Ten Tips To Save Money
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Ten Tips To Save Money



Tips to help you save and spend money effectively. If you follow these tips, you can manage your finance successfully.

Tips to help you save and spend money effectively. If you follow these tips, you can manage your finance successfully.



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    Ten Tips To Save Money Ten Tips To Save Money Presentation Transcript

    • Ten tips to save money Prepared by Xuan Lieu Class: 08.E1
    • Tip 1: Spend less
      • Review what you spend and look at ways you can save money
      • Ask yourself simple questions:
      • Do you really need to have newspapers and magazines delivered ?
      • Can you do without those coffees you buy at break time everyday?
      • What about using the public lending library instead of buying books or mu sic CDs ?
    • Tip 2: Establish a personal budget
      • Essential for families and individuals.
      • You will know how much money you have:
      • Coming in.
      • Going out.
      • Identify areas you can save money.
    • Tip 3: Bulk is good
      • Shopping
      • Buying IN BULK
      • Cooking
      • Remember to see the expiry date
    • Tip 4: Make sure a sale is a sale
      • Do a price research before committing to making an expensive purchase .
      • Be in a good position to take advantage of a sale, special offer or discount and really save money.
      • Care about creative marketing strategy of the store "Buy one get one free", "50% off", and "Huge Discount”
    • Tip 5: · Buy used
      • Look for ways to buy "as good as new" items and save money.
      • Examples :
      • cars
      • clothes
      • electrical goods
      • garden items...
      • tools and sheds, household items. .....
    • Tip 6: Don't carry excessive debt
      • Have as little debt as possible.
      • Credit Card debt is typically the most expensive debt .
      • You need to pay off your outstanding balance every month
      • Save money .
    • Tip 7: Really save some money
      • Putting an amount each week or each month, however small it is.
      • Begin with small amount
      • larger and larger amount next times.
      • START TODAY and save some money NOW
    • Tip 8: Shop Wisely
      • Consider markets, superstores, farmer's markets, local shops, marts and stores
      • Where can you save money most?
      • Farmer`s markets
      • Use bulk buying strategy here.
    • Tip 9: Eat in rather than out
      • A cup of coffee taken out costs you TWENTY times (or more) what it would cost you to make it at home.
      • Fast food is not good for health and cost you much.
      • Why not wait until you get home, make your own eating and save money at the same time ?
    • Tip 10: Use less
      • Turn the thermostat down and put on extra clothes when you are cold.
      • Turn off lights, the TV and the computer when they are not in use…….
      • Each little saving you make will build up and enable you to save money.
      • Huge savings in energy will save you money and be good for our planet and the other people on it.
    • Thank for your attention