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The statistics show that women have huge buying power. Michael Gray, Online Biz Smarts, compiles the data. This information will help you direct your marketing efforts!

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  • I know when I’m right cause I’m sleeping on the couch.Story of Telling Cindy about teaching class.
  • Women have shifting priorities based on their stages in lifeFast trackRelationship focusedPressure cookerFulfilled empty nester
  • Online Marketing to women

    1. 1. Michael GrayMarketing To Women Online
    2. 2.  Online Coupons 68% Store Coupons 66% Online Consumer Reviews 61% Friend and Family recommendations 59% Emails from brands 45% Content on brand and company sites 36% Blog recommendations 33%
    3. 3.  Fifty-one percent of U.S. private wealth is controlled by women Women account for over 50% of all stock ownership in the U.S. Women control more than 60% of all personal wealth in the U.S. Women make 80% of healthcare decisions and 68 percent of new car purchase decisions Seventy-five percent of women identified themselves as the primary shoppers for their households Women influenced $90 billion of consumer electronic purchases in 2007 Nearly 50% of women say they want more green choices, with 37% are more likely to pay attention to brands that are committed to environmental causes
    4. 4.  55% of women are more likely to purchase from brands they interact with on social media. Four out of 10 women feel that the primary benefit of social media is to connect with family and friends 37% of women think the primary benefit of social media is being alerted to coupons, promotions and deals. Overall, 30% of women report they have become more social offline since participating in social media 89% of us women have a social media account Women spend 40% more time social networking than men
    5. 5.  Women spend 8% more time online than men Women have an average of 268 friends on social networks 60% of moms subscribe to 1 or more group buying services. 40% of working wives make more than their husbands 47% of women read and trust product reviews 56% of women are brand evangelists because of a great personal experience Quality is the #1 for brand loyalty in women Low price is not even in the top 3 for brand loyalty
    6. 6. •In general, 46% of women first turn to their smartphones first thing in the morning•During the same time only 31% access their computers•Women under 40 are more likely to check their smartphones first thing•Women over 40 are more likely to check their computers and/or watch TV
    7. 7. •75% of women have at least one gaming app compared to 67% of men
    8. 8.  Build Relationships Create Online experiences Educate & Inform Give unexpectedly great customer service
    9. 9.  20% Entertain – Make them laugh, cry, or argue. 20% Inform – Give them facts and figures. 40% Interact – Have a conversation. 20% Convert – Ask for what you want. /social-media-starts-good-strategy
    10. 10.  20% of your content is informative: linking to articles and websites, posting relevant statistics, and reporting on news and industry trends. Example: Acme reports 17% increase in revenue since implementing new wireless communication devices for use on site. 20% should be entertaining. You want to make people laugh, cry, or to stir up controversy. Example: Bored construction worker at Acme industries disciplined for stringing his underpants up a flagpole on site. 40% of your overall activity needs to be interactive including asking questions and commenting. It is equally as important to respond to those who mention you, reply to your content, or ask you questions. This is what sets social media apart from all other media and what makes it so effective. Join the conversation. Example: How does your business stay up to date with current trends in the industry? 20% of your tweets are for converting to business. Now that you have established a relationship and credibility with your followers, you get to ask for what you want or need. Example: @BuildIt We offer project management strategies for construction companies. I’d love to share the inside scoop. DM for details.
    11. 11.  Quality Engagement Be Authentic Connect to Emotions Recurring “Terrific Tuesday” posts Listen and allow your audience to respond Address her concerns and objections The power of testimonial Sell with stories not facts
    12. 12.  Resources ng-and-marketing-to-women-online /social-media-starts-good-strategy
    13. 13. 520-548-1970