GMCR Gets Greener with Paperless PeopleSoft Employee Onboarding


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Presentation by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters on benefits realized using the Paperless PeopleSoft Employee Onboarding solution by Smart ERP Solutions. With rapid growth, operational efficiencies and improved experience for new-hires as drivers the employee onboarding process is automated eliminating paper forms and visibility/accountability increased.

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GMCR Gets Greener with Paperless PeopleSoft Employee Onboarding

  1. 1. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (GMCR) Gets Greener with Paperless PeopleSoft Employee Onboarding Doris Wong, CEO, SmartERP Brenda Caforia-Weeber, Project Manager, GMCR Barbara Doherty, HR Manager, Project Lead, GMCR April 25, 2012
  2. 2. Reminder Please complete thedistributed feedback forms. In appreciation for your comments you’ll beentered to win an iPad or a Keurig Coffee Maker!
  3. 3. AgendaIntroductions About SmartERPGMCR Today GMCR HR Systems Overview GMCR Requirements AnticipatedOnboarding Objectives Solution Lessons Portal Implemented Benefits Learned Project Timeline Overview Achieved Overview Q&A
  4. 4. AboutSmart ERP Solutions
  5. 5. Smart ERP Solutions Comprised of the best former developers, architects, support, functional consultants and executives from PeopleSoft/Oracle Unique best practices and expertise in PeopleSoft strategic planning, implementation, upgrade and add-on / customization services Provide cost-effective, robust and repeatable add-on “Smart Solutions” for PeopleSoft applications as an alternative to customizations High Quality of Service at Every Level and Role: Executive Leadership, Project Management, Functional and Technical Expertise
  6. 6. Smart OnboardingConfigurable Automated Task eVerifyCriteria-based Forms Management Integration Processes Management Integration with Delivered Fully IntegratedAdministrative Applicant Onboarding wiith PSFT Support Tracking Metrics HCM System
  7. 7. The Promise of Employee OnboardingCut Recruiting Speed Time Improve Improve Data Costs to Productivity Retention Quality Reduce Increase Stay Drive Admin Time Engagement Compliant Performance
  8. 8. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (GMCR) Gets Greener with Paperless PeopleSoft Employee Onboarding
  9. 9. Create the ultimate coffee experience inevery life we touch, from tree to cup –Transforming the way the worldunderstands business. McDonald’s 2010 & 2012 Global Best of Sustainable Supply GMCR Today
  10. 10. Beverage BrandsOwned Brands Non-Owned Brands (Licensing/Manufacturing Agreements) ®
  11. 11. Keurig® Single Cup Brewing System Benefits  Quality – specialty coffee, tea, hot cocoa and other beverages  Convenience – prepared consistently in-home in 30 seconds Choose. Brew. Enjoy.® with the touch of a button with no mess, no fuss  Choice – more than 200 varieties of K-Cup® packs available for the system.
  12. 12. Hiring Locations Montreal Sumner, WA Toronto Essex, Waterbury & Williston, VT Isle of Wight County, VACastroville, CA Knoxville, TN Current GMCR production/distribution Future GMCR production/distribution
  13. 13. GMCR Headcount Growth
  14. 14. GMCR GMCROnboarding Onboarding Before After
  15. 15. Project ObjectivesScalable & ImproveIntegrated Accuracywith Taleo AutomateSeamless Reduce & Simplify Interface manual / with paperPeopleSoft processes
  16. 16. GMCR HR Systems OverviewCurrent State Implementations in ProcessPeopleSoft HCM 9.0 Upgrade to 9.1PeopleTools 8.49 PeopleTools 8.52PeopleSoft FSCM 8.9 Upgrade to 9.1SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010Taleo Recruitment with Integrations to Addition of Canada Business Unit withoutPeopleSoft Integrations to PeopleSoft
  17. 17. Project Timeline Onboarding Project Timeline Initiation Fiscal Year Calendar Month Jun/Jul FY 11 Aug/Sep Oct/Nov FY 12 Dec/Jan Feb/Mar Project Initiation  June 2011 Definition & Analysis Design & Develop Pilot Launch Testing Training  Nov. 2011 Migration to Production Pilot Launch Full Launch Modify Configurations Enhancements to Business Process Training  Feb. 2012 Migration Full Launch Post Production Support
  18. 18. GMCR Requirements Implemented (1 of 2) About GMCR  Welcome, Company, Management, People, Culture Compliance  I9, W4, State Withholding Payroll  Direct Deposit, Pay Options Agreements & Policies  Confidentiality, Code of Ethics, Information Security Policy, Insider Trading Benefits  Plan Information, Self-Service Enrollment Surveys  Onboarding, 3-Days, 45 Days Feedback
  19. 19. GMCR Requirements Implemented (2 of 2) Business Units (Specialty Coffee, Enterprise, Keurig) HR Administrators by Business Units and/or Locations Reporting with Analytics and Dashboards Functional Roles (Finance, Purchasing) State Requirements (VT, TN, CA, WA, MA, etc.) Types of Hires (Regular) GMCR Branding (Colors, Logos, Messages, Videos) Integration with Taleo for Recruiting
  20. 20. Onboarding Portal at GMCR
  21. 21. Onboarding at GMCR – New Hire
  22. 22. Onboarding at GMCR
  23. 23. Onboarding at GMCR
  24. 24. Onboarding at GMCR – Electronic Disclosure
  25. 25. Onboarding at GMCR – I9
  26. 26. Onboarding at GMCR – Payroll & Tax
  27. 27. Onboarding at GMCR – State Withholding
  28. 28. Onboarding at GMCR - Policies
  29. 29. Onboarding at GMCR - Policies
  30. 30. Onboarding at GMCR - Policies William Smith (electronic signature) 4/10/2012 William Smith
  31. 31. Onboarding at GMCR – Enrolling in Benefits
  32. 32. Onboarding at GMCR – Employee Surveys
  33. 33. Onboarding at GMCR – Administrator’s Role
  34. 34. Onboarding at GMCR – Administrator’s Role
  35. 35. Onboarding at GMCR – Administrator’s Role Managing New Hires
  36. 36. Onboarding at GMCR – Administrator’s Role
  37. 37. Onboarding at GMCR – Survey Reporting
  38. 38. Anticipated Project Benefits Significantly increase day one readiness of new employees Reduce both hard and soft costs involved in onboarding Increase employee morale Improve HR productivity and significantly alleviate the burden and costs associated with administrative tasks, paperwork and processing Provide quick and easy visibility into all tasks associated with employee transitions
  39. 39. Lessons LearnedBuilding a Simple, User Friendly, Intuitive Experience for New Hires Time Consuming Complex Technical BUT Extremely WORTH the Time and Investment
  40. 40. Phase II Outlook & Enhancements Automated eVerify Integration Expand ONB access to more employee types Communicate upcoming events Hiring Manager checklist HR and Hiring Manager employee completion status view of Pre-Hire and Post-Hire activities Messaging specific to position, business unit or location Add Employees from Canadian Business Unit Onboarding & Off boarding Automation
  41. 41. Questions? Reminder: Please complete the distributed feedback forms. In appreciation for your comments you’ll beentered to win an iPad or a Keurig Coffee Maker!
  42. 42. August 27-29, 2012 Connecticut Convention Center Hartford, Connecticut USAPeopleSoft RECONNECT is a new PeopleSoft-focusedevent, replacing Quest Regional events. This new event willoffer in-depth education into PeopleSoft product modules in away that isn’t possible at COLLABORATE due to to find out more.
  43. 43. Thank YouFor more information visit gmcr.comFor more information visit smarterp.comCopyright © 2012Smart ERP Solutions, Inc.