Team Building that Works - TeamBonding


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In order to build, we must first bond. TeamBonding is team building that works.

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Team Building that Works - TeamBonding

  1. 1. In order tobuild, we mustfirst bond.
  2. 2. What is missing from corporate team building today?
  3. 3. Team Bonding is Team Building that works…Customized & focused on your core business functions:• Address public relations goals.• Meet marketing and communications objectives.• Develop employee skills.• Recruit and retain employees.• Have fun!…through the Power of Play.
  4. 4. The Power of Play gets you working as a team!• Play is involving.• Play is low risk.• Play explores team dynamics.• Play builds trust.• Play shows the value of a team.• Play promotes pleasure.• Play provides goal oriented lessons.Research shows that when people just sit and listen to a teacher, they retain only 20% of whatthey hear. But participants involved in active learning (doing a real job, a simulation, a traininggame, etc.) retain 90% of the information.
  5. 5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strengthens work teamsand builds employee skills and professional development.• Employers gain higher retention rates.• Participants pursue more promotion & development opportunities.62% of workers 18- to 26-years old would prefer to work for a company that provides opportunities for them to apply theirskills to benefit nonprofit organizations.The Benefits of Employee Volunteer ProgramsA 2009 Summary Report - JA Worldwide®
  6. 6. Cooking as a team…• Encourages creativity.• Fosters self-confidence & self-esteem.• Instills values amongst team.• Promotes health &® |2010PersonalHealthCosts30%ProductivityCosts70%Full Cost of Employee HealthProductivity costs: absenteeism, overtime, turnover, tempstaffing, administration, replacement training, customer dissatisfaction
  7. 7. The Power of Play + technology = success!• Enhances time management.• Improves sharing of information.• Increases employee productivity.• Improves reporting functions.• Improves business mobility.86% of global executives believe that children have an advantage over adults in incorporating new technology into their lives.- Korn/Ferry InternationalBenefits of Technology in BusinessChron® | Bradley James Bryant, Demand Media
  8. 8. Employees that complete leadership development programs are……45% more likely to stay with their employer.Monster ® | Workforce Management, Emily Bennington, Monster Contributing Writer
  9. 9. + … Smartphone Scavenger Hunts, Chocolate Company Challenge and more!Most Popular Team Bonding Programs
  10. 10. 10 Way TeamBonding Works1. We make you look good.2. Customization is our middle name.3. No smoke & mirrors.4. Over 20 years of proven experience.5. Pioneered the Team Building industry.6. Our talented team defines the WOW factor.7. Inside, Outside, Upside Down: Your Choice.8. Travel is never an issue for us.9. TeamBonding is more than Team Building.10. Variety is the spice of life.
  11. 11. Jeff DaviesSenior Client Solutions ManagerDirect line: (781) 793-9702jeff@teambonding.comSchedule a Callback