a social media solutionfor events<br />an   nipres   s solution<br />
why meetings are<br />important <br />
isolated<br />conference interaction is<br />
content is often<br />one way<br />
Too            places<br />many<br />
there is a              way<br />better<br />
<ul><li>social technologies
educational content
engagement strategies</li></ul>Ncombines<br />
fits<br />how it        in<br /><ul><li>conference site
registration data</li></ul>Nintegrates<br />
a better experience for<br />everyone<br />
public<br />viewpoint:<br /><ul><li>create pre-event buzz
build excitement
encourage registration</li></li></ul><li>viewpoint:<br />attendee<br /><ul><li>match making
networking</li></li></ul><li>viewpoint:<br />attendee<br /><ul><li>facilitate discussions and interaction</li></li></ul><l...
my contacts</li></li></ul><li>viewpoint:<br />attendee<br /><ul><li>on-site access
personalized agenda</li></li></ul><li>viewpoint:<br />speaker<br /><ul><li>session promotion
attendee interaction</li></li></ul><li>exhibitor/sponsor<br />viewpoint: <br /><ul><li>new marketing channel
connect with attendees
promote services</li></li></ul><li>viewpoint: <br />conference organizer<br /><ul><li>recognize
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  • Conference 2.0 by Omnipress is an online solution that integrates networking technologies and educational content to build a conference community, engage your attendees and enhance learning.
  • People attend meetings: |to learn, to network |to be inspired with new ideas |and to have funBut many events aren’t maximizing these meeting benefits
  • meetings today minimally engage and connect attendees, especially before and after the event.
  • Education is often delivered one way, with limited attendee contribution.
  • And,your conference content and online networking is spread over many | web sites which is difficult| for attendees to keep track of.
  • <<fast slide>> - no talking
  • Our conference 2.0 solution addresses these challenges.It’s more than just handouts online or another social network. We combine current social technologies with session content to create your community, then we provide engagement strategies to make your site a success.
  • Conference 2.0 works in tandem | with your existing conference web site… Branded with your logos and integrated with your registration database
  • It’s your event! You need to reach and engage a variety of people with different needs… Making your event invaluable to all of them.
  • You can market your conference community to your entire membership and the public.Then create buzz by allowing them to see who’s attending and what they’re talking about… It’s a powerful new way to encourage attendance and attract membership.
  • For yourattendees, it’s about match making … our system helps them meet the right people to network with.
  • It allows attendees to have conversations, or pose questions to speakers, or the entire community.
  • And attendees can create their personalized agenda of sessions that fits their interests.
  • Theycan then access these agendas, their contacts, session handouts and papers via mobile phones, laptops and in print… making it easy for everyone to stay organized.
  • Speakers have profiles just like attendees do… This provides them with greater exposure to the community. |They can also see who’s attending their session, pose questions to their audience, and contribute additional information to their online following in the session wiki area.
  • Sponsors and exhibitors can be a part of the community making it easy for attendees to meet the right companies. |Through profile pages, sponsors can share their message. They’ll love the exposure using a new marketing channel to get in front of an engaged audience. This offers you a revenue opportunity --- making your community moreaffordable, or even a profit center.
  • Conference2.0.Slides.Cu4 Demo

    1. 1. a social media solutionfor events<br />an nipres s solution<br />
    2. 2. why meetings are<br />important <br />
    3. 3. isolated<br />conference interaction is<br />
    4. 4. content is often<br />one way<br />
    5. 5. Too places<br />many<br />
    6. 6. there is a way<br />better<br />
    7. 7. <ul><li>social technologies
    8. 8. educational content
    9. 9. engagement strategies</li></ul>Ncombines<br />
    10. 10. fits<br />how it in<br /><ul><li>conference site
    11. 11. registration data</li></ul>Nintegrates<br />
    12. 12. a better experience for<br />everyone<br />
    13. 13. public<br />viewpoint:<br /><ul><li>create pre-event buzz
    14. 14. build excitement
    15. 15. encourage registration</li></li></ul><li>viewpoint:<br />attendee<br /><ul><li>match making
    16. 16. networking</li></li></ul><li>viewpoint:<br />attendee<br /><ul><li>facilitate discussions and interaction</li></li></ul><li>viewpoint:<br />attendee<br /><ul><li>build itineraries
    17. 17. my contacts</li></li></ul><li>viewpoint:<br />attendee<br /><ul><li>on-site access
    18. 18. personalized agenda</li></li></ul><li>viewpoint:<br />speaker<br /><ul><li>session promotion
    19. 19. attendee interaction</li></li></ul><li>exhibitor/sponsor<br />viewpoint: <br /><ul><li>new marketing channel
    20. 20. connect with attendees
    21. 21. promote services</li></li></ul><li>viewpoint: <br />conference organizer<br /><ul><li>recognize
    22. 22. learn
    23. 23. create </li></li></ul><li>successful<br />making you<br />
    24. 24. you<br />what’s in it for <br />
    25. 25. you<br />benefit<br />buzz<br />value<br />engagement<br />attendance<br />
    26. 26. one size all <br />fits<br /><ul><li>50 to 5000+ attendees
    27. 27. annual meetings
    28. 28. training seminars</li></li></ul><li>creating a better meeting experience for everyone<br />better<br />annipres s solution<br />
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