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MBA entrance exams (CAT) assess the student’s in-depth knowledge, analytical mind, sharp memory and above all, systematic planning and preparation. Although the syllabi in the entrance exams differ, …

MBA entrance exams (CAT) assess the student’s in-depth knowledge, analytical mind, sharp memory and above all, systematic planning and preparation. Although the syllabi in the entrance exams differ, there are certain common aspects like reasoning, communication, general awareness, etc. with objective multiple-choice questions. What might alter is the difficulty level of the questions, weightage of marks assigned to various topics or pattern of the test paper.

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  • 1. B.E. (Mech)KarnatakaRegional Engg.CollegeB.A. (Eco)St. Stephen’sCollegeB.TechIIT MadrasB.E. (Mech)C.o.E. PuneB.Sc. (Chem)MadrasChristianCollegeMBAIIM - AMBAFMSMBAXLRIMBAJBIMSMBAIIM - CFormer MDICICI BankFormer MDMicrosoftMDTata SteelCEOHindustanUnilever LtdCEOPepsiCoK.V. Kamath Neelam Dhawan B. Muthuraman Nitin Paranjpe Indra Nooyi
  • 2. More than 50% of CEOs oftop Indian companiesare from the top B-schoolsSource you know?
  • 3. So, should you do an MBA now?
  • 4. How people decideBecauseeveryone isdoing itIt soundsglamorousMBA is ashortcut tobig bucksI don’t have ajob
  • 5. UnderstandWhat does MBA meanWhere it can take yourCAREERLearn about choices post MBARoleFunctionIndustryHow do you decide
  • 6. Define your future with an MBA
  • 7. Choose where you want to beThe traditional and more popular fields are:MarketingAn out-of-the box solution that gives added advantage in themarketplace can create a successful organization. Thesegments covered within Marketing are Sales, BrandManagement, Market Research and Advertising.FinanceFinance deals with accounting, financing, cash flows,auditing, taxation, etc. Within Finance comes, CorporateFinancing, Investment and Securities, Consumer Finance,Banking and Financial Consultancy. With the revolution in thefinance sector, there is an upswing in the need for specializedfinance managers who understand the risks and rewards thatgo with handling complex financial tools and instruments likederivatives, futures, etc.
  • 8. Choose where you want to beHuman ResourcesAn organization, being made up of ‘people’ makes peoplemanagement instrumental in its success. To recruit, motivateand keep the balance between the needs of an organizationand human resource, you have to be a good communicator,an accessible and charismatic personality and alsocompetent..Systems (IT)Technology rules in the wireless and seamless world ofcommunication that business can hardly ignore. Automatingattendance punching, making schedules for differentdepartments and developing ERP (Enterprise ResourcePlanning), needs you to be a tech-wizard. The growingdependence of organisations on IT, calls for the rise in thedemand for Specialized Systems Management professionals.
  • 9. B. A.B. Com/ B.B.AMBAB. E./ B. TechB. Pharma.B. ScM.B.B.S.Work ExSystemsManagementSupply ChainManagementH. R.ManagementBrandManagementCorporate BankingEquity ResearchInvestmentBankingManagementConsultingOpportunities Galore
  • 10. CAT and Other ExamsStage -1: CAT - ONLINE (CBT) OR Written Test For Other EntrancesCAT is 140 minutes test with two sections of 70 min each and is a Computer Based Test.NMAT and SNAP are also Computer Based Tests. XAT is a 3 hour exam now and includes GKtoo. Different sections in these exams are:Quantitative Ability (QA)The questions are based on various areas of puremathematics such as arithmetic, geometry and algebra,having questions on Number Systems, Profit and Loss,Averages, Progressions, Percentages, Work, Speed, QuadraticEquations, Maxima-Minima, Algebra, Geometry and SetTheory.
  • 11. CAT and Other ExamsVerbal Ability (VA)This section is designed to test your understanding of theEnglish Language. The questions are based on vocabulary andgrammar like synonym-antonym, verbal analogies, verbalreasoning, sentence sequencing and correction, fill in theblanks and paragraph jumbles.Reading Comprehension (RC)This section is designed to test your reading ability; which ishow quickly you can read and understand. The questions arebased on a passage of about 800 words. There are roughly 5-6 passages in this section. The topics range across astronomy,art, literature, civics etc.
  • 12. CAT and Other ExamsData Interpretation (DI)This section is designed to see how you analyze a given set ofdata. The questions are based on different forms of datarepresentation like tables, line graphs, bar charts, pie chartsetc. Extensive calculations are required. So one needs to befast and clear with basics like averages, percentages, interestetc.Analytical & Logical Reasoning (AR)It tests your reasoning power. The questions are based onData Sufficiency, Deductive Reasoning and Puzzles.General / Business Knowledge (GK/BK)This section being there in most cases requires theknowledge of current affairs and business events. Thequestions would range from political events, scientificdevelopments, awards etc.
  • 13. CAT and Other ExamsStage -2: Group Discussion & Personal Interview or GD/PIThe candidates successful in the previous stages are short-listed and tested on overall personality aspects likecommunications skills, awareness, analytical skills and poiseand composure during stress, etc., through GD & PI.The GD / PI is an institute-specific test. IIM Bengaluru tests onEssay writing during this phase, FMS-Delhi includes anExtempore Speech, SP Jain-Mumbai has a Group Interviewand XLRI Jamshedpur has only a Personal Interview.
  • 14. Entrance tests formatsFormats of the entrance tests of most prominent B-Schools in India
  • 15. MyParametersInstituteParametersReputation,SpecializationsofferedStudent Profile,Faculty, RecognitionInfrastructure,PlacementsWhy MBA?Which Industry?What profile?Cost of Education?How to select the right B-School?
