All about Alexa


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A clean dive into much about how Alexa works and its pros and cons which would help anyone to take decisions on how to use Alexa.

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All about Alexa

  1. 1. the Web Information Company A presentation about Alexa. - Bibin
  2. 2. What is Alexa?  Alexa is a tool founded by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat 16 years back, for helping users to measure a website popularity on the Internet.  It ranks 30 million websites.  It helps in taking business decisions.  It helps us to find out how much popular a website is in internet.  The lower is the rank of the website, the better it ranks in Alexa.  Alexa is a toolbar which people can install on their browsers to help them to lookup which sites are the most popular ones on the Internet.  Mostly, the top sites on the Internet are also the top
  3. 3. How Alexa works… The information which are collected through users who had installed the Alexa tool bar and from other unrevealed sources, help Alexa in determining the ranking positions of websites. An user could find the rank of a website and in turn help Alexa refine its website ranking database through its toolbar. Alexa could be fetching data through Amazon’s subsidiaries -,,,,,,,,,,,
  4. 4. Brands and Sites Owned by Amazon
  5. 5. Alexa Rank with comparison
  6. 6. Reviews about a site in Alexa
  7. 7. Search Traffic Analysis by Alexa
  8. 8. Audience Demographics for a website by Alexa
  9. 9. Referrer and Downstream Sites for a website
  10. 10. Why Alexa is an awesome tool! Alexa ranking is the right metrics for webmaster and advertisers to find out the marketing potential of websites. In other words, the better the site ranks in Alexa, the chances that they get more clients willing to buy an advertising space in the website is higher. Alexa is the only service that provides the most accurate rankings for a website. Alexa plays a vital role in performing competitive intelligence analysis which helps a webmaster to benchmark his/her site with another site and analyze patterns for strategizing the future course of actions that are needs to be taken. It concerns over webmaster’s privacy by withholding site stats to the public if he/she feels to do so.
  11. 11. Why Alexa is not so awesome! Inaccuracy of site ranking. Alexa audience is too small. Alexa tool bar is considered as a trackware/malware/adware by various antiviruses. only site owners knowingly download Alexa so they can monitor or influence their own Alexa stats. Alexa might be used to study and analyze pattern of users, which in turn could be used for commercial purposes by Amazon and for its subsidiaries for increasing the ecommerce performances and increase profits. Alexa’s poor sources for deriving ranking made itself clear by ranking higher than in 2009. Small fluctuation in traffic source nature could lead to drastic changes in ranking.
  12. 12. Conclusion We may rely on Alexa for an approximate or nearby stats and to acquire an image of the scenario, rather than to find a clear depiction of a website’s traffic stats as we see through Google Analytics. It may help for a beginning market study and initial market and competitor research which by any means cannot be 100% accurate.
  13. 13.  Thank You