OHUG 2011 Automated Employee Onboarding and Offboarding by SmartERP


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Doris Wong, CEO, Smart ERP Solutions, presents at the Oracle HCM User Group conference 2011, Orlando, FL. Topic covers a PeopleSoft-based add-on solution for automating HR processes for onboarding and offboarding employees.

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OHUG 2011 Automated Employee Onboarding and Offboarding by SmartERP

  1. 1. AutomatedPeopleSoft-Based Onboarding and Offboarding Doris Wong, CEO Dan White, VP of Product Strategy
  2. 2. Agenda • About Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. o Our Philosophy and Business Value • Why Employee Onboarding? • Introducing Employee Onboarding for PeopleSoft o Automated, Configurable, Full of Options o Employee and HR Administrator Roles • Employee Onboarding Demo • Other Business Process Management Use Cases • Q&A
  3. 3. About Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.
  4. 4. Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. Comprised of the best former developers, architects and executives from PeopleSoft/Oracle Providing cost-effective, robust and repeatable “Smart Solutions” for PeopleSoft applications Unique best practices and expertise in PeopleSoft strategic planning, Smart implementation and upgrade services KEY DIFFERENTIATOR−OUR SMARTADVANTAGERather than assigning teams of consultants to projects we apply our pre- built, proven solutions to efficiently address those efforts common to any PeopleSoft project thus saving time, reducing costs, minimizing risks and lowering total cost of ownership by avoiding costly difficult-to- maintain customizations.
  5. 5. SmartERP: Our Philosophy Solutions• Enhance and Extend Standard PeopleSoft Functionality to Meet Business Needs o 3Cs : Common, Critical, Complementary• Repeatable, Pre-Packaged, Highly-Configurable and Innovative Solutions• Release Independence• Customer-Driven Requirements• Architected and Designed as Add-On Solutions• Lower Total Cost of Ownership o Minimal to No Customizations o Minimal Upgrade Impact• Affordable and Cost-Effective
  6. 6. SmartERP: Our Philosophy Ease of Use• Seamlessly and Tightly Integrated with Your PeopleSoft HCM and Financials Applications• On Premise Solution• Leverages Everything About Your PeopleSoft Applications o Client’s Data and PeopleSoft Data Model o Current PeopleSoft Business Rules and Processing o Immediate Data Retrieval, Validation and Updating o End-Users’ PeopleSoft Skills o Infrastructure and Technology, including IT Resources o PeopleSoft Security, PeopleSoft Investment To-Date• Tailored and Configured to YOUR Business Requirements• Short and Quick Implementation Times
  7. 7. Introducing Automated PeopleSoftOnboarding and Offboarding
  8. 8. Recruit-to-Hire Business Process Recruiting Application New Applicants to be Hired 0080 0081 0082 0083 Employee Onboarding Process
  9. 9. Key Objectives for Employee Onboarding• To make new employees feel welcome and comfortable in their new surroundings.• To minimize the time before new employees are productive members of their new workgroup.• To automate, standardize and streamline the employee onboarding process• Bottomline: Get new employees productive and integrated into the culture as quickly as possible
  10. 10. Employee Onboarding BenefitsReduce New Hire Processing CostsEnsuring Compliance RequirementsImprove New Hire’s Time-to-ProductivityRapid Immersion into Team Environment andCorporate CultureIncrease New Hire RetentionEasily Verify and Have Visibility of New Hire’sOnboarding Activities
  11. 11. Employee Onboarding Activities Employee Onboarding Checklist Company / Departmental Overview New Hire Welcome Kit Corporate Vision / Mission Statements Departmental Goals / Objectives Organization Charts New Employee Orientation Programs Job Expectations Training Requirements Job Descriptions Job Expectations Individual Goals and Objectives Performance Management Program Policies and Procedures Safeguarding of Company Information Protection of Company Assets Health and Safety Program Drug / Alcohol Abuse Policy Suitability for Work Program Complaint Resolution Contingency Plans Affirmative Action Policies Internal Job Posting Practices Overtime Pay Policies Vacation Allowance Practices Retirement Savings Programs Administrative / Housekeeping Items Employee / Network ID Security Cards Work Hours Dress Code Building / Facility Tour Building Evacuation Routes Recycling Programs Inclement Weather Practices Corporate News / Bulletin Boards Emergency Contact Information Local Emergency Telephone Numbers Help Desk Telephone Numbers Email / Internet Use
  12. 12. What Are Your Organization’s Onboarding Activities?• Are you taking advantage of your “Preboarding” period? Time between offer acceptance and the first day of work• What are your employee onboarding activities today? – Welcome Packet – HR, Payroll, Compliance – Benefits (Health, Dental, Life Insurance, 401K) – Performance (Goals, Expectations) – Training & Learning – Facilities & Logistics (Badge, Office, Computer, Parking Permit, Carpooling)
