a lot of con-cerns about the Cloud IAMs that businesses have been choosing, particularly with enterprises thathandle lots of confidential information internally and externally.Phil Lieberman, the CEO of Lieberman Software, has expressed his concerns about IAMs and theimplications some of them might have in small or medium enterprise environments. We’re about todiscuss how we measure against these critiques.You probably want to choose an IAM service in order to outsource your identity management. How-ever, as Lieberman says, IAM services can cause a bit of hassle. He says that “most of the IAMsystems also have integrations with third party line of business applications, that may or maynot be supported in an IDaaS outsourced scenario.” This should cause you some concern, sinceyou’re not only dealing with one centralized manager for your identity, but you’re also going to haveto change some of the applications you use to make sure that they comply with what the IDaaSprovider needs.At SmartSignin, you don’t need to make sure that your business complies to our software. Wemade it easy for you. Just sign up and set up your IAM platform in a matter of minutes. There’sno software or hardware to implement and deployment is practically a no-brainer. There is no pre-integration or third party collaboration needed and you can have a secure business set up even ifyou don’t have the technical know-how or training that your IT professionals do.The IAM function is the most sensitive function in an organization (holding the keys to thekingdom), so thetrust level in the IAM vendor’s need to be brought into focus continuously. Wouldyou give your car keys to a total stranger that tells you to trust him? Do you think that what heclaims others say about his trustworthiness is accurate? It might be, but you’re probably not thekind of person who’s comfortable with the word “might” when it comes to entrusting your car withsomeone.If you feel this wary about your vehicle, this feeling increases tenfold when it comes to your enter-prise – a vehicle that drives you, your employees, and your customers in the same direction.SmartSignin allows you to set your own keys and credentials within a database, giving you com-plete control over your identity management platform. The database stores an encrypted version ofthat key, making sure that no one can figure it out except those with whom you feel confident insharing this information with. Everything is up to you and SmartSignin doesn’t get to see any of it,even if you’re setting it up on their own dashboard.
  2. 2. all the high-profile attacks against major corporations that have been happening recently,“SQL injection” and “phishing” started becoming more common words. About 10 percent of busi-nesses today have experienced some sort of attack. That number might increase if they don’tspeed up the adaptation and implementation of trustworthy on-demand IMA service.Choose the right service for you and prevent your business from becoming part of that statistic. Youwill not only retain an elevated level of customer confidence, but you will also boost productivity inthe organization by eliminating the requirement of having to log in to multiple online applicationsentirely.For more details check: