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2010 Patent Information
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2010 Patent Information


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  • If an inventor wants to protect his invention in a particular foreign country, he must apply for and be granted a patent by that country’s patent office because a patent issued by one country is not enforceable in another country. For example, a US patent is only enforceable in the United States. If the applicant also wishes to obtain patent protection for that invention in Japan, he will have to file for and be granted a patent by the Japanese Patent Office.
  • Most patent applications filed in US and international countries under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) are published 18 months after filing, and therefore very often represent the first published information available. Claims The claims are the part of the patent which define the scope of the legal protection sought for the invention. The description and drawings are used to interpret the claims.
  • PCT (WIPO): International Patent Application G-Pat: global patent – DE (Germany), GB (Great Britain), FR (France), CH (Switzerland) INPADOC: International Patent Document Center is an international patent collection. The database is produced and maintained by the European Patent Office (EPO). It contains patent families and legal status information, and is updated weekly. INPADOC was founded by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the government of Austria under an agreement on May 2 , 1972 . A little less than twenty years later, on January 1 , 1990 , it was integrated into the European Patent Office. An EPO sub-office was then created in Vienna , Austria. The INPADOC database, which is publicly accessible, provides information about patent families, i.e. corresponding patent applications, i.e., patent applications in different countries which claim the same priority and which normally disclose the same invention. It also provides information concerning the legal status of patent applications and patents in those countries which report status changes.
  • 7,465,519
  • 7,465,519
  • antiparasitic artemisinin Search across different patent collections – only common fields are searchable. Full-text: front page and exemplary claims, all claims & descriptions. For US patents, also include background, abstract, drawing description and description. Claims: define the invention and the scope of the protection
  • Top 10 Applicants of nanotechnology patents Massachusetts Institute of Technology III-V transistors
  • hong adj kong adj university adj of adj science adj technology Stopwords are terms that appear so frequently in document text that they lose their usefulness as search terms.
  • Keywords are more subjective as there are many words to describe the same concept. International Patent Classification (IPC) is used by all patent offices.
  • Solar Cell and Method for Manufacturing the Same
  • Nanocomposite US: 977/811 ; 977/840 ; 977/890 ; 252/001 IPC: C99Z-099/00 Boron nitride nanotubes: B82B-003/00
  • (thin adj film*) and (solar adj cell*) Applicant's other application: HIGH EFFICIENCY SOLAR CELL AND MANUFACTURING METHOD THEREOF 20100089449 Citation analysis: US grant patent#40 7252781 Solutions of polymer semiconductors backward and forward references Related Applications Analysis: US patents only, shows genealogy of the patent Why do I need the patent family? Let's assume that: You have invented a new tool and want to sell your idea. There are already patent applications for an identical tool. You are therefore not allowed to sell it in countries in which a protection right already exists. You can't apply for a patent either because the invention is no longer new. But you are allowed to put it on the market in other countries where patent rights are not granted. Hence, knowledge about the patent family will be useful - find out if further applications have been made in other countries.
  • eunicewong4 (6501thes)
  • Sample search: Applicant: hong kong university science technology – max. 10 words title: antiparasitic artemisinin INPADOC LEGAL status Check whether the patent for an invention has been granted or if the patent has expired.
  • EP1485389 Also published as: A single invention can be the subject of patent applications in many different countries. These related applications are listed under "also published as"…heading. These documents have exactly the same priority. Selecting any of them will give you access to a facsimile, allowing you to read the document in the language of your choice, the content is very similar, if not identical (other than in the language), to that of the document retrieved in the course of your search. Corresponding documents will only be listed if available in facsimile form. What is a cited document? A cited document is a document cited by the examiner in a search report. A cited document can be a patent document or an item of non-patent literature. In esp@cenet®, cited documents are available for European and PCT (WO) applications only. "View document in the European Register"? The European Register contains all the information pertaining to the patent application you are interested in, from first publication through to grant and beyond (legal status data, patent family details, etc.)
  • 1 st US patent was issued to Samuel Hopkins for a process of making potash, an ingredient used in fertilizer. The patent was signed by President George Washington.
  • Keyword searching is not available prior to 1976. The resulting images can only be viewed and printed one page at a time.
  • patent: x0001 ininventor: edison inassignee: google uspclass:"99/385" intlpclass:"A63B 6308" Phrase search: " "
  • patent: x0001 ininventor: edison inassignee: google uspclass:"99/385" intlpclass:"A63B 6308" Phrase search: " "
  • patent: x0001 ininventor: edison inassignee: google uspclass:"977/742" intlpclass:"A63B 6308" Phrase search: " "
  • patent: x0001 ininventor: edison inassignee: google uspclass:"99/385" intlpclass:"A63B 6308" Phrase search: " "
  • PCT makes it possible to seek patent protection for an invention simultaneously in each of a large number of countries by filing an "international" patent application.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Patent Information Workshop Eunice WONG Reference Librarian [email_address] X6751
    • 2. Patents
      • What is a patent?
      • A patent for an invention is the grant of a protection right to the inventor to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention for a set period of time (usually 16-20 years).
      • An inventor may sell or mortgaged or transfer the right to others.
      Therefore, inventor ≠ assignee/applicant
    • 3. Patents
      • What can be patented?
      • New & useful invention: design, industrial or technical process/method, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or significant improvement of the existing ones .
      • Why is patent a useful info. source?
      • Patent discloses sufficient technical details of an invention so the product/process can be reproduced.
      • Before applying for a patent, the inventor must do a "prior art search" (all patents in the classes / subclasses) to make sure that the claimed invention is indeed " new ".
    • 4. Patent Information
      • Databases for finding patents
      • WIPS (Worldwide Intellectual Property Search)
      • Coverage : English abstracts & full-text/images of patents/patent applications published by the US, European, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean patent offices as well as the World Intellectual Property Organization.
      • Browser/Software required : IE, PIView, Acrobat, Acrobat Reader 5.0 Japanese language pack JRE, PM manager
    • 5. WIPS - Coverage US Granted Patent 1976 - Application 2001 - EP Granted Patent 1980 - Application 1978 - PCT (WIPO) 1978 - G-Pat DE: 1966-2003; GB: 1971-2003 FR: 1970-2003; CH: 1974-2003 JP 1976 – 2009 Dec. CN 1985 – 2006 Nov. KR Unexamined application 1983 -
    • 6. WIPS – Features
      • Different search modes
        • General, Advanced, Number , Step, Integrated
      • Search results
        • Download, clustering, save to my folder
      • Single record
        • Applicant's other patents
        • WIPS family
        • View and download images (install PI View, an image viewer developed by WIPS)
      • Statistical analysis (i nstall ThinKlear)
    • 7. WIPS – Number Search
      • One patent collection at a time
      • Sample search
        • US patent no.: 7465519 , 20100071760 (application)
        • Check "granted patent" as well
        • Different formats for other patent collections:
          • WO2009131925  -> WO09/131925
        • Tips on searching patent numbers
    • 8. WIPS – Integrated Search
      • Search across different patent collections
      • Front page & exemplary claim contain the most important patent information: title, abstract, claims.
      • Keyword search
        • polymer nanocomposite (in title only)
        • polymer and nanocomposite (in title only)
        • polymer nanocomposite = polymer or nanocomposite (either 1 appears)
        • polymer and nanocomposite = both words must appear
        • polymer adj nanocomposite = a phrase
    • 9. WIPS - Exercises
      • Find patents filed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology
        • which field to search in?
      • Try to find patents about III-V transistors
        • phrase searching?
        • should any words be close to each other
    • 10. WIPS
      • Be careful with phrase search . Try assignee:
        • hong adj kong adj university adj of adj science adj technology
        • hong and kong and university and science and technology
        • hong adj kong adj university adj2 science adj technology
      • Cannot include stopwords in a search
      • Truncate a word to find various endings of the same root:
        • polymer* adj nanocomposite* will find polymer, polymers, polymeric…nanocomposite, nanocompo sites
      • Proximity
        • ADJ (order important): metal adj2 oxide*
        • NEAR (order not important): graphene near3 transistor*
    • 11. WIPS
      • Keyword search
        • Remember to include alternative terms : lcd and tv
          • lcd, liquid crystal display
          • tv, television
          • (lcd or (liquid adj crystal adj display)) and (tv or television)
        • Keywords may be subjective
        • To be comprehensive, include classification search
          • International Patent Classification
          • U.S. Classification
    • 12. WIPS
      • Possible strategy
      • Keyword search
        • (ZnO or (zinc adj oxide*)) and (thin adj film*) and (solar adj cell*)
      • Find a relevant patent
      • Identify the class/subclass number
        • IPC : H 01L -0 31 / 00
          • Electricity – > Semiconductor devices; Electric solid state devices not otherwise provided for – > Semiconductor devices sensitive to infra-red radiation, light, electromagnetic radiation of shorter wavelength , …
      • Search by the class/subclass number
    • 13. WIPS - Exercises
      • Patent Title: Nanocomposite material and method of manufacturing the same
      • Patent number:  US7611750 
      • What are the relevant U.S. patent classification numbers?
        • what are the titles of these top level classes
      • What are the IPC numbers?
      • Patent Title: Boron nitride nanotubes
      • Publication number:  EP215560  
      • What are the relevant IPC numbers? 
      • What the relevant class titles?
    • 14. WIPS – Single Patent Record
      • Applicant's other application in the same technology field
      • Citation analysis (U.S. grant patents only):
        • backward & forward references -> how many levels
        • text or visual
      • WIPS (patent) family: Patent rights are country specific. Patent family refers to all the equivalent patent publications corresponding to a single invention, covering different regions.
