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PeopleSoft Employee Onboarding: An Holistic PeopleSoft Approach


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Delivered to members of the Quest User Group this presentation includes identification of the value and business drivers of automating employee onboarding processes as well as some of the benefits of …

Delivered to members of the Quest User Group this presentation includes identification of the value and business drivers of automating employee onboarding processes as well as some of the benefits of an holistic PeopleSoft approach towards providing onboarding activities, such as standard government and organization-unique electronic forms, integration with the Department of Homeland Security, employee and company policies, surveys and offboarding.

Employee onboarding processes for PeopleSoft can have many facets from automating the transition from candidate in your applicant tracking system to new employee within PeopleSoft HR; to conducting background checks; completion of standard and non-standard forms; E-Verify; and even benefits enrollment, surveys and periodic employee communications. Many approach automating PeopleSoft employee onboarding processes in a piecemeal fashion with perhaps one solution for E-Verify, another for electronic forms, and yet another system altogether to orchestrate your actual onboarding business process (including step-by-step guided navigation). Others may even attempt to address these needs by developing one-time solutions with consulting services resulting in costly/difficult to maintain customizations that don’t meet all required onboarding needs. This session focuses on the benefits of addressing employee onboarding automation needs from a PeopleSoft-based holistic perspective leveraging your PeopleSoft architecture, infrastructure, users, roles, integration features, and including, but not limited to, orchestration of the entire employee lifecycle from onboarding to offboarding and many facets in between.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. PeopleSoft Employee Onboarding:An Holistic PeopleSoft ApproachDoris Wong, CEO, Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.June 20, 2013HCM Learning Series
  • 2. Agenda• Presenter Background– Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.• Automating PeopleSoft Employee Onboarding– Business Value– Benefits of an Holistic PeopleSoft Approach• PeopleSoft Automated Employee Onboarding– Sample Features• Q and A
  • 3. About Smart ERPSolutions, Inc.
  • 4. • Pre-built, packaged,proven solutions• Highly configurable –tailor to YOUR needs• Customer drivenrequirements• Affordable• Integrated withexisting PS apps• Architected as add-on solutions• Avoid customizations• Low-cost• Minimal risk• Release independent– no upgraderequired• On Premise solution• Rapidimplementation• Deep PeopleSoftknowledge &experience• Unique bestpractices forimplementations &upgrades• PeopleSoft datamodel and existingdata• Current PeopleSoftbusiness rules andprocessing• End-user PeopleSoftskills• Infrastructure andtechnologyExtendFunctionalityImprove ROI Get FasterResultsLeverage ExistingInvestmentAbout SmartERP:Human CapitalManagementFinancials andSupply ChainCampusSolutionsInnovative Solutions & Services for PeopleSoftCommon – Critical – Complementary
  • 5. Still Using Paper and ManualProcesses?Poor User ExperienceTime Consuming
  • 6. Replace with Electronic Forms and AutomatedBusiness ProcessesStreamlined, online process Online Admin Tools, Status ReportsOnline forms, eSignature Reduced Admin Time & Effort
  • 7. Onboarding Best Practices& Automation
  • 8. Average 1st YearNew Hire Attrition22.7%PwC Saratoga 2011/2012 US Human Capital Effectiveness ReportOnboarding 2011, The Path to Productivity, Aberdeen Group
  • 9. New HiresOften FeelNew HiresShould Feel
  • 10. News Travels Fast – Bad News TravelsFasterWell, here ready to start my 1st day back in theworkforce and my boss is late. Thank God for myold trusty iPhone to entertain me.Really just an all around great 1st day at my newgig w/ 3M. I’m excited to see how this all turns out!Twitter Posts – July 2012
  • 11. Turnover is CostlyRecruiting a Replacement $Compensation Paid to DepartingEmployee$Training (Classroom & On the Job) $Hiring Manager and Work TeamTime$Lost Productivity $Total Cost 50% – 150% ofAnnual Salary
  • 12. What Drives Turnover?Problems withHiring ProcessInadequateCandidate PoolPoor OnboardingPoor Mgr / NewHire RelationshipRole Not asExpectedFailure to Connect & Build Relationships
