2013 Year in Review: The Small Business Perspective


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  • Small Business Majority released national opinion polling on Jan. 23 revealing the majority of small business owners believe we need a long-term solution to our recurring debt ceiling issue.Small business owners strongly oppose any kind of budget deal that would reduce Social Security or Medicare benefits to reduce the deficit or in favor of protecting unfair tax loopholes for large corporations and wealthy individuals.
  • On. Feb. 20, Small Business Majority released scientific opinion polling revealing79% of them support revenue positive corporate tax reform.
  • Small Business Majority sent a letter to Congress signed by more than 700 small businesses urging lawmakers to end the government shutdown because of the negative impact it was having on small firms and our economy. SBM network council member Zach Davis was featured on CBS Evening News about the impact the government shutdown had on his plans to open a new restaurant in downtown Santa Cruz, Calif.
  • With the opening of the marketplaces in October, SBM has been working hard to educate SBOs about enrollment and online delaysWorking in select states as health coverage guides—MO, CA, COCreating Health Coverage Guides exclusively for small biz owners about enrollment, navigating the marketplaces and the ACA in CA, CO, OR, MO, OH, NY, VA, WA, NJ
  • In 2013 we conducted extensive healthcare outreach in 22 states, holding statewide listening tours, in-person seminars and online webinars to help educate small employers about implementation and enrollment in state marketplacesMany of you have been instrumental in the success of these events
  • Added 2 new people in CO; 2 new people in MO as ACA health coverage guides—helping to educate and enroll small business owners in state marketplaces.Added OR office to educate SBOs about ACA in Oregon.
  • SBM’s polling shows that the vast majority of them believe our current immigration system isn’t working, and they’re eager to fix the broken system. Our primary job creators agree something must be done because immigration is good for America and good for small business. Moreover, these entrepreneurs show widespread support for the bipartisan immigration reform proposal in the Senate.
  • FML: Nationally, more small business owners support (45%) than oppose (41%) creating publicly administered family and medical leave insurance pools funded by contributions shared by employees and employers—with each contributing just one-fifth of 1% of an employee’s wages.FML:In New York, 6 in 10 small business owners support creating publicly administered family and medical leave insurance pools funded by contributions shared by employees and employers—with each contributing just one-fifth of 1% of an employee’s wages. Minimum wage: A 67% majority of small business owners agree the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour should increase, and that it should be adjusted annually to keep pace with the cost of living. Moreover, almost four in 10 (36%) strongly agree.Non-discrimination:More than two-thirds of entrepreneurs (67%) believe federal law should prohibit employment discrimination against gay and transgender people. Seven in 10 owners in states without such policies also agree their state should have a law prohibiting this type of discrimination, and 40% strongly agree.
  • We continue to conduct rapid response strategies to both the media and members of Congress to push back on attempts to gut the Clean Air Act and restrict the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to enforce the law.
  • * Continued tax and budget work*Continued work to protect EPA, Clean Air ActContinued work to educate small business owners and the media about the ACA and its benefits; the more small businesses are educated about the law, the higher enrollment will be in 2014 in exchangesImmigration reform—help educate SBOs about reform bill; advocate to push through HouseWorkplace issues: FML, workplace nondiscrimination (Employment Nondiscrimination Act—ENDA passed by Senate)
  • * Continue work to shore up capital for small businesses looking to grow.* Our polling: 2/3+ of smallest businesses report availability of credit a problem* 4 in 10 who applied for credit last year were turned down* 3 in 5 say they need up to, if not more than, $50,000 in the next 3 years to sustain and grow their business.
