SmartBilet Ticket system


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SmartBilet Ticket system

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SmartBilet Ticket system

  1. 1. Tickets sales system • Tel./Fax +7 (812) 600-4000 • •
  2. 2. The system is designed for sale of tickets for any kind events : > CONCERTS > THEATERS > CINEMAS > AMUSEMENT PARKS > EXCURSIONSANDSOFORTH.
  3. 3. The buyer can purchase or reserve the ticket by an individually preferred method: • Through the website • Through the terminal • Through the cashier point • Through the mobile applet • Courier delivery
  4. 4. Mobile applet
  5. 5.
  6. 6. The system can work with both: an electronic or conventional tickets, even simultaneously with both. The conventional ticket can be issued at the terminal or cashier point on the special printer. In Russia the ticket is considered to be an accountable form and is printed on the tape registered in an Inland revenue office. The electronic ticket (e-ticket) on the other hand could be printed on a common printer or not at all.
  7. 7. E-ticket – is a form of reservation that was already paid for, containing the bar code and a confidential number, which the organizer of the event is ready to accept as a ticket.
  8. 8. Conveniences for the buyer: • Reservations from any given location point at any convenient time. Internet is the only prerequisite. • Payment at any time using a plastic card or Internet money. At the instance of payment, the reservation becomes the e-ticket • It is not necessary to actually print the e-ticket. It is possible to photograph a bar code on a phone or write down the number and a confidential code of the ticket and just come to an event and provide those details on entrance. Probable obstacles: • Not all venues and organizers are ready to work with e-tickets • Legal and other restrictions may apply
  9. 9. Ticket check is performed by means of the Controller applet which could be uploaded on any mobile phones using Android platform or an iPhone. • Considerable savings on specialized equipment
  10. 10. • The client shows the ticket to the doorman (controller) on entrance to the event • The controller scans the bar code • The system identifies the ticket and checks its availability on the server • If the ticket does exist in the system and is paid for, the controller lets the client in. • The system marks the ticket on the server as already used – impossible to use the same ticket (gain entrance) twice The alternative to scanning – is a manual input of ticket number and a confidential code in the phone. Verification procedure remains the same
  11. 11. • Combination of payments acceptance and sale of the tickets through one point
  12. 12. All functions of managing and monitoring the system are realized through specialized web-cabinets: • System owner • Venue owner (tickets provider) • Dealer (agent of the system) • Courier • Technical staff (personnel)
  13. 13. Ticket Sales System - allows to employ a dealer network. The underlying principle of such scheme operations is similar to the operations with the dealers in a payment system. i.e. – distribution of the tickets acquired under contracts with providers (theaters, cinema, etc.), through agents.
  14. 14. Revenue sources The total income of the system owner is derived from: Reward from event organizers (up to10% face value) Service charge (up to 10%from value)+