100907 Wp Wcs(E) Introduction Material


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Introduction of the Wireless Charger for mobile phones developed by Wisepower

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100907 Wp Wcs(E) Introduction Material

  1. 1. Wireless charging system of ‘Wisepower’ Sep. 2010 Copyright by Wisepower All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Contents 1. Concept 2. Product 3. Feature
  3. 3. Concept Magnetic Induction Method Wireless charging system using MAGNETIC INDUCTION METHOD Method to recharge by inducing a magnetic field to generate electricity between the first module sending electricity(charger) and the second module(cell phone) That enables the safe delivery of high efficiency power without inference with other devices, Environment-friendly technology to minimizes the energy waste Realization of Water and dust resistant, reliable products Cellphone (Battery) Electricity Charging Pad
  4. 4. Concept Merit Increased requirement of Problem in connecting battery power by Cases for protecting connector by hand shake generalization of devices or presbyopia multifunctional Smartphone Need to adopt a secondary Cases with both Faulty contact point battery functionality and design SOLUTION Increased convenience Unnecessary contact link through simplification of Increased battery life charging process Reduced risk of water No variation of appearance leakage by connect-less Lower power consumption by thin coils design Enhancement of brand image and product competitiveness
  5. 5. Concept Business Model Supply to B2C Store Infra structure Enhancement of company image by adopting The world’s first wireless Distribution at public places charging method for generalization and standardization § Direct distribution to stores § Promotion connected with coffee shops like Starbucks, convenience § B2C supply only for its own Application stores, rest stops and hotels § Configuration of high-tech residential complex wireless charging system applied Store Built- Built-in System Public Area
  6. 6. Application Applications
  7. 7. Concept Wireless Charging System 0 Battery Pack Built-in WCS Coil 1 Protection Case Built-in WCS Coil 2 Backup Battery Case Built-in WCS Coil 1 Cradle
  8. 8. Application Built-in Type Coil Instruction • Just put on the wireless cradle without connecting connector. • Co-development with customers Benefits § Increased convenience through simplification of charging process § Enhancement of product competitiveness § No variation of appearance by thin coils § Lower power consumption by switching of the first cradle to power- saving mode § Complete tests like intensity, outside influence and EMI § Reduced risk of water leakage by connect-less design § Diverse Application
  9. 9. Product Protection Case for i Phone Case + Charger • Possible to perform functionality of both case and charging by internal within the case Function • Protection iPhone as Case style • Wireless charging with cradles • Charging in combined state with iPhone Color : White, Black
  10. 10. Product Backup Battery Case for i Phone Case + Cell + Charger • Possible to perform functionality of both external battery and charging by internal within the case • Battery :1250mA Function • Protection iPhone as Case style • Stable assembly method • Wireless charging with cradles • Long usage time by external battery • Charging in combined state with iPhone • Power On/Off(LED Lamp) Color : White, Black
  11. 11. Product Cradle for i Phone • For i Phone 3G , 4 76.5 • Color : Black 14 138.4
  12. 12. Product Product Design – Set
  13. 13. Product Wireless Chargeable Battery Pack • 3.7V, 1250mA
  14. 14. Feature Specification Power Transmission 5V 500mA 2.5W (Max) Battery Cell Li-Ion Battery, Li-Polymer Battery Standby Power Around 50mW Transport Efficiency Over 70% (Based on coil induction power) Input Voltage Primary 5V 1A Output Secondary 5V 500mA Voltage Charging Time(3Gs) 3hrs Height 3.8~4.2mm (Coil Distance) Operating Condition Side 5.0mm (Coil Center Base) Primary -10 ~ +45℃ Operating Temperature Secondary -10 ~ +60℃ Low Input Voltage Detection 5 sec. Continue 3.84 ~ 4.2V Power Transfer Frequency 121.21kHz
  15. 15. Feature Auto On/Off § Auto On/Off ü Load Sensing : Auto start after detecting the terminal ü Certification : Certify by ID receiving ü Foreign Metal Detection : Detect foreign metal during charging ü Abnormal Temperature Detection : Auto Stop when overheated ü Input Voltage protection : automatically switches off if unexpected voltage input
  16. 16. Feature Patents Status § Pantent(2009. 4. 8) ü Wireless charger ü PCM for wireless charger and the control method of charging ü Center position indication method of wireless charger and the device § Utility model patent(2009. 4. 8) ü Cradle with wireless charger equipped with right position sign ü Desk lamp with wireless charger equipped with right position sign
  17. 17. Thank you. 5F Ace Techno Tower, 55-7 Munraedong 3 Ga, Yongdeongpo-Ku, Seoul T : 02)2637-7550 F : 02)2637-7594 http://www.wisepower.co.kr