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Dollars and Sense of Automating PeopleSoft Processes


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With all of the world-class functionality in PeopleSoft many organizations use largely manual processes with their PeopleSoft applications. SmartERP covers the fiscal and common sense drivers and …

With all of the world-class functionality in PeopleSoft many organizations use largely manual processes with their PeopleSoft applications. SmartERP covers the fiscal and common sense drivers and benefits to be gained from automating PeopleSoft processes. Topics range across HCM and Financials/Supply Chain pillars covering automation in employee onboarding/offboarding, electronic forms, advanced workflow approvals, vendor onboarding, Procure-to-Pay processes, and Security/Compliance.

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  • 1. Dollars and Sense of Automating PeopleSoft Processes Doris Wong, CEO Smart ERP Solutions, Inc. April 8, 2013
  • 2. AGENDA• About SmartERP• Dollars and Sense of Automation• Process Automation for HR – Onboarding New Hires – Personnel Actions• Leveraging Process Automation for Financials• Q&A
  • 3. About SmartERP: Human Capital Financials and Campus Management Supply Chain Solutions Innovative Solutions & Services for PeopleSoft Common – Critical – Complementary Extend Improve ROI Get Faster Leverage Existing Functionality Results Investment• Pre-built, packaged, • Architected as add- • Rapid • PeopleSoft data proven solutions on solutions implementation model and existing• Highly configurable – • Avoid customizations • Deep PeopleSoft data tailor to YOUR needs • Low-cost knowledge & • Current PeopleSoft• Customer driven experience business rules and • Minimal risk requirements • Unique best processing • Release independent• Affordable practices for • End-user PeopleSoft – no upgrade implementations & skills• Integrated with required existing PS apps upgrades • Infrastructure and • On Premise solution technology
  • 4. Dollars and Sense ofAutomating Business Processes
  • 5. The average U.S. office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year. US EPA Data, 2011
  • 6. Paper Files are Costly Over 10% of all documents are $25,000 to fill lost or misfiled $2,000/yr to maintainPriceWaterhouseCoopers Delphi Group File Docs $ Find Misfiles $$$$$$ $400,000 10,000 docs/year Reproduce Lost Docs $$$$$$$$$$$ PriceWaterhouseCoopers $4,000,000 100,000 docs/year Professionals spend Time spent to locate a 5 to 15% of their Other document is equivalent time reading to commercial ad time Searching information, but up to during a single hour of 50% looking for it. television. Reading Gartner Research
  • 7. 70% of today’s businesses would fail within 3 weeksafter a catastrophic loss of paper-based recordsThe Paperless Project,
  • 8. Typical Manual Business Process Initiator First ApproverComplete Paperwork Request Add’l Info First Approval Second Approver Amend Paperwork Interoffice Routing Paperwork Missing Approval AdministratorTrack Down Missing Paperwork Final Approval Complete Data Entry Paperwork Found
  • 9. Automated Business Process withInitiator Online Documents First ApproverComplete Request Request Add’l Info First Approval Second Approver Amend Data Automated Routing Approval Destress & Workflow AdministratorCoach Employees Final Approval Analyze Data Vacation
  • 10. Still Using Paper and ManualProcesses? Poor User Experience Time Consuming
  • 11. Replace with Electronic Forms and AutomatedBusiness Processes Streamlined, online process Online Admin Tools, Status Reports Online forms, eSignature Reduced Admin Time & Effort
  • 12. Value of Electronic Forms and AutomatingBusiness Processes Reduce Increase Improve Data Higher QualityOperating Costs Productivity Security DataReduce Admin Better Service Ensure Environmentally Time Levels Compliance Sound
  • 13. Automating HR
  • 14. Opportunities for Automating HR Business Processes Onboarding and Offboarding Personnel Action Requests • Hire/Rehire • Separation • Job Changes • Interdepartmental Transfers • Retroactive Pay Adjustments • Compensation Changes Annual Performance Reviews Open Enrollment Certifications
  • 15. Automating Onboarding
  • 16. Average 1st Year New Hire Attrition 22.7%PwC Saratoga 2011/2012 US Human Capital Effectiveness ReportOnboarding 2011, The Path to Productivity, Aberdeen Group
  • 17. New Hires New HiresOften Feel Should Feel
  • 18. Turnover is CostlyRecruiting a Replacement $Compensation Paid to Departing $EmployeeTraining (Classroom & On the Job) $Hiring Manager and Work Team Time $Lost Productivity $Total Cost 50% – 150% of Annual Salary