  13. 13. Employee Onboarding Activities• Activities are different for every organization – Defined and configured by YOU to represent your business requirements and process – May represent Pre-hire (Applicant) or New Hire requirements• Activities have different criteria and requirements – Defined and configured by YOU to represent your business – May have multiple tasks within an activity – Criteria and Requirements • Required or Optional • Dependent or Independent • Informational • Requires Workflow Approval • Requires Notification • Requires Acknowledgement, Requires Certification – Can be integrated to external systems (i.e.Other PSFT, 3rd Party)
  14. 14. Employee Onboarding Activities• Activities and Tasks Can be Anything – Filling in Paper Forms – Entering Data Using PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service Transactions – Any PeopleSoft Standard Page – Electronic Forms – Any Media for Delivering Information or Forms • Word, Excel, Powerpoint • PDF, Visio, Video • URL, Website, Other – Integration to Other 3rd Party Systems
  15. 15. Employee Onboarding Example
  16. 16. Activities Tasks Media Requirement DependencyWelcome Welcome Video Video Required Dependent forAboard Starting Review Personal PSFT Employee Optional Dependent Information SS Welcome Video What to Expect on MS Word Required Dependent Your Job Welcome VideoRequired Enter I-9 Form PSFT Employee Required IndependentForms SS (or Electronic after Welcome Form) Aboard Enter W-4 Form PSFT Employee Required Independent SS (or Electronic after Welcome Form) Aboard New Employee Paper converted to Required Independent Form Electronic Form after Welcome Aboard Direct Deposit PSFT Employee Required Independent Authorization SS after Welcome Aboard
  17. 17. Activities Tasks Media Requirement DependencyPolicies & Access to Company PDF Required with IndependentInfo Information Electronic Certification after Welcome Information PDF Optional with Independent Documents Electronic Acknowled. after Welcome Employee Self- PDF Optional with Independent Service Information Electronic Acknowled. after Welcome Pay Dates PDF Optional with Independent Electronic Acknowled. after Welcome Statement of PDF Required with Independent Collection and Use of Electronic Certification after Welcome SSN Rights and PDF Required with Independent Responsibilities Electronic Certification after Welcome under FMLA Information Security PDF Required with Independent Policy Electronic Certification after Welcome HQ Campus Map PDF Optional with Independent Electronic Acknowled.
  18. 18. Activities Tasks Media Requirement DependencyBenefits Enroll in Benefits PSFT Required Independent Employee SS after Welcome Health Care PSFT Optional Dependent on Summary Employee SS Enroll in Benefits Dependent/Benefici PSFT Optional Dependent on ary Coverage Employee SS Enroll in Benefits Insurance Summary PSFT Optional Dependent on Employee SS Enroll in Benefits Savings Contribution PSFT Optional Dependent on Summary Employee SS Enroll in BenefitsLearning Complete Ethics PSFT in ELM Required Independent Training (Integration) after WelcomeFacilities Apply for a Parking Electronic form Optional with Dependent on Permit Workflow Benefits Apply For Business Electronic form Optional with Dependent on Cards Workflow Benefits
  19. 19. Demo
  20. 20. Employee Onboarding Demo Scenario Getting Started• HR Admin or Recruiter initiating onboarding process for potential new hires• Email notification sent to potential new hire’s documented email• Potential new hire can begin pre-hiring process even before final hiring decision, including employee’s first day of work
  21. 21. Demo Scenario• The New Hire’s Experience • Executive Hire – Tom Executive • Staff Hire – Jerry Staff• The Role of the HR Administrator • Visibility to All New Hires • Collaboration and Email Notifications • Consoles and Dashboards• Other Roles – The Manager, The Recruiter, The Provisioner, etc.
  22. 22. Demo Scenario• The New Hire’s Experience • Executive Hire – Jerry Executive, CA • Staff Hire – Barry Staff, VT• The Role of the HR Administrator • Visibility to All New Hires • Collaboration and Email Notifications • Consoles and Dashboards• Other Roles – The Manager, The Recruiter, The Provisioner, etc.
  23. 23. Other Use Cases for Smart Solutions
  24. 24. What Are Your Organization’s Offboarding Activities?• Offboarding Employment Activities and Tasks – Resignation Letter – Exit Policies and Agreements – Exit Interview or Exit Surveys – Final Paycheck – Benefits Information – COBRA Processing – Stock Options – Network Security – Badge Security – Email Account – Parking Requirements – Collect Laptop, Phone – Goodbye Party
  25. 25. Other Use Cases for Smart Solutions• Employee Onboarding and Offboarding• Automate and Configure for Any Roles and Any Conditions Full Time, Part Time, Interns Consultants, Temps Volunteers Customers and Vendors• Automate and Configure Any Business Process Recruit-to-Hire Annual Performance Appraisal Open Enrollment• Configure and Automate Any Business Processes within YOUR Organization
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27. ContactsDoris WongCEO, Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.925 699 0832E-mail: doris.w@smarterp.comDan WhiteVP of Product Strategy, Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.925 963 8707E-mail: dan.w@smarterp.com
  28. 28. Thank YouFor more information visit: smarterp.comView Solution Previews: smarterp.com/previewsCopyright © 2010 Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.