Heug webinar series smart erp aug2009

Heug webinar series smart erp aug2009






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Heug webinar series smart erp aug2009 Heug webinar series smart erp aug2009 Presentation Transcript

  • HEUG.Online Webinar Series: Configurable PeopleSoft User Interface, with Robust Workflow and Security
    Dan White, VP Product Strategy,
    Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.
    Aug 5, 2009
  • Welcome
    • Today’s HEUG.Online Webinar Series
    • Configurable PeopleSoft User Interface, with Robust Workflow and Security Solutions
    • SmartERP Webinars
    • Previous SmartERP Webinars
    • March 4 : Workflow and Row Level Security Solutions for PeopleSoft
    • April 29 : Configurable PeopleSoft User Interface, with Robust Workflow and Security Solutions
    • May 27 : Enhance Your Grants! Simplified Proposal Entry with Robust Routing
    • July 8: Easy ChartField Entry with Smart Keys
    • Upcoming Webinar Topics
    Supplier Diversity Reporting
    1099 Enhancements including Procurement Card reporting
  • Introductions
    Dan White
    VP, Product Strategy, Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.
    Former Oracle/PeopleSoft Principal Functional Analyst
    11 Years Experience with PeopleSoft
    dan.w@smarterp.com, www.smarterp.com
    Smart ERP Solutions: Pleasanton, California-based, HEUG Gold Vendor Partner organization comprised of former Oracle/PeopleSoft employees with extensive application development expertise, providing innovative add-on solutions or PeopleSoft applications.
  • Agenda
    • The Problem
    • The Approach
    • The Solution: Configurable User Interface, with Robust Workflow and Security (including demo)
    Simplification: Grants Proposals
    Extend Functionality: Budget Transfers
    Seamless Integration: Vouchers
    Business Process Improvement: Campus Solutions Enrollment
    Contemporary User Interface: Purchase Order
    • Q & A
  • The Problem
  • The Problem
    • Standard PeopleSoft pages and business processes are designed to meet the needs of many industries and verticals.
    • Thus, while only a handful of fields may be required to meet YOUR organization’s needs, many users must navigate numerous pages, tabs and fields every time they conduct that transaction.
  • The Problem (continued)
    Other Common Needs:
    • To Simplify the complexity of standard PeopleSoft transactions
    Streamline data entry
    Simplify and enter only those fields required for your business transactions
    Tailor data entry to meet your higher education institution’s requirements
    Increase productivity of your users
    • Enhanced Row Level Security
    • Cross-module Workflow
    • To Add some additional business logic or functionality but don’t want to customize
    Higher education-unique requirements
    • A more Contemporary, Flexible and Intuitive User Interface
    Self-Service transactions for casual users or those unfamiliar with PeopleSoft
    Business Process Improvement
    The need to accomplish the above without increasing your total cost of ownership
    - Customizations, Maintenance, Upgrades
  • The Approach
  • The Approach
    As an alternative to customizing, develop solutions meeting these criteria:
    Enhance and Extend Standard PeopleSoft Functionality to Meet Business Needs
    3Cs : Common, Critical, Complementary
    Repeatable, Pre-Packaged, Highly-Configurable and Innovative Solutions
    Release Independence
    Customer-Driven Requirements
    Architected and Designed as Add-On Solutions
    Lower Total Cost of Ownership
    Minimal to No Customizations
    Minimal Upgrade Impact
    Affordable and Cost-Effective
  • The Solutions
  • The Solutions
    Solutions Overview
    HEUG Client demo scenarios (Wesleyan University, Emory University, and others):
    Simplification: Grants Proposal
    Extend Functionality: Budget Transfers
    Seamless Integration: Vouchers with enhanced Workflow approvals and Row Level Security
    Business Process Improvement: Campus Solutions Enrollment
    Contemporary User Interface (Flex): Purchase Order
  • Smart Solutions Overview
    Configurable User Interface
    Smart Solutions
  • Smart Solutions Overview
    Smart Docs
    Smart Doc Framework
    (PeopleSoft UI or Flex)
    Other Smart Solutions
    Security/Workflow/Smart Keys
    PeopleSoft Delivered Business Logic
  • Simplification: Smart Grants Proposal
  • Simplification: Grants Proposal
    • How many pages, fields and clicks do we really need?
  • Extend Functionality:Smart Budget Transfer
  • Smart Budget Transfer
    Business Requirements
    All Users
    Default to Current Fiscal Year and not Editable
    Once Submitted for Workflow the State is ‘Submitted’ and all fields are grayed out
    Display Existing Budget for each Budget Line
    Department Users - User / Role SMARTERP1
    Label will be Department Users
    Cannot Transfer to/from Salary Accounts
    Fiscal Managers - User / Role SMARTERP2
    Label will be Fiscal Managers
    Able to Transfer to/from Limited Salary Accounts
    Need to be able to Auto-Calculate and create Fringe Budgets
  • Smart Budget Transfer
    Extend PeopleSoft Functionality
    Automatically Calculate Fringe
    Different Behavior Based on Role
  • Seamless Integration:Smart VoucherFeaturing Smart Workflow, Smart Security and Smart Keys
  • Smart Voucher
    Business Case and Demo Scenario
    Smart Security for User VP1
    Department and Smart Keys
    Smart Workflow
    Routed to 3 steps based on Department and Amount
    Enter Voucher
    Only Secured Smart Keys and Smart Keys with Secured Departments are available
    Save Voucher and Submit for Workflow
    State of ‘Submitted for Approval’ grays out Voucher
    Voucher is routed for Approval based on Chartfields and Amount
  • Smart Voucher
    Only the Fields you Need!
  • Business Process Improvement:Campus Solutions Enrollment
  • Smart Enrollment
    Business Requirements and Demo Scenario
    Improve Business Process: Campus Solutions Enrollment
    Simplify and Streamline critical self-service transactions: reduce number of pages and steps required for ADD, DROP and SWAP a class
    Enhance standard business process to reduce data entry errors and improve usability
  • Enhance PeopleSoft with Contemporary User Interface:Smart Purchase Order&Smart Lifecycle Viewer
  • Smart Flex Purchase Order
    Rich User Interface
    Drag and Drop
    Type Ahead
  • Smart FlexLifecycle Viewer
    See your Business Process in a Glance or In-Depth
  • Summary
    The problem of developing and maintaining customizations to tailor standard PeopleSoft business processes in order to meet YOUR requirements can be alleviated through pre-built solutions specifically designed to address these needs.
  • Q & A