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The presentation

  1. 1. E-Swaraj - Proposal Swaraj on steroids with power of internet A complete reform “online system” which comprises of elements of Wiki-leaks + Social media + Lokpal + Whistle blower + Online Petitions + Public interest litigations to create a holistic framework for betterment of our country!
  2. 2. If Gandhiji was alive today he would have recommended e-swaraj?
  3. 3. Do protests bring results? It did not work for Jan Lokpal Bill. It is the time that we the citizens stand together for swaraj. E- Swaraj can help in creating a participatory environment amongst the citizens!
  4. 4. A suggestion to the people of India and Mr Arvind Kejriwal Let us all become lokpal and participate in development with the powerof internet….
  5. 5. E Swaraj components E Internet Swaraj Self rule
  6. 6. Request.. If you happen to like this idea, please circulate it as much as possible and make it happen please..
  7. 7. Why we need an e-swaraj? Image source: corruption-india Politicians are eating away the public tax money which is intended for reforms. We need a “citizen participatory” framework to eradicate corruption Internet can become a very lucid platform for participation and awareness.
  8. 8. Why we need an e-swaraj? The farmers are committing suicides Because they don’t get faciilities, They don’t get proper money for their Crops.
  9. 9. Soldiers are getting killed These lives might be saved if there are better intelligence, policies by the government. Why we need an e-swaraj?
  10. 10. Why we need an e-swaraj? Criminals and rapists have no fear because the judiciary has loopholes Even if people are caught for Heinous crimes they come Out of the jail after paying a Small “bail” because of lack of Evidence or other reasons.
  11. 11. Rich are becoming richer Poor is being exploited And is at the mercy of Capitalists and big businesses. Capitalism is gaining heights in the country Because they have Political connections Why we need an e-swaraj?
  12. 12. Why we need an e-swaraj? Police is corrupt And Hesitates in Filing complaints Common person is afraid of Police rather than faith!
  13. 13. Why we need an e-swaraj? Lack of civic facilities Water problems Electricity problems Safety problems Who will listen? How to bring a change?
  14. 14. Why we need an E-swaraj? Child labor Poor people send their children to work so that can earn something to eat. The money that goes to capitalists or politicians which should go to parents of such children who get decent money and don’t have to make their children to work! Effective labour policies have to made but no action is taken because Lack of interest by the government.
  15. 15. Why we need an E-swaraj? Because reforms are needed To provide basic facilities to people Disaster management, housing and several other issues are faced by People all over the country.
  16. 16. Introducing E - swaraj An online portal to discuss, ideate, leak corruption secrets, report and work on cases
  17. 17. E - swaraj E – swaraj A website with three sections E swaraj Wiki With guidelines tips/tutorials on how to file RTI applications/ details about making the govt more answerable. Forums Where people come and discuss queries. Cases The petition and reform system where people contribute to expose corrupt people and loopholes of the system. People contribute here to make case stronger. News Campaigns where people organize campaigns for different things.
  18. 18. E – swaraj site structure Wiki Forums Cases News
  19. 19. Part 1 Wiki This section will contain all the details, ideas and information for common citizens • Duties as citizen • How to get work done in any department • How to file RTI applications • How to get expenses details at municipality • Tracking other expenses in the government • List of cases and other details • All other details that will help citizens The information in this site can be moderated and people can be contributed
  20. 20. Benefits of wiki It will empower people with knowledge in getting small things done without giving any bribes. File RTI applications and other things. All the “cases” will be mentioned with details here, people can add information here so the campaigns and cases will become stronger.
  21. 21. Forums People can come here and discuss specific queries . Others can guide and help them. It can be a good place divided by topics, people can introduce themselves, ask for opinions, share facts information or guidelines regarding
  22. 22. Cases n petitions Cases n petitions • A case can be started by any individual, other people can support the case. • Case can be of any nature, a petition for policy reform, • People can anonymously add facts to the case or upload documents which will strengthen the cause. • People can also start events here related to local events. Meetings, Cleaning campaigns or other social work.
  23. 23. News section In the news section people can write their success stories. Or write editorials. People can vote for important news and it can become featured section of the website.
  24. 24. Benefits of running an E Swaraj Portal
  25. 25. Benefits of running an E Swaraj Portal A safe playground for whistle blowers! Whistle blowers can add facts/documents and other information to complaint for a corruption case. Because everything is online the whistle blower will not be at any sort of risk of being man handled or harmed .
  26. 26. Don’t just expose but also lead it to a result”. Mr Kejriwal has been criticized for not taking action but only exposing the scams. The reason that its not possible for a small team of Kejriwal to take up all the cases. Once the platform is online, people can join in any “cases” and take it forward. Teams can be built online and even busy people contribute. People can add information to a case. Contribute their knowledge or other means. This might even help judiciary that if they have more information the decision would be quick! Benefits of running an E Swaraj Portal
  27. 27. Transparency Because everything is available online the process will be complete transparent and readily available to everyone. And because of its interactive nature each and every citizen would be able to contribute and make it better!
  28. 28. Examples n ideas Some examples on how E swaraj portals may be used…
  29. 29. Wiki example - pages of corrupt politicians Database of corrupt politicians along with details and proof of whatever Corruption they have done. This will act as a reference for people whom to not vote for!
  30. 30. Forums – a place to discuss ideas Suppose a person wants to discuss some idea on how to improve the sanitation in their locality can come and discuss it on the forum. People and knowledgable members like lawyers, engineers can guide him on how to proceed for application and get things done. Everyone in the forum will act like a lokpal who will report cases to the other members and initiate discussions.
  31. 31. “Cases” section benefits Different types of cases and campaigns can be filed Example of a reform suggestion type case – Case title: Free internet for students in school Case no : xxxx – Information : Why is this important, facts and process that is being followed. Even other members can add information after being moderated by the creater/manager of individual case.
  32. 32. Case example 2 Example of a lack of cleanliness in a neighbourhood Case title: Uncleanliness in Mayur Vihar Sector xx Delhi Details: Photographs: Videos: Comments etc.
  33. 33. Case section will be most important The case section would be the best place for reforms. Because here people will gather facts and put it in the public domain for the parliament to consider to bring the change as suggested. Anyone can comment and contribute to the case. So it will become a collective effor t by everyone to bring a positive change in the society. Because information is in public domain and traceable the government would become answerable and sooner or later they will either have to give an explanation or act upon the request. Case section will encourage new ideas
  34. 34. FAQs Why carry out such activities on the internet? Simply because its faster, more accessible and interactive! Will people get involve in such site? People are already getting involved in political and country related issues on social websites.
  35. 35. Why do we need seperate website for all this. There’s facebook already? Facebook is not specialised for this task. It’s good for updates and news but its not as much interactive as a dedicated forum and a wiki would be. Moreover, facebook will lack customizations like starting cases n campaigns. FAQs
  36. 36. FAQs Who will start the site? Host etc? Im sure that civil society have enough resources and team members with technical expertise to start such a project . Hosting cost is not very high these days and can be easily met through donations.
  37. 37. Thank you for reading through this document. I think there is no reason why such a project cannot be started after mutual discussions and value additions by people across India. This kind of a platform will enable people from all age groups to interact with country related matters. Moreover, it’s a result oriented system. So it will bring measurable changes. And even small and big campaigns will be given equal importance. Thank you
  38. 38. Looking forward for a positive response from you!