PeopleSoft Employee Onboarding with Style (and no paper)


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Presentation by Smart ERP Solutions covering automating employee onboarding in PeopleSoft HCM, orchestrating all of the steps/activities new-hires need to follow to become a new employee--with no paper.

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PeopleSoft Employee Onboarding with Style (and no paper)

  1. 1. PeopleSoft EmployeeOnboarding with Style(and no paper)Session #31709March 18, 2013
  2. 2.  Doris Wong Former Group VP and General Manager for Oracle’sPeopleSoft product line 25+ years technical, product development & businessexperience in software industry 17 years PeopleSoft veteran Colleen Neymeyer Former HR Manager; over 20 years Human Resourcesexperience 15 years working with HR technology PeopleSoft HCM since version 3.0
  3. 3.  About SmartERP Onboarding Trends Best Practices Automated Onboarding Q & A• Pre-built, packaged,proven solutions• Highly configurable –tailor to YOUR needs• Customer drivenrequirements• Affordable• Integrated withexisting PS apps• Architected as add-on solutions• Avoid customizations• Low-cost• Minimal risk• Release independent– no upgraderequired• On Premise solution• Rapidimplementation• Deep PeopleSoftknowledge &experience• Unique bestpractices forimplementations &upgrades• PeopleSoft datamodel and existingdata• Current PeopleSoftbusiness rules andprocessing• End-user PeopleSoftskills• Infrastructure andtechnologyExtendFunctionalityImprove ROI Get FasterResultsLeverage ExistingInvestmentHuman CapitalManagementFinancials andSupply ChainCampusSolutionsInnovative Solutions & Services for PeopleSoftCommon – Critical – Complementary
  4. 4. Onboarding Trends
  5. 5. Average 1st Year New Hire Attrition22.7%PwC Saratoga 2011/2012 US Human Capital Effectiveness ReportOnboarding 2011, The Path to Productivity, Aberdeen Group
  6. 6. New HiresOften FeelNew HiresShould Feel
  7. 7. News Travels FastBad News Travels Faster“Well, here ready to start my 1st day back inthe workforce and my boss is late. Thank Godfor my old trusty iPhone to entertain me. ““Really just an all around great 1st day at mynew gig w/ 3M. I’m excited to see how this allturns out!”Twitter Posts – July 2012
  8. 8. Turnover is CostlyRecruiting a Replacement $Compensation Paid to DepartingEmployee$Training (Classroom & On the Job) $Hiring Manager and Work TeamTime$Lost Productivity $Total Cost 50% – 150% ofAnnual Salary
  9. 9. What Drives Turnover?Problems withHiring ProcessInadequateCandidate PoolPoor OnboardingPoor Mgr / NewHire RelationshipRole Not asExpectedFailure to Connect& BuildRelationships
  10. 10. Average 1st Year New HireAttrition22.7%PwC Saratoga 2011/2012 US Human Capital Effectiveness ReportOnboarding 2011, The Path to Productivity, Aberdeen Group4%**With Onboarding Best Practices1st Year New Hire Attrition
  11. 11. The Promise of OnboardingCut RecruitingCostsSpeed Time toProductivityImproveRetentionImprove DataQualityReduceAdmin TimeIncreaseEngagementStayCompliantDrivePerformance
  12. 12. Onboarding Best Practices
  13. 13. Orientation vs. Onboarding
  14. 14. OrientationOfferAcceptedFirst DayMonth 1Month 3Month 6Month 9Month 12• Complete Forms • Policy Review • Limited Training
  15. 15. OnboardingOfferAcceptedFirst DayMonth 1Month 3Month 6Month 9Month 12• Complete Forms • Policy Review • Limited Training• Employee Development• Cultural Socialization • Ongoing Mentoring • Performance Mgmt
  16. 16. OfferAcceptedFirst DayMonth 1Month 3Month 6Month 9Month 12Onboarding - StrategicOfferAcceptedFirst DayMonth 1Month 3Month 6Month 9Month 12Orientation - Tactical
