Making awesome powerpoint presentations


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Making awesome powerpoint presentations

  1. 1. Avoid Most CommonPresentation Mistakes
  2. 2. Mistake #1You dontknow your topic?SolutionDive deep into the topicbefore creating thepresentation and collectenough information
  3. 3. Mistake #2Slides are NOT yourpresentation!SolutionSimplify the contentUse bullets for key infoSpeak to the audience not the screen
  4. 4. Mistake #3Too muchinformation!Solution(K.I.S.S) Keep it simple and sillyand stick to 3 or max 4 point about a topicAudience more likely to retain such info!
  5. 5. Mistake #4Poorly chosendesign template!SolutionChoose design appropriate to audienceHave a straightforward and clean layoutKeep it relevant to the industry
  6. 6. Mistake #5Electrifyingcolor choices!SolutionDark text on light background and vice versaTextured/Gradient background make it hard to read the textKeep the color scheme consistent
  7. 7. Mistake #6Poor Font Choices!SolutionUse easy to read fontsKeep the size consistent throughout the presentationUse no more than two font types (One for headings and one for content)
  8. 8. Mistake #7Too much photosand graphs!SolutionUse photos and diagrams only to represent the key infoUse graphics to illustrate, not decorate“Time is money”, remember to use self descriptive images
  9. 9. Mistake #8W-A-Ytoo many slides!SolutionUse a maximum of 10-12 slides in a corporate PPT for your audience to stay focusedDon’t put all your vacation photos into a single presentation
  10. 10. Mistake #9Different animationon each slide!SolutionDon’t distract your audience with too much animation and soundDesign your presentation with “less is more” philosophy
  11. 11. Mistake #10AVOIDhardware malfunctions!SolutionTest your hardware well before the presentation beginCarry an alternate equipment of one with most vulnerable to failure
  12. 12. Use the most powerfulpresentation techniques
  13. 13. Technique #1Engage your audienceEMOTIONALLY!SolutionSpeak to people’s mind as well as their heartTo unearth the emotional appeal, ask yourself “Why?” questions
  14. 14. Technique #2Don’t waste your timeAND of your audience!SolutionPeople can tolerate a presentation for only a maximum of 30 minutes.Only go longer than that only if you are paying your audience for listening to you
  15. 15. Technique #3TYPOGRAPHYspeaks volume!SolutionThe right font can make of break your presentationInstead of looking for “Something Cool”, think of the message you want to convey
  16. 16. Technique #4Watch yourREADABILITY!SolutionUse any color/background but make it easy to readTry different versions of colors, fonts, backgrounds and practice it
  17. 17. Technique #5Always Keep in mindThe definition of SLIDE!SimplifyLose the clichesInformation needs emphasisDesignate elementsEmpathy for the audience
  18. 18. In the END!Say not only justTHANK YOU
  19. 19. Your FeedbackPlease!
  20. 20. Sampurna Nand JakhmolaHead, Creative DesignSMARTech Interactive