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    Flyer co summit 2012 smarcos flyer honeywell Flyer co summit 2012 smarcos flyer honeywell Document Transcript

    • Smart Composite Human-Computer Interfaces ARTEMIS Project 100249 Authors: Jiri Vasek & Martin Dostal (Honeywell International) SMARCOS dNOTAM review application The dNOTAM review application pilot was developed within the SMARCOS project in the area of the Complex Systems Control. The dNOTAM review application is a low fidelity mock-up of a future system which is supposed to serve pilots for comprehensible, self-explanatory, and fast review of NOTAM (Notice To AirMen) information in pictographical form. dNOTAM (digital NOtice To AirMen) is information disseminated among aircraft pilots’ community to alert them of any hazards en route or at a specific location and is traditionally distributed in text format. The dNOTAM review mock-up application was developed according the User Interface guidelines developed within the project framework and it was used for validation of the novel User Interface for Electronic Flight Bags. MOCK-UP FEATURES: SOLUTIONS: • Loading flight plan from Flight management system • PILOTS: Graphical representation of information traditionally • Displaying dNOTAM information for different flight presented in text format on paper documentation phases • FUTURE AEROSPACE SERVICES: Preparing for future AIS/MET services which heavily rely on • Displaying dNOTAM information in pictographical digital distribution of information among the pilots form community FILTERING & COMPILING & MERGING DATA TO REPORTING SORTING BROADCASTING SHARE AN UPDATED KEY INFORMATION DATA TO IDENTIFY INFORMATION ENVIROMENT IMAGE VERBALLY UNIQUE SITUATIONS INNOVATIVE FACTORS:  Building basis for adption of new aerospace services  User Interface for Electornic Flight Bags resembling integrated flight deck systems design SponsorsPartners SMARCOS project (100249) is partially financed by ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking, the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (MITYC), the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands (Agentschap NL) and the Flemish government Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT) under contract number 090787.