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110323 mobile webinar

110323 mobile webinar






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    110323 mobile webinar 110323 mobile webinar Presentation Transcript

    • Upwardly MobileMeeting the email challenge for the mobile consumer
      Tim Watson
      Twitter @tawatson
    • Where do you use yours?
      April 20, 2011
    • World stats
      World population 6.9 billion
      PCs 1 billion
      Televisions 2 billion
      Mobile phones 5 billion
      Or 73% of world population
      Developed world 90%+ of population
      April 20, 2011
    • Worldwide smartphone sales 2010
      April 20, 2011
      Source: Gartner 2011
    • smartPhone share Q4 2009 to Q4 2010
      April 20, 2011
    • Operating system share for new purchases
      April 20, 2011
    • Predicted mobile traffic growth
      April 20, 2011
    • Predicted traffic by device
      April 20, 2011
    • Email most used mobile internet application
      April 20, 2011
    • Email usage by device
      April 20, 2011
      Source: smartFOCUS
    • How often mobiles users check email
      April 20, 2011
      Source Merkle “View from the Digital Inbox 2011”
    • Email activity by time of day (weekday)
      April 20, 2011
      Closing check-up
      Lunch review
      40% of email activity outside of 9am to 5pm hours
      Source: smartFOCUS
    • Email activity by time of day (weekday) and device
      April 20, 2011
      Source: smartFOCUS
    • Email activity by time of day (weekday) and mobile device
      April 20, 2011
      Content Crush Hour
      Couch Consumption
      Source: smartFOCUS
    • Engagement
      April 20, 2011
      Source: smartFOCUS
    • Three key factors
      Design and rendering
      Working with a smaller screen
      Changing copy needs
      How and where emails are consumed
      April 20, 2011
    • What could go wrong?
      April 20, 2011
      Android. Zoomed in, images on
      Android. Zoomed in, images off
      iPhone. Zoomed out, images on
    • iPhone increases text
      April 20, 2011
      Additional white space
    • Design for desktop or mobile?
      April 20, 2011
      Take two bottles into the shower?
    • What is the best width?
      April 20, 2011
    • Starbucks – original (Android)
      April 20, 2011
    • Live dynamic layout demo
      April 20, 2011
    • One email – two layouts
      April 20, 2011
      Desktop view
      Mobile view
    • Images off version (Android)
      April 20, 2011
    • How did we do it?
      Cleaned up HTML
      Reduced amount of code
      Spacing without spacer gifs – use cell widths
      Switched heading and call to action to text
      Allow flexible layout, resize and text re-flow
      Removed 600px explicit width setting
      Styles inline
      Will show correctly without download of external CSS
      Styles specific for mobile
      Some styles wrapped by CSS media query.
      Heading less cramped
      CSS spans to allow specific modification on mobile view
      April 20, 2011
    • Control text size
      April 20, 2011
    • Mobile Preview tools
      April 20, 2011
    • Mobile inbox
      April 20, 2011
    • Subject lines
      Shorter than desktop
      First 30-40 characters viewable.
      Put key words at start of the subject line.
      A bag of coffee for the weekend, with our compliments
      Complimentary bag of coffee for your weekend
      April 20, 2011
    • Pre-header text
      April 20, 2011
    • Behaviour
      Filling the gaps
      Emails processed in the 30 second to five minutes gaps.
      Expect short attention and distracted readers.
      If not interesting delete now
      Urgent action needed respond now
      Interesting content, news, entertainment read now
      Keep for later if gap time is close to end
      Simple action complete now – if connection available
      Complex action needed complete later
      April 20, 2011
    • Mobile email checklist
      Design to work at 450 pixel width
      Ensure email scales down by 50%
      Keep email HTML and images byte size down
      Consider keeping to single column
      Code to automatically adjust for best experience
      Use (HTML) buttons for key calls to action
      Avoid many links close together
      Minimum text size; body 12 pt. and headings 24 pt.
      Use inbox preview tools to proof
      Front load key words in subject lines
      Include pre-header text to expand subject line
      Keep copy chunked and short
      April 20, 2011
    • SMS - inbound
      April 20, 2011
    • SMS - outbound
      Transactional and Service messages
      Calendar and Appointment reminders
      Last minutes travel changes
      High value, highly targeted, highly perishable
      Customers with no email
      April 20, 2011
    • Beyond the email click
      Mobile version reduced page bounces 22%
      Vegas.com A/B split test
      Selected test of a few key pages
      Mobile traffic split to normal and new mobile page
      16% more page views
      4% higher conversions
      April 20, 2011
      Source: MarketingSherpa
    • Your next step
      Check your web Analytics
      How much mobile traffic?
      April 20, 2011
    • DMA resources
      DMA Member resources.
      Events, whitepapers and best practice guidelines
      DMA Email Council blog
      DMA Infobox email newsletter
      April 20, 2011
    • April 20, 2011
      0117 943 5800
      Post webinar questions and thoughts?
      Use Twitter hash tag