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Marketing Scorecard | Responsibility Outline for Event Countdown


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Marketing Scorecard | Responsibility Outline for Event Countdown

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Marketing Scorecard | Responsibility Outline for Event Countdown

  1. 1. Chicago American Marketing Association Event Planning Schedule & Responsibility Outline Date of event 5/5/2011 <---- Enter the end date of the event Area of Responsibility Due Date: Week Timing of Action Items Special Interest Group Programming Operations Communications Membership Acquisition Membership Retention Business Development Kick off Conference Call 10 Weeks 10 weeks 10 weeks Identification of Program Liaisons 10 Weeks 10 Weeks 10 Weeks 10 Weeks 10 Weeks 10 Weeks10 weeks before event 2/24/2011 "Finalize the basics": Title, Why and When of Event 10 Weeks Brainstorm on event imagery to reinforce messaging 10 Weeks 10 Weeks Identification of the event "WOW factor" 10 Weeks 10 Weeks Program topic, budget for approval by President Elect 9 weeks out Creation of unique event landing page 9 weeks9 Weeks before Event 3/3/2011 Registration page set up (all event logistics confirmed) 9 Weeks Begins 9 weeks out - Weekly Report registration headcount after registration opens Development of social media links/hash tags 9 weeks Identify and Recruit potential sponsors 9 Weeks Secure sponsors, collect all funds due Begins 8 weeks out Begins 8 weeks out Part 1 - Event Planning Sheet updated on Google Groups 8 weeks out 8 weeks out Begins 8 weeks out - on a weekly basis per Event Planning sheet when8 Weeks before Event 3/10/2011 Update event landing page necessary Obtain sponsor logos Begins 8 weeks out Social Media Blitz (Tuesday and Thursdays)/ Blog Squad Begins 8 Weeks out - Day of Event Event Specific Email Campaign (Tuesday and Friday) Begins 8 Weeks out - Day of Event Part 2 - Event Planning Sheet updated on Google Groups 4 weeks out 4 weeks out Send event Board Communication email including board pricing/referral rates/social media links and hashtags 4 weeks out4 Weeks before Event 3/24/2011 Obtain Speaker A/V requirements and confirm with venue 4 Weeks Order F&B as required 4 Weeks Confirmation of Chapterwide/ Event Sponsor Event Requirements 4 Weeks 4 Weeks Secure membership table/information/strategy 4 Weeks 4 Weeks Obtain copy of speaker handout materials 2 Weeks2 Weeks before Event 4/21/2011 Identification of event video/photographers 2 weeks Prepare registration table materials in conjunction with ED 1 week1 Week before Event 4/28/2011 Reconfirm venue, F&B., room setup, A/V requirements 1 week Coordinate protocol for filming of event 1 week 1 week Reconfirm speaker arrangements/ Speaker call 1 Week Process on site and pre-registrations for attendees Day of Event Process on site payments Day of Event Greet attendees Day of Event Day of Event Day of Event 5/5/2011 Set up and monitor membership table Day of Event Day of Event Test A/V equipment, confirm timing schedule Day of event Mobile/Social Interaction during event Day of Event Update database with attendee information 1 week after 1 week after Send out segmented email with post-event survey 1 week after 1 Week after Event 5/12/2011 Post event photos and videos posted on Flickr and YouTube 1 week after Thank you letters to event sponsors 1 week after Summary of cash and in-kind sponsorship sent to Programming Ops to include on P & L 1 week after Report final accounting (P & L and Programming Scorecard) 2 weeks after Event Messaging Analytics 2 weeks after 2 weeks after event 5/19/2011 Post-event survey results analyzed and feedback 2 weeks after Post-event analysis of membership conversion 2 weeks after Reach out to event sponsors with screenshots of messaging/event promotion 2 weeks after