Digital Strategy For General Mills


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Final project for NMDL ADV 420

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  • Ages 30-50 are looking for a highly mature cereal. Nowadays, it seems that the older ages are looking for a more healthy route. Cereals that have low cholesterol and more fiber are attracting these ages. Ages 6-14 are starting to mature and come to the conclusion with what they like to eat. As they watch television it is easy for them to connect with the commercials. Having commercials that are fun and kid friendly, such as being “coo coo for Cocoa Puffs,” helps them remember and want the General Mills products more.
  • The KPI’s are used to evaluate General Mills success of particular activities they engage in. For our marketing section we want our press release to make a huge impact on our customers . We will work hard within our budget to present an efficient press release that captures the ages of 6-14 and 30-50 . For our sales section , we have many goals and tasks. We want to increase our sales by 5% each year . With a net income of 1.2 billion each year, I believe that our General Mills team has the ability to accomplish this goal. Through all of our social media routes , we will raise customer awareness by introducing a lot of our products . We want all of our products to be known and sold in the best way. The last goal of our sales section is managing costs . We will make sure our advertising team works together to stay within our budget for our press release and every aspect of the General Mills advertising. The last section of our KPI’s is Human Resources. Through our human resources we want to give benefits to our customers and receive their loyalty. We will give benefits by promoting coupons and promo cards, this will help receive customer loyalty
  • We have a very knowledgable social media team. We are promoting and getting involved with our customers, making this a huge strength for us. Another strength is our innovation. Our brand studies have led us to create big things within General Mills. Building the brand is another strength we have. We have many advertising companies and General Mills workers constantly working on each brand, making it the best it can be. Our challenges involves meeting needs and wants of our consumers and meeting low return rates. We want to make sure that our costumers receive everything they want out of our product and more. If they are dissatisfied we hope they will return our product, but we strive to satisfy so we meet low return rates.
  • At General Mills, we dream big, keep it real, speak to people, and influence culture to persuade more sales. We want this company to look and speak the truth. By creating this application, we will get many iPhone users involved.
  • Our tools and tactics is to involve our customers through social media. Through Twitter and Facebook we will have contests, promo codes, and questions for our consumers. Besides that, we will make an iPhone putt putt app thats called “Putt Putt Through General Mills,” which will be a golf app that lets you choose your favorite cereal mascot character as they putt putt through a different type of cereal at each hole.
  • This slide is an example of what our Tweets and Facebook posts will look like
  • Advertising Management Company will be payed $40,000 It will take at least a month to make our campaign, involving at least 40 hours a week-- which will result in $40,000. Social Media strategies will be $30,000 to put together Making our mobile app will cost $20,000 Our Google Adwords account will cost $75000 General Mills wants to have 2 AdWord advertisements, one involving coupons and the other involving contests for our products. Since General Mills is a huge company, we are going to bid high on our ads so we are higher on the “food chain,” while competing with other companies. General Mills decided to pay $0.50 for every click, with  an average of 5,000 individuals who click on the ads per day, making our company owe $75,000 a month.
  • Digital Strategy For General Mills

    1. 1. General Mills Digital Strategy By: Samantha Small
    2. 2. General Mills History Mission: “Nourishing lives, making lives healthier, easier, and richer every day.” •Founded in 1856 by Robert Smith •Over 45 brands •“Trusted food brands over the world.”
    3. 3. Target AudienceGeneral Mills targeting audience is going tocapture the ages of 6-14 & 30-50 6-14: Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix, etc. 30-50: Multigrain Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Fiber One, Nature Valley Granola Bars, etc.
    4. 4. KPI’sMarketing:•Press ReleasesSales:•Sales goals and tasks•Raising awareness of every General Millsproducts•Manage the cost of advertising to targetaudiencesHuman Resources:•Benefits and consumer loyalty
    5. 5. Strengths & Challenges Strengths Challenges•Social Media •Meeting the needs and wants of our customers and•Innovation audience•Building the brand •Meeting low return rates
    6. 6. Big Idea: Mini Golf App “Coo Coo for Mini Golf” A free iPhone app that lets you play mini golf. Text•Each hole is a different type of GeneralMills Cereal•The character is one of the General Millscereal mascots•If you reach certain levels, you willreceive General Mills promo codes
    7. 7. Tools & Tactics Twitter Account: 8283 followers Facebook Page: 21493 likes iPhone Apps Online Games Twitter Contests: Contests trying to involve our customers to buy more of our product Twitter/FB Promotion Coupons: During holidays we willpresent many codes to get 25-50% off at your nearest grocery store Mini Putt Putt App: Game involving a different type of cereal at each hole App will be launched March 3rd
    8. 8. Twitter & Facebook Our Twitter account is going to General Mills Facebook is going toprogress due to our new contest and attract more of an audience by customer involvement. involving our customers and giving away free giveaways.Tweets:•“First 65 tweets telling us your Status Posts:favorite General Mills cereal will win •Holiday promo code on$200 gift certificates.” for a free•“First 50 Tweets win Christmas gift box of cereal : A45FREEbaskets containing many General •Go toMills products”•“What is your families favorite type t to print a coupon for 25% off atof cereal? #GeneralMills” your nearest grocery store•Average of $5,000 per year •“What is your favorite General Mills product?”Tweets will start March 6th •Average of $5,000 per year Facebook posts will start March 6th
    9. 9. Budget Our budget will reflect on the month that it takes to make our strategy for the General Mills campaign. Our advertisingcompany will receive weekendsoff, making it a 24 day month forthem. Our social media accounts will be running the full 30 day month.
    10. 10. Budget Pie Chart