How to capture leads on your website


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Sherif Morgan, Connexins Web Development, explains the process on how to capture leads using landing pages, opt-in forms, email lists and autoresponders.

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  • Mission is to provide high caliber social media and online marketing training to business owners and professionals so that they may thrive in the internet world. Where we distinguish ourselves is that we cover the full scope of the marketing options and tie them together with business strategy.
  • How to capture leads on your website

    1. 1. Your Email ListHow to get Leads, turn them intoProspects, then into customersSherif S. MorganFriday, May 3, 2013
    2. 2. What’s so important about email?
    3. 3. what is your goal?
    4. 4. How does emailmarketing fit inthis process?
    5. 5. What is a Call-to-Action?A button, image, or text on a webpage thaturges a visitor to take a specific action.
    6. 6. Primary CTAhome pagewebsite pageblog postsocial mediaemail message
    7. 7. the primary call-to-action
    8. 8. CTA in the Home &Content PagesExamples:• Learn more about product/service• Phone Call• Online Purchase• Request for Proposal• Opt-in– Download free report/Sign up for a free trialgoal: keep them engaged, encourage them totake the “next step” in the sales funnel
    9. 9. CTA in a Blog Post• Conclude with an engaging question– ask readers to comment, share, or follow• Prompt them to download a report• Link to relevant landing pages• Ask them to subscribegoal: keep them engaged, continue to pre-sell,increase your credibility… i.e. nurture them
    10. 10. Ask them toShare, Follow, orSubscribe
    11. 11. Call-to-Action Tips• Concise / Clear what they’re getting– Watch Video, Download eBook, etc.– Benefit and Value (“what’s in it for me?”)• Use Action Words– Download, Subscribe, Start Free Trial, Reserve Your Seat, etc.– Ineffective: Contact, Click Here• Does not address the why or the value• Consistent with their expectations• Urgency– Sign Up Today, Get Started Now
    12. 12. Primary CTAhome pagewebsite pageblog postsocial mediaemail message
    13. 13. Landing Page (Squeeze Page)A landing page is a web page that focuseson one specific action, namely capturing avisitor’s information through a lead form.goal: generate (or segment) a lead
    14. 14. Why would they sign up?make the value clear
    15. 15. Why would they sign up?Incentive (eBook or whitepaper)
    16. 16.
    17. 17. The Fold?
    18. 18.
    19. 19. Landing Page Elements &Tips• Headline: Eye-Catching, Clear, Concise– “the blink test”• Remove links (distractions) except for …• What You Offer (benefits/value)• Image– Image + Headline = clear understanding of the offer• Lead Capture Form!– Only ask what you need (balancing act)• Above the Fold?• Trust (testimonials, privacy policy, guarantee, etc.)• Focus (one offer/action and audience)
    20. 20. Can You Do Better?• Create at least 2 designs– vary 1 thing at a time• What to vary?– what would influence behavior?• headline• button color, location, size, text• list of benefits, copy, image• etc.A/B or Split Testing
    21. 21. A/B Testing• What should you measure/compare?– Traffic to Landing Page– Conversion• Automate the Test, Measure, and Compare– Landing Page platforms– WordPress Plugin• e.g. Max A/B (compare pages)– Google Analytics (goals)
    22. 22. Standalone Opt-in FormsOn Your Website
    23. 23. The POP-UP
    24. 24. The Case for/against the POP-UPEffective, so why not?Good ways to do it…
    25. 25. The Thank You pageAutoresponderthey’re in your email list
    26. 26. The Thank Youpage• Deliver what you promised• Additional CTA?
    27. 27. CompareAutoresponders• Constant Contact• Aweber• MailChimp• GetResponse• Infusion Soft• 1ShoppingCart
    28. 28. Why Autoresponder?• Automate!• An email list is useless if you do not have anemail marketing strategy!– build a relationship with subscribers– nurture/pre-sell subscribers• Follow up with leads– future calls-to-actions
    29. 29. How would emailmarketing turnleads to customers?Landing Page
    30. 30. Emails:Turn Leads to Customers• Email Marketing Strategy• Frequency• Content– Blog Posts– Exclusive Content• Pre-selling/selling– Follow up sequence– Address concerns or hurdles• Interaction + Build Relationship
    31. 31. Email Marketing Strategy
    32. 32. Resources• The Perfect Landing Page––––• 50-Point Checklist For Creating the Ultimate LandingPage–• When to send email messages––
    33. 33. How does emailmarketing fit inthis process?Landing Page
    34. 34. Thank You…Questions?