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Transactional Analytics for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions


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SmartERP presentation on solution providing embedded transactional analytics for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. Mentioned are Admissions and Recruiting Analysis, Student Records Analysis, and Student …

SmartERP presentation on solution providing embedded transactional analytics for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. Mentioned are Admissions and Recruiting Analysis, Student Records Analysis, and Student Financials Analysis.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Transactional Analyticsfor Campus SolutionsSession # 31713March 19, 2013
  • 2.  Ramesh Panchagnula Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.
  • 3.  This presentation will be an overview of atransactional analytics solution providing pre-integrated dashboards and ad hoc reportingcapabilities for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.Smart Enterprise Analytics™
  • 4. About SmartERP1Key Challenges2Smart Solution3Smart Enterprise Analytics Features4Demo6Demo5Q&A6
  • 5. Key Challenges
  • 6.  What are my top ten courses? What is the 3 month moving average? What is the cumulative sum of leads viauniversity website by Region? What is the ranking of donations this yearcompared to donations last year?
  • 7.  Academic Career Academic Plan Academic Program Academic Program Academic Unit Type Admit Type Application Center Application Method Day Application DayLast School Date Degree External Degree Document Details External Academic Level School Attended Program ActionDimensionsFacts Applicant Count Application Count Average Score Enrollment Count Class Percentile Class Rank Class Size Converted GPA External GPA Matriculation Count Numeric Score Prospect Count Score Percentile Units Attempted Units CompletedThe Admissions and Recruiting Analysis page examines the performanceof recruiting centers, applicant rates, as well as admission rates.
  • 8.  Academic Group Academic Level Start Academic Load Academic Plan Admit Type Class Number Class Rank Number Day Action Date Person PrimaryInstructor Program Action Program Action Reason Program Status Student Cohort Term Completed Term Term ExpectedGraduation Year Academic Year AdmitDimensionsFacts Class Count Course Count Degree GPA Points Full Time Headcount Instructor Load Percentage Maximum Total Units Maximum Wait Units Minimum Total Units Repeat Count Student Enrollment Count Average GPA Student to Instructor Ratio Units Earned Units in Progress Units in Progress for Grade Grade Point Average Units Taken Units Taken in Progress Week Workload Hour CountThe Student Records Analysis page reviews course enrollment trends andstudent academic standings.
  • 9.  Academic Career Aid Year Award Period Business Unit Currency Attributes Dependency Status Disbursement Document Details Financial Aid Item Type Financial Aid Type Student Aid Attributes Academic Career Academic Level Academic Plan Academic Program Account Term Day Actual Billed Date Day Billed DateDimensionsFacts Accepted Amount Authorized Amount Award Count Charge Amount Encumbered Overdue Bill Count Late Payment Count Paid Payment Amount Total Bill Amount Total Paid Amount Transaction AmountThe Student Financials Analysis page provides insight into financial aidand award disbursements, as well as student receivables.
  • 10. Smart Enterprise AnalyticsFeatures11Smart Enterprise Analytics™
  • 11. 12LeverageBusinessIntelligence• Advanced ad-hocdata-mining• Analyze real-timeand historicalinformation• Graphicaldashboards andeasy reportingExpand onTraditionalReporting• User friendlycustom reports• Export to multipleformats• Pivot tables andchartsUtilizeCurrentInvestments• Custom Reports• Strict Securityrequirements• Unique PeopleSoftbusiness ProcessLeverage OLAPCubes• Businessintelligence viamulti-dimensionaldata exploration12PeopleSoftCampus Solutions
  • 12. 13TraditionalReporting1OperationalAnalytics2Robust GraphicalDashboard3• Report Studio - Powerfuldevelopment foundation• Complex and interactive reports• Multitude of reports like forms reports,invoice reports, column reports, formsand reports to be printed on pre-printed stationary – pixel perfectreportsMulti-DimensionalAd hoc/PivotTable Reporting4Pivot ChartFunctionality withExcel Export5PeopleSoftDatabaseAdvancedReporting1
  • 13. 14• Flexible ad hoc/custom reporting• Drill-down capabilities• Multi-dimensional analysis• Built-in OLAP Server• Seamlessly export to Excel & PDFOperationalAnalyticsAdvancedReporting12Robust GraphicalDashboard3Multi-DimensionalAd hoc/PivotTable Reporting4Pivot ChartFunctionality withExcel Export5PeopleSoftDatabase
  • 14. DimensionsStatusSchoolTimeGiftEventEnglishTimeStatusMedicalLawJan Feb Mar AprilAlumni – UnderGradCurrently Enrolled –Part TimeCurrently Enrolled –Full TimeParentsAlumni -GraduateSchoolWhat is OLAP?Multi-Dimensional View of DataCampus
  • 15. 16Robust GraphicalDashboard3Multi-DimensionalAd hoc/PivotTable Reporting4Pivot ChartFunctionality withExcel Export5AdvancedReporting1OperationalAnalytics2
  • 16. 17Multi-DimensionalAd hoc/PivotTable Reporting4Pivot ChartFunctionality withExcel Export5AdvancedReporting1OperationalAnalytics2Robust GraphicalDashboard3
  • 17. 18Pivot ChartFunctionality withExcel Export5AdvancedReporting1OperationalAnalytics2Robust GraphicalDashboard3Multi-DimensionalAd hoc/PivotTable Reporting4
  • 18. Demo
  • 19.  Ramesh Panchagnula Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. E-mail:
  • 20. This presentation and allAlliance 2013 presentationsare available for downloadfrom the Conference site atwww. alliance-conference.comPresentations from previous meetings are also available