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Vol 10 issue 3 Vol 10 issue 3 Document Transcript

  • WOODLAND UNITED V O L U M E 1 0 I S S U E 3 J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 2 Joint Honorable Dismissal Committee - JHDCINSIDE The committee that has been given the task to determine the qualifications, as matters permitted under the laws included in Senate Bill 7, for the four groupingsT HI S has been named the Joint Honorable Dismissal Committee (JHDC). The committee has equal representatives from the administration and Union. UnionI S S UE : representatives include Katie Jones from Primary, Darlene Lipczynski from Elementary West, Karen Barrett from Intermediate, Sharon Anday (Vice President for Certified Staff) from Middle School, and Peter Lasko (President) from Elementary East. Administrative representatives are Joy Swoboda, Steve Thomas, Kim Burke, Carla Little (Board member), and Ken Hyllberg (EEJoint 1-2 Principal). The JHDC has already met several times. The committee isHonorable permitted under the law to address five specific items.DismissalCommittee The five items the committee can address include: 1) Examine criteria for excluding from Group 2 and placing into Group 3 a teacher whose last two summatives include “Unsatisfactory”/“Needs Improvement” and either a “Satisfactory”/“Proficient” or “Excellent”Negotiations 3 2) Develop an alternative definition for Group 4, which must take intoUpdate account prior summatives and may also take into account other factors that relate to the school’s educational objective. The alternative definition MAY NOT permit the inclusion of a teacher with a “Needs Improvement” or “Unsatisfactory” summative rating on either of the teacher’s last two summatives.Sick Bank 3 3) Determine whether or not to include summative ratings from other schools district for teachers who have not been employed at Woodland long enough to have a sufficient number of evaluations. 4) Determine the basis for assigning an appropriate rating that compliesInsurance 4 with the four rating categories (Unsatisfactory, Needs Improvement,Committee Proficient, and Excellent) that must be in place by September 2012. 5) Look at a committee member’s right to request an honorable dismissal list from the Board of Education. The list will show the most recent and prior summative rating of each teacher only identified by length of continued service in the district, NOT by name. The list can be used to monitor trend data. Specifically, whether or not a disproportionate number of teachers with more seniority are receiving a most recent summative rating that is lower than a prior one.
  • PAGE 2 Joint Honorable Dismissal Committee - JHDC continued All of the agreements on the items listed on the previous page MUST BE agreed on by a majority vote of all committee members. Please note the references made to the inclusion of the “Needs Improvement” rating will take effect after September 2012. At that point, the descriptors for the category will have been finalized through the work of an evaluation committee that will be established in the near future. Future editions of the “Woodland United” will keep members apprised of the evaluation committee’s work. In the meantime, the JHDC will work with our current three evaluation ratings: Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory, and Excellent.“All of theagreements JHDC Timeline:MUST BEagreed on by a December 1, 2011 Joint Honorable Dismissal Committee must meetmajority vote on or before said date.of all February 1, 2012 Last date for Joint Committee to meet; must havecommittee established four groups of teachers for purposes ofmembers.” dismissal. March 19, 2012 Due date for sequence of honorable dismissal list (75 calendar days prior to last day) - completed by administration and shared with Union. April 17, 2012 Final date for honorable dismissal notices to be given (45 calendar days prior to last day) – completed by administration and shared with Union. May 10, 2012 Due date for local qualifications changes for FY13 sequence of honorable dismissal.WOODLAND UNITED
  • VOLUME 10 ISSUE 3 PAGE 3Negotiations Update The negotiation team thanks all of the members who took time to complete the initial survey available through Survey Monkey. We will use this important information gathered from our members to help guide us through the negotiations process. The team will continue to seek out your input during negotiations when appropriate (and time permitting) as the process can be very fluid. Remember, any agreements reached early in the process could be impacted by agreements on different contractual items that comeup later in the process. As a result, the team is only able to present a final package to you. Atthat time, the team is hopeful we will be able to share the information gathered from themembers that supported the negotiation team’s decision. In the meantime, we have beenadvised by our LCFT Field Service Director, Matt Beverly, not to share any of the informationgathered. He has agreed to work with the Union President to find ways to provide the memberswith appropriate information that won’t be harmful to the negotiations process. Thenegotiations team must also consider and be respectful of the negotiation ground rules inregards to confidentiality agreed upon by the Union and Board of Education. In regards toMemos of Understanding (MOUs), the team will just be reviewing any old ones in order todecide whether or not they are folded into a new contract.Sick BankCurrently, Sick Bank (Article VII, Section B) allows staff membersto have access to a maximum of ten additional paid sick days, afterone day’s absence without pay, provided the staff member meetscertain criteria. These days are provided for the staff by the Boardof Education. The first criterion is that the employee has exhaustedall accumulated sick leave. Another important requirement is thesick bank can only be utilized for catastrophic, serious, prolonged,acute and/or chronic illness of the employee (including intermittent sickness related to treatment ofsuch illness). The sick bank is not intended to be used for ordinary illnesses or electivesurgery. A recent exception was made due to extraordinary circumstances, which were presentedby the Union to the Superintendent for consideration. The Union President, on behalf of theemployee, shall recommend to the Superintendent the use of the sick leave bank. A sick bank builtupon days being contributed by both employees and the Board of Education is being considered.This type of sick bank exists in many other districts. Please be on the lookout for a survey on thistopic, which will allow your negotiation team to get important feedback on if the staff would favorsuch a sick bank and how they would like it to be set up.
  • Insurance Committee PAGE 4 The insurance Primary, Julie has been approved committee has been Lucarelli from by the committee; working since the Transportation, and with members of the end of September. Bob Leonard, Kim committee from their The committee is Burke, Scott Snyder, respective building comprised of Holly Collin, David present. The administrative Brown, Marianna committee also has representatives, Porreca from the been provided Union administration. The comparative data representatives from committee has met from a representative each building and once a month since from the district’s transportation, along our first meeting in cooperative, EBC with the President, September to learn (Educational Benefit Peter Lasko, and more about our Cooperative), which Vice-Presidents, current benefits, and has 81 public school“The results of Leslie Newman and to review other districts as membersthis survey will Sharon Anday, of available insurance including threebe shared the Union. The options that could others in the area:during a staff members include meet the Union’s Warren, Mundeleinmeeting at Tracy Mann and and district’s needs. HS, and Beach Park.each building.” Claudia Michaels The committee also Briefly, a from Middle School, gathered staff input cooperative is a Nicole Cooper and on our current plan group-purchasing Bridget Hengels and options they vehicle for employee from Intermediate, would consider for benefits that Elissa Barnabee and the future. The employs the leverage Ann Tussing from results of this survey of large numbers to Elementary West, will be shared during obtain the lowest Irina Hamideh and a staff meeting at possible unit price. Carrie Cross from each building. Bob Elementary East, Leonard will give a Robin Payne and power point Kathy Novak from presentation which WOODLAND UNITED