      • Need to install PI VIEW to view & download patent images (different formats – PDF, TIFF, BMP, etc.)
    • 15. WIPS – Result List
      • Save a query -> registration needed
      • Clustering: max. 2000 at a time
      • Save in MyFolder (registration also needed ):
        • 200 patents at a time, 1000 patents in a folder
        • Up to 1000 folders can be created
        • Max. 1000000 patents can be saved
        • Download full images – 1 folder at a time
        • Download to computer: max. 5000 at a time
        • Select fields, records & file format
          • not full-text or full-image of the patents
          • xls or pmd file – > import to ThinKlear for analysis
    • 16. Patent Information
      • Free Databases: Esp@cent, USPTO, Google
      • Esp@cenet (Europe's Network of Patent Databases)
      • Patents from US, UK, Australia, Canada and patent applications published by the European Patent Office & the World Intellectual Property Office.
      EP Patent applications published by the EPO over the last 24 months WIPO Patent applications published by WIPO in the last 24 months. Worldwide databases Published patent applications from over 72 different countries and regions. Details
    • 17. [email_address] (Advanced Search)
      • Multiple words are connected by AND (title, abstract, inventor, applicant)
      • Max. 10 words in each query box
      • * for truncation, "phrase search", "phrase truncat*"
      • Latest document: country code in publication no.
      • Max. 500 matching documents listed
      • Result lists: Only show one document per patent family
      • European classification : Y01N  for nanotechnology
    • 18. [email_address]
      • Also published as – other patent family members if full image available
      • Citing documents – documents that have cited the current patent you are viewing
      • Description & Claims – Translate this text
        • English  French, German, Spanish
      • Download:
        • EP and WO documents with a maximum of 500 pages can be donwloaded in one go
        • Other patent documents with a maximum of 250 pages can be donwloaded in one go
      • No statistical analysis
    • 19. USPTO Web Patent Databases
      • Full-text/images of US patents from 1790 to present.
      • Published Applications (AppFT)
        • Full text of US published applications since 2001.
      • Issued Patents (PatFT)
        • All US patents from the first patent issued in 1790 to the most recent issue week.
      • Updated every Tuesday
    • 20. USPTO Web Patent Databases
      • Quick Search
      • words in the same query box are treated as a phrase
        • intelligent and transport (title, abstract, all field) will be treated as intelligent transport (AND ignored)
      • $ for truncation, can't truncate a phrase
        • intelligent transport$ = intelligent transport (intelligent transportation will not be found)
      • Advanced Search
      • Command search: field code/keywords
        • CCL/977$ ; TTL/"parasitic infection"
    • 21. USPTO Web Patent Databases
      • Related U.S. Patent Documents / Parent Case Text – related prior applications
      • Foreign Application Priority Data – which foreign country an application claims priority
      • References Cited
      • Referenced By – find patents which contain this patent number in their full-text
      • Patent images are in TIFF format, print/save 1 page at a time. Use free patent fetcher to get the whole document in PDF.
      • No statistics analysis
    • 22. Google Patent Search
      • Issued patents and patent application made available by the USPTO— 1790s to the past few months.
      • Search syntax
        • patent:x000001
        • ininventor:edison
        • inassignee: google
        • uspclass:"977/742"
        • intlpclass:"A63B 6308"
    • 23. Google Patent Search
      • Search results
        • Each search result = an individual patent
        • Filing date: date on which the inventor(s) applied for the patent
        • Issue date: the date the patent office granted the patent
        • Assignee: person/organization to which the patent rights are assigned
        • Patent snippet: a snippet of text from the patent to show where the specific search terms were
    • 24. Google Patent Search
      • Patent page
        • Patent summary
        • Claims
        • Drawings
        • Search within this patent: search for specific keywords and phrases in a patent. Results are displayed underneath the search box.
        • Citations: other patents that were cited by the current patent
        • Referenced by: other patents that reference the patent described on the page
    • 25. Patents RSS Feeds
      • Popular US Patent RSS Feeds
      • Latest updates of esp@cenet
      • Google Patent : Run a search, copy the RSS link ( Stay up to date on these results ... ) appear at the bottom of the search result screen.
      • More about RSS feeds: Current Awareness Services guide <>
    • 26. Patent Information – Useful Links
      • 中華人民共和國國家知識產權局 : 專利檢索
      • International Patent Classification
      • U.S. Patent Classification
      • Free patent fetcher (download US patent as PDF)
      • Country codes
        • Indicate the country or organization where the patent application was filed or granted.
    • 27. Patent Information
      • Additional information
      • World Patent Report: A Statistical Review
      • Patent Cooperation Treaty simplified the filing of patent applications different countries by providing centralized filing procedures & a standard application format.
      • The European Patent Convention, implemented in 1977, created a European Patent Office that can issue a European patent , which acquires the status of a national patent in each of the member nations designated by the applicant.
      • Most patent applications filed in US and countries under the Patent Cooperation Treaty are published 18 months after filing.