South Korea Bans Japanese Fish imports


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South Korea Bans Japanese Fish imports

  1. 1. South Korea Bans Japanese Fish imports Endword: The cooling pool is more dangerous than the other three full melt downs that have already occurred. Cooling pools thanks to GE and the NRC are on site storage for many reactor cores, far more than just three. so if the cooling pool collapses it is the equivalent of more radiation released into the atmosphere than all previous above surface nuclear tests since 1945. You would radiation spread out over the entire Northern hemisphere and then eventually the entire world other than the tip of S. American and Southern New Zealand where the winds would not reach.But the three meltdowns by themselves are right there touching the water table and the pacific ocean.The ground could collapse if they try to encase the reactors as they did at Chernobyl. It is a never before complex engineering solution they have to come up with and human beings and abe shinzo and the NRC over in the U.S. will never do this on their own initiative.It is like there is needed a spiritual martial law--it is up to those with spiritual power to intervene here and motivated them to save themselves. The karma is fairly complex. Fukushima cooling pool was supposed to collapse because that would be the only way to get the UN and Obama and other world leaders to say "Gee, I guess it is time to close all nuclear reactors on earth and to deal immediately with these cooling pools." Because with one major solar flare, all cooling pools on earth will melt down. I just don't know what those people over in the U.S. pentagon and military think tanks are doing with themselves that they cannot perceive that this is an existential threat to the human race. like, "Gee, to save face I need to bomb Syria." says president Obama. No, you and every other leader and or individual on earth has to help Abe Shinze deal with
  2. 2. Fukushima and these cooling pools all over the world. Now I want you to watch carefully Yang Xu what happens over the next five years in this regard. It is a pivot point for the human race. Eisenhower made a difficult choice to invade Normandy on a windy day with high seas. The weather was so bad that Rommel who was in charge of the defense of France took the day off! This is a far more important choice and far more lives are at stake than any World War II dictator could conjure up who was planning to kill 59 million Slavs once he got rid of the gypsies, the dissenters, and the Jews. Watch and see what human can do when they are "motivated" to deal with a survival issue. If Fukushima Goes Bad, then knock off ten or fifteen years from everyone's life span in the Northern Hemisphere and watch the gradual evacuation of Japan perhaps to all those "ghost" cities that stand empty in China.