Smart Brand Marketing That Works


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  • I hope you all found the information and ideas I shared today helpful. In closing, I invite you to take down my contact information and contact me with any questions.
  • Smart Brand Marketing That Works

    1. 1. marketing that works connecting community with your brand
    2. 2. "Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two - and only two - basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business."` – Peter Drucker ” The Father of Modern Management”
    3. 3. We'll help you develop and communicate value to your prospects and customers ; and integrate every step you take to attract, sell, service and manage your customers to a stronger brand in their minds and hearts. Yet brand marketing is much more than brochures, websites and ads. It's an investment that generates revenue, profit and growth. Most businesses and organizations struggle with marketing. The marketing function is often considered a expensive cost center of ad hoc activities that don't provide measurable results which can be tracked to the bottom line. Why SmartBrand?
    4. 4. SmartBrand is a marketing collaborative specializing in branding and sales integration services. Our collaborative helps companies, organizations and individuals build movements that create word of mouth excitement . We are devoted to helping our clients discover and sustain passion about who they are, and why they exist. We provide our clients strategic and creative services for every aspect of branding ; including marketing, advertising, public relations and social media. What Do We Do?
    5. 5. what is ? Why do we do what we do? We believe great organizations are driven by purpose, not profit. Our clients grow relationships, not just transactions; and thrive through movements, not merely campaigns. We achieve tangible results you can count on - through our dedication to ensuring sales with targeted communications through both inbound and outbound channels. We're most proud of our work for sustainable “green” marketing, real estate and technology , and continue to innovate brand marketing for a diverse range of corporations and businesses.
    6. 6. … the most cost-effective means to assemble an ideal team for your brand's development without the overhead and expense often incurred by the traditional agency structure. … tracks each task and deadline, while enabling the entire team to be continually updated on every aspect of any project's development, ensuring our clients a constant "snapshot" of their brand investment's progress and status. … through our dedication to the continuum of the marketing and sales combined processes, our clients are ensured the greatest success for their financial investment possible. How are we innovative? Scalability Online Project Management Focus On Entire Brand Experience
    7. 7. We'll work closely with your entire staff to be certain that your brand communication is carried throughout every touch-point of your customer's experience - helping to ensure that the precious new leads we developed are acted on quickly, efficiently, and with the end goal always in mind - successful sales. We'll gather together for an initial "Brand Summit" to determine your current strengths and weaknesses, while setting our sites on specific goals and tasks to achieve the results you need. How do we work? Our process works. We'll craft a unique marketing plan to engage advertising, publicity, social media, and every channel of traditional media - including print, television, radio and viral marketing tactics. From the initial stages of planning, through every task and deadline, you'll be informed of your marketing tactics at every stage , at any time, from any place in the world.
    8. 8. Designing Trade Show Displays What types of services do we offer? Campaign Strategy & Planning Creative Campaign Positioning Award-winning Copyrighters & Designers Choosing The Right Media Channels Television, Radio, Print, Social & Online Media Budget Development and Maximization Creating Innovative, Cost-effective Websites Interactive Presentations Creating Customer Retention Programs Public Relations Coordinating Vendors and Service Providers Sales Integration Services Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) Developing Sales Literature And Tools Producing Special Events And Promotions
    9. 9. Network With Us! SmartBlog Smartbrand Network Project ecoBrand Reno Green Drinks & Las Vegas Green Drinks (search Nevada) Facebook Search “smartbrand” for group and fan pages Twitter Search “smartbrand” or “ecobrand” YouTube Search “smartbrand llc ” for our video channel
    10. 10. thank you! Larry DeVincenzi brand marketing strategist 775.771.7004 [email_address] website: networking site: blog: intelligent strategic foundations