Media A2 Ancillary Tasks


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Media A2 Ancillary Tasks

  3. 3. The subject of the film is shown in the centre third of the magazine cover and is shot using a medium long shot. This is designed to show the character as revealed and open. The subject is shown holding the prop of the gun which conventionally is used to signify danger and threat. However, he is shown to be holding the prop casually showing that he is used to it and his facial expression shows that his concentration is elsewhere. The clothing of the subject is shown to be smart therefore, showing his professional background. This could be designed to represent the character to have a business and serious personality. Additionally, the colour scheme the image uses dark colour which connote mystery and sophistication and does not reveal much about the characters personality. The masthead is shown in bold red sans serif font. The red colour scheme is designed to connote passion or danger, which matches with the thriller film genre. The route of the eye layout format is used within the magazine front cover which is used to draw the audience’s attention across the magazine. This is a conventional magazine format that is a house style of Empire magazine. The strapline is featured on the front cover of the magazine which is designed make the magazine look appealing to the audience. The typography of the magazine uses Empire house style and features bold sans-serif font so that it quickly catches the audiences attention. The cover lines on the magazine are shown as set back, which shows that they are less important than the main cover story. The format of the magazine is effective in representing the cover story as the main magazine feature. Through describing the film as the matrix meets 007 this means that the audience can immediately relate to the successful films The complete Hitchcock guide is shown in the left third of the page which is the main magazine section and captures the audiences attention. The colour scheme and layout of the magazine is more suited to a male target market which is Empire magazine’s main style The barcode and issue number gives the front cover a professional look The front cover makes a clear reference to Christopher Nolan who is the successful director of the dark knight trilogy which is linked to the line above the masthead
  4. 4. The house-style of the magazine which is present in this edition of Total Film uses the conventional route-of-the-eye layout. This is designed so that the readers eye will naturally follow the path of the z with the most important masthead information placed at the top. This is an effective layout format as it allows the reader to quickly scan the main information on the magazine front cover. The headline shows the main title of the article. On this front cover ‘Shutter Island’ is shown in a distressed sans serif font which is designed to match the genre of psychological thriller. The font style is also the same typography as within the film. The typography also ensures that it stands out against the background image. Additionally, the colour red is conventional within print media to signify the perspective of danger. The dark blue and grey colour scheme connotes mystery and which matches the psychological thriller genre which is based on suspense and tension. Extreme low-key lighting is used to create a dark and sombre atmosphere that also connotes mystery. The text below the headline is a reference to the films director Martin Scorsese who is a well known within the Thriller film genre and the audience can immediately relate the magazine to his previous work. Additionally, through stating the madhouse, this suggests the nature of the film and shows the audience what to expect. The mist is used within mise-en-scene in order to give the scene a strange and mysterious look that is conventional of the film genre. The tagline ‘Leo takes over the asylum matches the layout of the magazine which shows his character placed in front of the asylum in the background The cover story's are shown is a small typography than the headline, which highlights that they are not the main feature but allows the audience to see what else is within the magazine. This is also effectively placed in the lower section of the z layout on the front page. The camera work within the image shows a slight low- angle shot which shows the character as commanding. This is linked to the prop of the gun which he is holding. The clothing on the subject of the front cover is shown to be dirty giving a rugged appearance, signifying the nature of the film and his character. The clothing features a police badge which is a conventional figure of authority. The placement of the lighthouse overlapping the masthead is designed to represent the island and show it as dominant on the page as the masthead is the first section of the magazine that the audience see. The barcode and the logo gives the magazine a professional look. The sans serif font is conventional for print media as it allow the text to stand-out
  6. 6. Images of Smoke and Decay emphasizes the theme of destruction and illustrates that the film is set in an apocalyptic world. The placement of the city within the setting illustrates that the film’s setting and shows the scale of the destruction. This shows that something significant has happened as poster shows the city as abandoned through the destroyed buildings and the weeds and cracks within the pavement. The placement of Will Smith’s character at the front of the right third emphases that his character has vital importance in the plot. Additionally, his character is shown to be isolated and alone which matches the tagline at the top. Will Smith’s name at the top of the poster written in bold sans-serif font which is therefore giving a clear indication that he is the star of the film and allows the audience to immediately relate to the actor. The tagline ‘The last man on earth is not alone’ emphasis the theme of isolation and the point that he is not alone create tension and fear for the audience The colour scheme of black, yellow suggests a dark and gloomy atmosphere which matches the theme of decay within the poster. The extreme wide-angle shot is used ti represent the main character as isolated and alone which matches the tagline of the last man on earth. The birds within the background represent the theme of isolation within the poster. Additionally, the birds are designed to represent freedom and escape. The prop of the gun illustrates the perspective of danger. The background demonstrates the sun setting therefore, signifying the presence of danger and a need for protection at night. The destruction of the bridge represents decay and also shows the destruction of travel and transport which shows the perspective of inability to get around and travel within the city. The title of the film ‘I AM LEGEND’ is shown in sans serif font so that It stands out against the background and matches the colour scheme of the film poster.
  7. 7. The colour scheme of the poster is shown as black, grey and white in order to give a mysterious appearance to the poster. Taylor Lautner’s name is shown at the top of the poster in a bold sans serif font . This signifies that he is the main character within the film and allows the audience to immediately relate the poster to the history of the actor. In this case this matches the films target audience as they can relate to his previous films which were aimed to a similar audience. The poster uses the tagline ‘the fight for the truth will be the fight for his life’ captures the audiences attention. This is also conventional of the thriller film genre which creates suspense and tension in order to draw in the audiences attention. The release date of the film is shown in a bold white font in order to stand-out against the background and allows the audience to identify when the film will be released. The helicopter is shown in the sky behind the subject of the poster. The placement of this suggests that he is trying to escape from something . The mise-en-scene feature of the broken glass signifies danger and the presence of threat. The prop of the gun within the poster represents jeopardy and danger. Additionally, the character is not shown as used to the gun and his age makes the audience wonder what has happened for him to need a gun which matches the tagline creating mystery and suspense. The character is wearing dark coloured clothing which signifies mystery. However, his clothes are quite casual which represent his character as a normal everyday person. This is a conventional feature of thriller films which works on creating the surprise element in its productions. The poster uses the conventional route-of-the-eye layout. This is designed so that the readers eye will naturally follow the path of the z with the most important information placed at the top. This is an effective layout format as it allows the reader to quickly scan the main information on the poster and the additional information such as other stars of the film and the release date place in the bottom third. The camera work uses a low- angle shot which shows the character as important and dominant. The character on his own represents the theme of isolation which is conventional within the thriller film format.
  8. 8. I have researched film magazine front covers and film posters for the genre of film which I intend to produce a trailer, magazine front cover and a poster for. This has allowed me to identify the conventions of the form and genre of the formats. This can be specifically seen within factors such as the colour scheme on all four of the products which I have research which all feature dark and gloomy colours which match the trailers which I have previously researched which feature points such as extreme low-key lighting. Therefore, allowing me to find key points that I will ensure I feature when I am making the trailer, magazine front cover and the film poster. RESEARCH