Managing Profitable Growth In Tough Times


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Managing Profitable Growth In Tough Times

  1. 1. Managing Profitable Growth in Tough Times 23rd August , Kotak CEO Seminar, Noida
  2. 2. -­‐SmartHead  Consul1ng  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al-­‐   2  
  3. 3. What worked in Normal Times Will not work in Tough Times!   Creating SMART Goals – MAGNETIC NORTH   Profitable Business GROWTH - revenue, geographic spread, products, services   Transformation and CHANGE – taking the next STEP   Attracting and retaining the right HUMAN RESOURCES   Managing Business professionally driven by PROCESSES   Corporate Governance, ETHICS & Compliance
  4. 4. -­‐SmartHead  Consul1ng  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al-­‐   4   Common Purpose – Magnetic North  Revisiting Vision and Mission of the Company  Clarity on short and medium term business plan  Making SMART Goals for the Organization All “ducks in a row”
  5. 5. -­‐SmartHead  Consul1ng  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al-­‐   5   SMART  GOALS  
  6. 6. -­‐SmartHead  Consul1ng  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al-­‐   6   Profitable Business Growth   Be realistic.. Go Step by Step   Align decisions and actions with the business plan   Be Consistent and Focused   Optimum Utilization of Resources (4 Ms of Business)   Growth generally follows an “S” Curve Convergence in Purpose, Plan and Action
  7. 7. -­‐SmartHead  Consul1ng  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al-­‐   7   APPLY  SIX  THINKING  HATS  
  8. 8. -­‐SmartHead  Consul1ng  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al-­‐   8   INCREASE  SALES  AND  DECREASE  COSTS        Try  Social  Media  Marke1ng,  Use  ERP  &  Cloud  for  CRM      Increase  your  Sales  Funnel-­‐  Revisit  all  old  customers,   Market  Product  USP,  aTer  sales  services,        Revisi1ng  your  lost  customers,  an1cipate  tomorrow’s   products,      Ra1onalise  Compensa1on  Packages      Grade  People  A,B,C  &  D-­‐Knock  out  boYom  20%    Explore  Outsourcing  the  non-­‐cri1cal  func1ons      Do  re-­‐cos1ng  and  try  to  maintain/beYer  margins      
  9. 9. -­‐SmartHead  Consul1ng  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al-­‐   9   TRY  CHEAPER  FUNDING        Give  beYer  CD  for  quicker  sales  realisa1ons      Give  higher  raw  material  price  for  longer   payment  terms  from  Vendors      Relook  at  the  Branding  and  Marke1ng   expenses      Do  Budge1ng,  Actual  V/s  Budget  and  Variance   analysis  for  all  cri1cal  func1ons      Look  for  M&A  for  consolida1on  and  growth  
  10. 10. -­‐SmartHead  Consul1ng  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al-­‐   10   Change Management  Adaptability & Flexibility to change in tough times  Responsiveness to markets, customers, society  Continuous Improvement (TQM) in Product, Services, Processes   Luck = Preparation + Opportunity grabbed Change is the only constant in Life
  11. 11. Talent Management   Organisation structure in line with Business Strategy and Business Plans   Review organisation on competence, skills and right fit – Best time to shed fat   Risk & Reward based compensation structure   Poach Good Talent Cheaper   Use the down time for empowering People   Use 0.5x2x3 Formula Employees first.. customers second
  12. 12. Strengthen Management by Processes   Review critical action defined by process with periodic feedback and suggested improvements   Upgrade IT and MIS for monitoring performance and variance analysis and create Dashboard   Evaluate Business Risk & Management Process Corporates are run by processes
  13. 13. Corporate Governance   Maintain Highest level of Regulatory Compliance   Conduct Business with Ethics & Get Benefits   Be Responsible towards Society & Environment This is enough Corporate Social Responsibility
  14. 14. Saral Samadhan   Visit our website for FREE diagnosis of your business   SmartHead makes the Tough Times easier   We understand your constraints and walk with you to succeed
  15. 15. -­‐SmartHead  Consul1ng  Proprietary  and  Confiden1al-­‐   15   CONCLUSION    Visit  us  at    TOUGH  TIMES  DO  NOT  LAST  BUT   TOUGH  PEOPLE  DO.    WHEN  THE  GOING  GETS  TOUGH  THE   TOUGH  GET  GOING.      THANK  YOU    FOR  A  PATIENT  LISTENING  
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