  • 16. India’s Best B-Schools*Source: BT-Nielsen India’s Best B-Schools Survey 2012
  • 17. The Smartprep Program….for CAT & beyondModular Test PreparationConcept & Application BuildingTest-Taking SkillsBenchmarking and Progress MonitoringGD-Essay-PI preparationAdmission Counseling and AssistanceShortlisting & applying to B-schools, form-fillingassistance etc.
  • 18. Modular Test Preparation…Concept & Application BuildingConcept Books (17 booklets with 4000+questions)52 classes15 workshopsWeekly Helpline sessionsTest Taking Skill Building10 Smart CATs10 Smart Allied TestOnline testsAdditional material forIIFT/XAT/NMAT/SNAP/TISSAdditional GK workshops
  • 19. Personality Development Services- Scientifically designed, audio-visual aided GD/PItraining- Communication Skill Builder Classes• Writing skills (Essays included)• Oral Communication• Non-verbal communication- Simulated GD and PI for every student to beconducted post-CAT (Dec-Mar)• Includes GD, PI, extempore, essay writing,group tasks etc.- Institute Specific GD-PI training for call-getters- Achievers Workshop for call-getters from select B-schools
  • 20. Admission Counseling– Date with CAT– B-School Orientation sessions– One-to-one sessions for B-School Short-listingand form-filling assistance– B-School Watch (on mySmartprep)– B-School Alerts (mailers, SMS and e-mails)
  • 21. The SmartPrep Program:Emphasis on VerbalThe Verbal Ability section can be solved fastest in the exam.This section, however, is supposedly the most difficult one toprepare for. In fact, unless one has some amount of groundingin grammar, and a sizeable vocabulary, this area can turn outto be your biggest CAT hurdle. The Verbal Ability section isalso probably a section which engineers are most wary of.Huge bank of Quantitative Test QuestionsThe Quantitative Aptitude section in the CAT draws uponsyllabus learnt in school up to the 12th grade, so it issomething that every one of us has learnt at some point oftime or the other.Therefore, the most important part of preparation for QA inCAT or any other MBA entrance exam are practice tests.That is why, SmartPrep has painstakingly created a hugedatabase of quantitative practice tests prepared by renownedexperts which will help students master speed and accuracy
  • 22. The SmartPrep Program:Seasoned FacultySmartPrep boasts of an experienced faculty who have acollective teaching experience of over 100 years! Most ofour faculty are an alumni of esteemed institutes like theIIMs, XLRI, Symbiosis etc.Personal Mentor ServicesProviding you a personal mentor would help you throughyour MBA journey including Stress Management, AdmissionProcess Counseling, Examination tips and other things thattake you closer to your target.
  • 23. The SmartPrep Program:Seminars and Guest LecturesWe believe that every little step can take you closer toyour dream destination. So, we arrange seminars andguest lectures by eminent faculty and industry magnatesto add an extra motivational factor, knowledge being apart. There are motivational sessions, stress busters, eco-sessions etc. to gain that extra bit of confidence too.Smart Online assistanceYour studies and preparations won’t be restricted to justclassrooms or textbooks anymore. We, at SmartPrep, willguide you with interactive materials online and help youcontinuously learn round-the-clockSmart Personalized Study MaterialsWe know you are unique and your study needs aredifferent from another student. This is the reason whyafter analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, weprovide customized study materials, which will cater tono one else, but you.
  • 24. SmartPrep’s MBA Test Prep CoursesClassroom ProgramSmartPrep offers four different Classroom Training Programs for CAT 2013.The students needto select the right variant for themselves based on the degree of help needed in their CATprep vis-à-vis the time of enrolment.These Programs will be positioned as the regular classroom Programs for all MBA aspirantstaking the CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT, TISS and other B-school entrance tests. All theprograms will comprise of two modules – Concept building and application testing(workshops), followed by Test Taking module for test practice and strategy. Post-CAT examstudents will be given GD-PI classes.Duration Variant DescriptionMBA CAT One year Extended RegularRegular program for CAT 2014 and othertestsMBA CAT Six Months RegularRegular program for CAT 2013 and othertestsMBA CAT Three Months Fast Track Crash Course for CAT 2013 and other testsMBA CAT workshops(One month) CAT WorkshopsExtensive one month workshops for CAT2013 and other tests
  • 25. SmartPrep’s MBA Test Prep CoursesTest Series <More info needed>The SMARTPREP Test series for MBA aspirants is speciallydesigned to help students succeed in the CAT and other B-school entrance tests. The key features of Test Series 2013 areas follow: Zero Test 4 PAT – Performance Assessment Test (Sectional Test) 10 Proctored Smart CATs (2 paper based, 8 computer-based) 10 Smart Allied Test covering XAT/IRMA/SNAP/NMAT/TISSCorrespondence Program <More info needed>The correspondence Program is specially designed for students who: Are residing far away from SmartPrep Learning Centre. Cannot attend classes due to other commitments. Are extremely self-disciplined and self-motivated.Components of Correspondence program – Concept Books, 10 Smart CATs, 10 SmartAllied and Additional material for other B-Schools entrance exam.
  • 26. How to enrol:Fill the Enrolment FormFurnish correct contact detailsSubmit 2 recent passport size photographsPay byDD in favour of “Smartprep Education Pvt Ltd”Credit card/debit cardGet your Smartprep I-card, Batch Schedule
  • 27. On your Mark, SmartPrep, GO!