  17. 17. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%New Hire ClubsFirst Day AssignmentOtherMentor ProgramsBuddy SystemPlan a LunchTeam Building30-60-90 Day Performance…ProvisioningSocializationEmployment Elig VerificationOrientation to Company InfoBenefits EnrollmentMgmt InvolvementForms CompletionAberdeenBersinKey Onboarding ActivitiesStrategic Onboarding: Insight & Analysis, Bersin & Associates, March 2010, Aberdeen Onboarding2010/2011
  18. 18. Forms CompletionPrior to First Day until completeWhat•New HireData•Payroll•Benefits•I9•CompanyspecificHow•Onlineprocess•Electronicsignatures•AutomatednotificationsObjectives•Betteraccuracy &completionrate•Improvedcompliance•Audit trail
  19. 19. What• Team Building• Networking• Mentors• Buddies• Scheduledlearning &developmentactivities• Social Networks• Sr MgmtConnectionHow• Social Networks• Online Learning• DevelopmentPlans• InformalActivitiesObjectives• Reinforce jobdecision• Develop KSAsfor Role• Bond with Peers• Learn informalstructure• Understand orglanguage• RetentionSocializationPrior to First Day through 1st Year
  20. 20. What• Configurecomputer• Set up email• Order securitybadge• Obtainnetworkaccess• Order BusinessCardsHow• Automate aspart ofOnboardingprocess• Integrate toother systemsObjectives• IncreaseProductivity• DrivesatisfactionProvisioningPrior to First Day through 1st Year
  21. 21. What• Assess skills• Establishdevelopmentgoals• Defineperformancegoals• Identify trainingneeds• Assess progressHow• Online skillsassessment• Completeperformanceanddevelopmentdocs• Enroll in learning• Assign mentors• EstablishdevelopmentactivitiesObjectives• Shorter time toproductivity• Clearly definedexpectations• Provide timelyfeedbackDevelopment & PerformanceFirst 6 – 12 months
  22. 22. Who to OnboardNew HiresTemporaryEmployeesConsultantsInternalTransfersM&AEmployeesInterns
  23. 23. Who Participates in Onboarding?ManagerPeer New HireDirectReportsPeerHumanResources
  24. 24. One Size Doesn’t Fit AllVary Onboarding Process BasedOn:•Role or Job•Generation•Location•Culture•FT/PT/Temp Status•New Hire vs. Transfer
  25. 25. Onboarding KPIsBest Practices in Onboarding a Multigenerational Workforce, Bersin & Associates,New Hire Engagement
  26. 26. Assessing OnboardingEffectivenessNew Hire Surveys• Necessary Tools Available?• Timely Paycheck?• Benefits Enroll Process Clear?• Initial Welcome?• Management Coaching?• Help Available When Needed?Hiring Manager Surveys• Necessary Information Shared?• Onboarding Process Thorough?• New Hire Performance Satisfactory?Periodic Performance Reviews
  27. 27. Impact of Onboarding17%-1%30%18%39%3%48%35%82%18%75%62%-10%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%Meeting PerfGoalsImprovedHiring MgrSat% of OrgGoalsAchieved% of NewHires HighlyEngagedLaggard Industry Avg Best in ClassOnboarding 2011, The Path to Productivity, Aberdeen Group
  28. 28. What to Look for inan AutomatedOnboarding System
  29. 29. Intuitive, User-Friendly Process
  30. 30. Integration with ATS - Data
  31. 31. Broad Task ManagementSupportCompanyProperty CompanyProperty
  32. 32. Configurable and Criteria Based
  33. 33. Automated Forms Management
  34. 34. Online Survey Tools
  35. 35. Administrative Support & Analytics
  36. 36. “The will to win is notnearly so importantas the will to prepareto win.”-Vince Lombardi
  37. 37. For more information on employee onboarding bestpractices and automating your process, contact:Telephone: 925/271-0200Email:
  38. 38. Stop by our Booth inthe Exhibit Hall for ademo of ourOnboarding Solution
  39. 39. Q & A