  • 13. Average 1st Year New HireAttrition22.7%PwC Saratoga 2011/2012 US Human Capital Effectiveness ReportOnboarding 2011, The Path to Productivity, Aberdeen Group
  • 14. 22.7%PwC Saratoga 2011/2012 US Human Capital Effectiveness ReportOnboarding 2011, The Path to Productivity, Aberdeen Group4%**With Onboarding Best Practices1st Year New Hire Attrition
  • 15. Key Onboarding Activities to Automate0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%New Hire ClubsFirst Day AssignmentOtherMentor ProgramsBuddy SystemPlan a LunchTeam Building30-60-90 Day Performance…ProvisioningSocializationEmployment Elig VerificationOrientation to Company InfoBenefits EnrollmentMgmt InvolvementForms CompletionAberdeenBersinStrategic Onboarding: Insight & Analysis, Bersin & Associates, March 2010, Aberdeen Onboarding 2010/2011
  • 16. Onboarding KPIsBest Practices in Onboarding a Multigenerational Workforce, Bersin & Associates, October 2009
  • 17. Impact of Onboarding17%-1%30%18%39%3%48%35%82%18%75%62%-10%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%Meeting Perf Goals Improved HiringMgr Sat% of Org GoalsAchieved% of New HiresHighly EngagedLaggard Industry Avg Best in ClassOnboarding 2011, The Path to Productivity, Aberdeen Group
  • 18. Who to OnboardNewHiresTemporaryEmployees ConsultantsInternalTransfersM&AEmployees
  • 19. Business Value ofAutomating EmployeeOnboarding
  • 20. ReduceOperating CostsIncreaseProductivityImprove DataSecurityHigher QualityDataReduce AdminTimeBetter ServiceLevelsEnsureComplianceEnvironmentallySoundValue of Automating Employee OnboardingBusiness Processes
  • 21. Opportunities for Automating EmployeeOnboarding—the complete lifecycleOnboarding• Standard forms (I-9, W-2, State Forms)• E-Verify; Background Check; Medical Examination• Employee Handbook; Health & Safety Policy; Confidentiality Agreement• Benefits Brochures; Enrollment• Employee Badge; Parking Pass• Company Plans (Education Reimbursement, Commuting Reimbursement,Dependent Care)• Campus MapAnnual Performance ReviewsOpen EnrollmentCertificationsEmployee Surveys & Corporate CommunicationsOffboarding
  • 22. Benefits of an HolisticPeopleSoft Approach
  • 23. PeopleSoftI-9;E-VerifyElectronicForms;ElectronicSignatureBackgroundCheckMedicalExaminationEmployeeHandbook;Policies;AgreementsEmployeeBadge;Parking PassAnnualCertifications;CorporateCommunicationsOffboarding;Exit SurveyEach 3rd Party Solution Requires aSeparate Integration to PeopleSoft
  • 24. PeopleSoftI-9;E-VerifyElectronicForms;ElectronicSignatureBackgroundCheckMedicalExaminationEmployeeHandbook;Policies;AgreementsEmployeeBadge;Parking PassAnnualCertifications;CorporateCommunicationsOffboarding;Exit SurveyA holistic PeopleSoft-based approach eliminates and simplifies 3rdparty integrations, incorporating common onboarding/offboardingfeatures directly into PeopleSoftSmart Employee Onboarding™
  • 25. PeopleSoft AutomatedEmployee Onboarding
  • 26. Smart OnboardingConfigurableCriteria-basedProcessesAutomatedFormsManagementTaskManagementSocializationToolsAdministrativeSupportDeliveredOnboardingMetricsIntegration withApplicantTrackingSystemDelivered PSHCM Integration
  • 27. One Size Doesn’t Fit AllVary Onboarding Process Based On:•Role or Position or Job•Doctors vs Nurse vs Staff•Executive vs Staff•Location•Culture•FT/PT/Temp Status•New Hire vs. Transfer
  • 28. General High LevelRecruiting Process FlowCreate JobOpeningCollect ApplicantDataManage Applicants• Screen Applicants• Route Applicants• Interview ApplicantsMake Offers Hire ApplicantsOnboardOnboardOnboardFor AnyCriteria
  • 29. AutomatedEmployee OnboardingExample
  • 30. Intuitive, User-Friendly Process
  • 31. Integration with ATS - Data
  • 32. Broad Task Management SupportCompany Property Company Property
  • 33. Configurable and Criteria Based
  • 34. Automated Forms Management
  • 35. Auto-Populated Forms
  • 36. Auto-Populated Forms
  • 37. Online Document Presentation &Delivery Options
  • 38. Online Document Presentation &Delivery Options
  • 39. Online Document Presentation &Delivery Options
  • 40. Online Survey Tools Anywhere
  • 41. 3rd Party Integration Example – E-Verify
  • 42. 3rd Party Integration Example – E-Verify
  • 43. 3rd Party Integration Example – E-Verify
  • 44. Administrative Support & Analytics
  • 45. Q & A
  • 46. For more information visit smarterp.comCopyright © 2013 Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.