Streamlining and Simplifying PeopleSoft


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Presentation from SmartERP at Alliance 12 Conference. Topics cover solutions to streamline and simplify PeopleSoft including HR Personnel Action Forms, Financials Purchase Order, AP Voucher, Travel Authoriziation, and Expenses.

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Streamlining and Simplifying PeopleSoft

  1. 1. Streamlining and SimplifyingPeopleSoftCase StudiesSession #30778March 20, 2012
  2. 2. Presenters• Doris Wong, Chief Executive Officer – Former Group VP and General Manager for Oracle’s PeopleSoft product line – 25+ years technical, product development & business experience in software industry – 17 years PeopleSoft veteran • Dan White , VP of Product Strategy – Former Oracle/PeopleSoft Functional Architect – 14 years working with PeopleSoft • Ramesh Panchagnula, President/Co-Founder – Former Oracle/PeopleSoft Functional Architect – 14+ years working with PeopleSoft
  3. 3. Agenda/Contents• About SmartERP• What are your PeopleSoft Challenges?• Streamlining and Simplifying PeopleSoft Use Cases – Purchase Orders – AP Vouchers – Expenses – Grants – Personnel Action Form (if time permits)• Q&A
  4. 4. About SmartERP• Oracle partner and provider of pre-packaged, release- independent PeopleSoft solutions and services: – Extend PeopleSoft functionality and improve ROI – Highly configurable – tailored to YOUR business requirements – Architected and designed as “add-on” solutions – Minimal upgrade impact – No customizations – Leverage existing PeopleSoft features – Seamless integration with PeopleSoft applications – Lower total cost of ownership• Rapid implementation & deployment• Deep PeopleSoft product knowledge and experience
  5. 5. Are You Still Challenged By… Manual Steps Manual Paper Forms and Workflow Processes Approval Lack of Intuitive Complex Redundant Data User Interface Transactions Entry Lack of End-User eSignature Too Many Fields, Productivity Capability Tabs, Pages
  6. 6. Automate Streamline Simplify Business Processes
  7. 7. Automate, Streamline, Simplify for PeopleSoft
  8. 8. End User Productivity for Any Transaction with ERP Gadget™• Easily add convenient features to PeopleSoft—any application, module or version (8.x and beyond)• Deploy anywhere within a PeopleSoft application• Configure to meet your specific needs No Customization Required ! !
  9. 9. Simplify & Streamline PeopleSoft Transactions X Too Complex, Not Intuitive
  10. 10. Simplify & Streamline the Purchase Order
  11. 11. Simplify & Streamline the Purchase Order
  12. 12. Enhanced Workflow Approval Common Consistent Configurable approval look and feel approval inbox framework across PS apps Ability to Support for support Approver and parallel and approval Setup Wizards sequential thresholds routing Graphical eSignature Delivered status display Capability Reports
  13. 13. Customer Case Studies
  14. 14. Case Study:State of DelawareUpgrading from PeopleSoft 8.9 to 9.1 PeopleTools 8.51 Financials & HCM
  15. 15. Simplify & Streamline the Purchase Order
  16. 16. Simplify & Streamline the Purchase Order
  17. 17. Simplify & Streamline the AP Voucher
  18. 18. Simplify & Streamline the AP Voucher
  19. 19. Challenges• Major Challenges: Both PO and Voucher• Commitment Control Errors• Matching with Amount Only• Navigating through the many pages• Lines vs. Distributions
  20. 20. The Solution• For Both PO and Voucher• Created single page entry with unneeded fields removed• Moved commonly used fields from secondary pages• Disallowed certain changes to vouchers copied from PO’s• Added Save as Draft, Template and Attachments
  21. 21. Expected Results• Reduce Matching and Commitment Control Issues• Minimize Data Entry Errors Streamline• Create Better User Experience• Accomplished Above With No Customizations to Delivered code Simplify
  22. 22. SmartERP VideosSolution VideosSmart PO DelawareHEUG PO Demo.mp4SmartERP VideosSolution VideosSmart Voucher DelawareHEUG Voucher Demo.mp4
  23. 23. Case Study:Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center PeopleSoft 9.1 Financials & Grants Implementing Expenses
  24. 24. Challenges• CCHMC needs to replace the current paper function of Travel Authorizations in order to enforce travel policies and ensure appropriate approvals.• Additionally, the Travel Authorization process will allow Grants to encumber expense at the time of Travel Authorization approval giving a better representation committed expenses.
  25. 25. The Results• Simplified UI to support quick data entry from decentralized users• Use of Expense Types will allow CCHMC to gather details on travel related expenses to determine spend details and Automate opportunities for savings• Per Diems for items such as meals can be standardized and eliminates human error• Streamlined Actions through ERP Gadget – Save, Save as Draft, Save as Template, Copy from previous TA, Load from Draft, Streamline Copy from Template, Print, Attach, Collaborate, Cancel, Settings.
  26. 26. SmartERP VideosSolution VideosTravel AuthorizationTravelAuthorizationEntry.mp4 SmartERP VideosSolution VideosER EntryEREntry.mp4
  27. 27. Case Study: Emory University &Florida International University PeopleSoft 9.0 Financials & Grants
  28. 28. Challenges• Navigation of Grants Pre-Award process too complex and not simple• Require additional Grants business logic/functionality, but do not want to customize.• Need a more contemporary, flexible and intuitive user interface for the PIs
  29. 29. The Solution• Simplified UI• Certification vs. Approval• Multiple Projects per Proposal• Complex Routing based on Answers to Questions• Routing based on job record from the HR database• Manipulation of Save and Route button based on certain criteria 29
  30. 30. SmartERP VideosSolution VideosHEUG2012Proposal.mp4
  31. 31. Case Study:Solano County PeopleSoft HCM 8.8 PeopleTools 8.49 Personnel Actions
  32. 32. The Goal Improve HR Processes by replacing paper- based personnel actions forms with automated online processes• Replace manually intensive & costly paper-based personnel action forms with automated, streamlined online processes• Eliminate redundant data entry and improve data accuracy• Improve effectiveness and reduce cycle times
  33. 33. Challenges• Business rules and processes differed across departments• Decentralized Departments Across County• Required seamless integration to PeopleSoft eliminated ability to use generic forms solutions• Tight budget constraints
  34. 34. “. . . countywide, departmentsand HR process approximately 5,400 PAF per year. . . Staff estimates a 300% ROI for this project in its first full year.” Solano County Department of HR Recommendation to Board of Supervisors
  35. 35. The Results• End to end HR processes automated and streamlined Automate• Automated approvals and seamless updating of PeopleSoft Job data• Enhanced visibility and accountability of transactions• Improved effectiveness Streamline• Dramatically reduced cycle times Simplify
  36. 36. SmartERP VideosSolution VideosPAFsDATACJC.mp4
  37. 37. Questions?
  38. 38. Additional InformationLive Demos• Exhibit Hall – Booth #618Contact Us:• Doris Wong, CEO –
  39. 39. This presentation and allAlliance 2012 presentationsare available for downloadfrom the Conference site at www. Presentations from previous meetings are also available