  • 19. What Drives Turnover? Poor OnboardingProblems with Poor Mgr / NewHiring Process Hire Relationship Role Not as Inadequate Expected Candidate Pool Failure to Connect & Build Relationships
  • 20. 1st Year New Hire Attrition 22.7% 4%* *With Onboarding Best PracticesPwC Saratoga 2011/2012 US Human Capital Effectiveness ReportOnboarding 2011, The Path to Productivity, Aberdeen Group
  • 21. Key Onboarding Activities Forms Completion Mgmt Involvement Benefits EnrollmentOrientation to Company InfoEmployment Elig Verification Socialization Provisioning 30-60-90 Day Performance… Aberdeen Team Building Bersin Plan a Lunch Buddy System Mentor Programs Other First Day Assignment New Hire Clubs 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Strategic Onboarding: Insight & Analysis, Bersin & Associates, March 2010, Aberdeen Onboarding 2010/2011
  • 22. Who to Onboard New Hires M&A InternalEmployees Transfers Temporary Consultants Employees
  • 23. Smart Onboarding Configurable Automated Task Criteria-based Forms Management Processes Management Delivered Socialization Administrative Onboarding Tools Support Metrics Integration with Applicant Delivered PS Tracking HCM Integration System
  • 24. One Size Doesn’t Fit AllVary Onboarding Process Based On:•Role or Job•Generation•Location•Culture•FT/PT/Temp Status•New Hire vs. Transfer
  • 25. Automating Personnel Actions
  • 26. Benefits of Automated Personnel Transactions • Simplified & Streamlined Process • Contemporary User Interface • Configurable, Rules-Based • Automated Routing • Online Approval Tracking • Electronic Audit Trail • Electronic Records Retention • Low Cost of Ownership • Removes Paper, External Sources & Manual Processes
  • 27. Electronic Request Replaces Paper
  • 28. Personnel Transaction TypesHR Transactions Type of Transactions Dept. Manager (not inclusive) Admin.Hire •New Hire X X •RehireSeparation •Resignation •Retirement X X •TerminationJob Changes •Position Change •Job Code Change •Title Change X X •Salary Change •Supervisor ChangeInterdepartmental •Department Change X XTransfersRetroactive Pay •Transaction driven X XAdjustmentOthers •LOAs, Others X X
  • 29. Smart Personnel Action Requests Manager Personnel External Form Self- Action Forms Source Service Online Smart Personnel Action Request Electronic Workflow Approval Routing Automated PeopleSoft Employee Data Updates Electronic Record Retention and Audit Trail
  • 30. Solano County AutomatesPersonnel Transactions
  • 31. The Goal: Replace paper-based HR forms with automated online processes
  • 32. Challenges Inconsistent Business RulesDecentralizedOrganization Structure Tight Budget Constraints
  • 33. The Solution – Smart PAF TM Quick to ImplementIntegrated withinPeopleSoft Flexible, Configurable
  • 34. The Results• End to end HR processes automated Automated and streamlined• Automated approvals and seamless updating of Human Resources data• Enhanced visibility and accountability of transactions Streamlined• Improved effectiveness• Dramatically reduced cycle times Simplified
  • 35. “. . . countywide, departments and HR process approximately 5,400 PAF peryear. . . Staff estimates a 300% ROI for this project in its first full year.” Solano County Department of HR Recommendation to Board of Supervisors
  • 36. Smart Personnel Transactions Demo• Electronic Transaction Request – Promotion with Pay Rate Change – Retroactive – Electronic Request – Configurable Workflow Approval – 4 approvals required• Smart Personnel Transaction Processing – Automatically validates and populates employee data – Correctly updates PeopleSoft upon final approval – Creates Audit Trail – Retains record of transaction and approvals
  • 37. Automating Financials
  • 38. Opportunities for Automating and Financials Business ProcessesVendor Onboarding and OffboardingAccounts Payable Invoices• Electronic Invoices• Attachments• Workflow ApprovalExpensesMonth-End and Year-End ClosesGrants ManagementSales Orders
  • 39. New Vendor Registration Paper Form
  • 40. Automated Vendor Onboarding
  • 41. Automated Vendor Onboarding Entering Vendor Information
  • 42. Automated Vendor Onboarding Certify W9 Form
  • 43. Automated Vendor OnboardingElectronic W9 Form Created with Electronic Signature
  • 44. Automated Vendor Onboarding Survey Your Vendors
  • 45. Automated Vendor OnboardingVendor Administrator Analytics & Dashboards
  • 46. Reporting: Analytics and Dashboards
  • 47. Q&AQuestions?Comments?
  • 48. For more information on employee onboarding best practices and automating your process, contact: Telephone: 925/271-0200 Email: