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PeopleSoft Smart Deposit presented to CA Counties

PeopleSoft Smart Deposit presented to CA Counties



SmartERP presentation of the benefits of its Automated PeopleSoft A/R solution at the CA Counties - Accounting & Reporting Managers Conference, Nov 18, 2013. The automated Accounts Receivable ...

SmartERP presentation of the benefits of its Automated PeopleSoft A/R solution at the CA Counties - Accounting & Reporting Managers Conference, Nov 18, 2013. The automated Accounts Receivable solution has been deployed in the PeopleSoft Financials application at the County of Napa to streamline and simplify their accounts receivable deposits process. Napa County, in California's world renowned wine region, was the conference host for Accounting and Reporting Managers from the across the State's 58 counties. SmartERP was invited to share the efficiencies and benefits gained with their PeopleSoft A/R add-on solution Smart Deposits™ at Napa County with other counties across the State. PeopleSoft Financials is deployed quite widely across public sector organizations in California as well as counties and city governments in the United States and Canada and efficient processes not only reduce costs but also provide good government.

SmartERP presenters Doris Wong, CEO, and Dan White, VP Product Strategy, covered the simplification and streamlining enhancements enjoyed by the solution at Napa County.

Solution features summarized include:

- Streamlined data entry to increase throughput
- Simple and flexible data capture to reduce user input errors
- Role-based user interface for ease-of-use and to reduce user training requirements
- Advanced workflow approvals to streamline authorization process and enhance accountability
- Electronic submission of deposits eliminates need for invoices, automating journal updates and making funds immediately available

More information on the solution for PeopleSoft is available at http://www.smarterp.com/solutions/financial-and-supply-chain

SmartERP's offerings are also available for non-PeopleSoft customers as a convenient cloud service.



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    PeopleSoft Smart Deposit presented to CA Counties PeopleSoft Smart Deposit presented to CA Counties Presentation Transcript

    • Simplifying and Streamlining Accounts Receivable with Smart Solutions Dan White Doris Wong November 18, 2013
    • Agenda • Introductions • About Smart ERP Solutions • Simplifying and Streamlining PeopleSoft Accounts Receivable with Smart Solutions – Smart Deposits at County of Napa • Q&A / Wrap-up
    • Introductions
    • About Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.
    • About Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. Human Capital Management Financials and Supply Chain Campus Solutions Innovative Solutions & Services for PeopleSoft Common – Critical – Complementary Extend Functionality Improve ROI Get Faster Results Leverage Existing Investment • Pre-built, packaged, proven solutions • Highly configurable – tailor to YOUR needs • Customer driven requirements • Affordable • Integrated with existing PS apps • Architected as addon solutions • Avoid customizations • Low-cost • Minimal risk • Release independent – no upgrade required • On Premise solution • Rapid implementation • Deep PeopleSoft knowledge & experience • Unique best practices for implementations & upgrades • PeopleSoft data model and existing data • Current PeopleSoft business rules and processing • End-user PeopleSoft skills • Infrastructure and technology
    • Why SmartERP?
    • Simplifying and Streamlining with Smart Solutions
    • Simplified PeopleSoft Transactions Using Smart Solutions Any Paper Forms or External Source Any PeopleSoft Transactions Any Self-Service Transactions Simplified & Automated Transactional User Interface Electronic Workflow Approval Routing Automated PeopleSoft & Other Data Updates Electronic Record Retention and Audit Trail
    • Streamlined & Simplified the Purchase Order
    • Streamlined & Simplified the Purchase Order Smart PO
    • Increase Productivity for End Users with ERP Gadget™
    • What is ERP Gadget™? • A configurable collection of high productivity end-user functions that can be easily and consistently deployed anywhere on any PeopleSoft page
    • ERP Gadget • Easily add convenient features to PeopleSoft—any application, module or version (8.x and beyond) • Extend application capabilities while avoiding customizations • Streamline data entry and increase productivity • Enhance accountability and collaboration • Configurable Printing for reporting, and user help features • Add business process insight and automated workflow options
    • Accounts Receivable Smart Solution Implementation at County of Napa Smart Deposit
    • Why Smart Docs for Deposits? Simplified & Streamlined UI • The PeopleSoft standard direct journal functionality is too complex and requires simplification and ease of use • Not suited for occasional users, specifically the department users at Napa. • High costs associated with training. • Too many components to expose. • Low end-user productivity. • Gaps in standard functionality. • Saving before accounting entries may not happen all the time. • -ve sign doesn't make sense. • No way to figure out whether accounting entries created or not. • No "delete deposit" option once the "Complete" is selected in the add mode. • Clicking "complete" check box for every line is very confusing. • No delivered workflow, attachment functionality. Simplified and Streamlined UI Configured with Smart Docs Delivered PeopleSoft UI • • • • • • • • • • • • Streamlined data entry pages Simple and flexible data capture. Role-based UI and functionalities. Robust workflow approval Electronic submission of deposits Better Integration. Collaboration during data entry Streamlined business processes Quick installation and configuration Applies to all PeopleSoft releases High ownership experience Leverages current application infrastructure • Fast, cost-effective, high-quality solutions and implementations • Proven and reliable solutions minimize business risks • Achieves enhanced, efficient and productive business processes while eliminating costly customizations
    • Smart Payment Process AR deposits – No invoice needed in PeopleSoft Scenario Departments enter deposit information using Direct Journal functionality on-line and save (creates a Deposit ID): Payment Process Payment Process 1.Dept 2.Cash/Check or Automatic payment 3.Total $ Amt 4.Accounting Distr. & Amt Department delivers deposit to Treasurer’s Office Departments scan the supporting documents (invoice or anyother document etc) and attach to the Depost ID. Treasurer counts cash/checks and verifies deposit total. Any issues with the deposit? Departments submit the deposit for approval through Workflow. Treasury receives email notification. Email sent to dept. NO Treasury completes the direct Journal and approves it. The deposit is available for downstream processing. Email sent to dept. YES Treasurer does one of the following: 1. Corrects deposit 2. Contacts department to reconcile 3.Sends back deposit Money deposited in Bank for manual payments
    • What is a Smart Doc?
    • What is a Smart Doc? Smart Deposit!
    • Smart Regular Deposit Positive Number Automatically Creates Lines      Single Page Easy to Enter Minimal Training Gadget Tailored Functionality
    • Smart Regular Deposit  Process  Create Accounting Entries  Delete Accounting Entries
    • Smart Regular Deposit  Collaboration
    • Smart Regular Deposit  Attachments
    • Smart Regular Deposit  Print Deposit Authorization
    • Smart Regular Deposit  Submit for Workflow Approval  Goes to Treasurer
    • Smart Regular Deposit  Deliver Payments to Treasurer
    • Smart Regular Deposit  Treasurer Only  Accounting Date  Complete  Gadget
    • Smart Regular Deposit Money is in the Bank and the Financial Reports are Complete!
    • Smart Docs - Streamlined & Simplified Transactions
    • Smart Docs - Streamlined & Simplified Transactions Smart Voucher! Coming Soon to Napa County
    • Questions and Answers / Next Steps
    • Thank You For more information visit: Copyright © 2013 Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. smarterp.com