  • * Firmly establish position as leading small business voice for all the major issues of the day* Expand network of business owners and mainstream business organizations* Further isolate traditional ideological business organizations with the media and policymakers
  • 2013 Year in Review: The Small Business Perspective

    1. 1. 2013 Year in Review: The Small Business Perspective John Arensmeyer Founder & CEO Small Business Majority December 18, 2013
    2. 2. Special Guest Kirsten Gillibrand United States Senator - NY (D)
    3. 3. About Small Business Majority • Founded and run by small business owners • National – 30 team members with 12 offices in Washington, DC and 8 states: California, Colorado, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia and Washington State • Research, communications and advocacy on issues of top importance – healthcare, taxes, entrepreneurship & capital, clean energy, financial reform, workforce and immigration • On-the-ground business organizing & education: 22 target states • Network: 24,000+ small business owners; 6,300+ business organizations; 100+ strategic business partners; reach 400,000+ small businesses; 17-member national Small Business Network Council
    4. 4. Biggest issues impacting small business in 2013 • Taxes, budget, debt ceiling • Immigration reform • Affordable Care Act • Workforce issues (FML, min. wage, nondiscrimination) • Clean energy  16 research releases  4,000+ media placements  Added 17,000 new business network members  Surpassed 100 strategic partners  New education materials (English & Spanish, state & national policymakers)
    5. 5. 2013 — Taxes & budget Clean Energy Workplace Immigration Reform Healthcare Taxes & Budget
    6. 6. Taxes, budget & debt ceiling Small businesses want a long-term solution to budget crisis • Majority of small biz believe we need long-term solution to debt ceiling issue, but that strengthening the middle-class economy is the top priority • Strong opposition to weakening Social Security or Medicare n n Much closer A. (Some/other people say) that this recurring issue allows politicians to hold the economy hostage to their particular spending priorities and threatens the U.S credit rating. There should be a long-term solution to this issue so the U.S. pays its bills and it doesn’t come up for political votes over and over again. B. (Some/other people say) the debt ceiling is an important check on the federal deficit and helps prevent unrestrained government spending that is hurting our economy more than anything. To get spending under control we must keep the debt ceiling with repeated votes if necessary for accountability. n n Somewhat closer 20% 35% 15% 0% 10% 21% 20% 30% 55% 36% 40% 50% 60%
    7. 7. Taxes, budget & debt ceiling Small businesses support tax reform that closes loopholes • 4 in 5 small biz support reforming corporate tax code in revenue positive way by closing loopholes that favor large corporations, while reducing the top corporate tax rate • Hosted tax policy briefing with The Hill newspaper with keynote remarks by Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI), Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), and Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY). Sen. Levin introduced new legislation to close loopholes at event n n Strongly n n Somewhat Support 43% Oppose 8% 0% 13% 20% 36% 79% 21% 40% 60% 80% 100%
    8. 8. Small businesses need long-term fiscal certainty • 700+ small biz owners signed website stoptheshutdown.com, asking lawmakers to put political differences aside and open the government; find long-term solution to budget woes
    9. 9. 2013 — Healthcare Clean Energy Workforce Immigration Reform Healthcare Taxes & Budget
    10. 10. Insurance marketplaces: education is key • Marketplaces open—education about all of small biz options is crucial—partnership with the SBA • Education around state marketplaces—SBM acts as coverage guides • Create websites exclusively for small biz around marketplaces, new law (healthcoverageguide.org)
    11. 11. Healthcare: Nationwide outreach • Healthcare outreach in 22 states n Highly active n Increasingly active n Active
    12. 12. Healthcare: State highlights • Two-thirds of all SHOP educational events in California conducted by SBM • Working as Health Coverage Guides in  Colorado  Missouri • Working extensively to educate small business owners in  Oregon  Connecticut  Ohio
    13. 13. 2013 — Immigration reform Clean Energy Workforce Immigration Reform Healthcare Taxes & Budget
    14. 14. Immigration reform • Poll: small business owners strongly support immigration reform; support bipartisan bill passed by Senate • 25 educational events across the country • Hosted roundtable discussion with Ohio small business owners and Homeland Security Janet Napolitano Do you favor or oppose the bipartisan immigration reform plan being worked on in the Senate? 3% 13% 34% Strongly favor Somewhat favor Somewhat oppose Strongly oppose 51%
    15. 15. 2013 — Workplace Clean Energy Workforce Immigration Reform Healthcare Taxes & Budget
    16. 16. Workforce issues • Family & medical leave: Plurality of small businesses support publicly administered family and medical leave insurance pools paid with payroll contributions by employees and employers. • Minimum wage: More than two-thirds of small business owners support increasing the federal minimum wage, up from $7.25 an hour, and adjusting it yearly to reflect the cost of living • Workplace nondiscrimination: Small business owners strongly favor federal and state laws protecting gay and transgender people from discrimination in employment
    17. 17. 2013 — Clean energy Clean Energy Workforce Immigration Reform Healthcare Taxes & Budget
    18. 18. Clean energy: Extreme weather impacting small firms • Report: Small businesses are particularly at risk from climate change and the extreme weather events it causes • Polling: Small businesses believe climate change and extreme weather are an urgent problem that can disrupt the economy and harm small businesses. • Polling: Small businesses support stronger clean air standards
    19. 19. Clean energy: Rapid response • Supported efforts to promote a clean energy-based economy, including educational events and policy engagement around energy efficiency and renewable standards
    20. 20. 2014 priorities: Continue key 2013 work • Healthcare: educate small business owners and media about ACA implementation; marketplaces • Tax and budget: national plus IL, MI, MO, NC, OH, VA • Clean Energy: extreme weather & expand Midwest engagement • Immigration reform • Workforce issues
    21. 21. 2014 priorities: Entrepreneurship & capital • Small businesses still need capital to grow & hire Credit for small business is a problem 30% 37% 67% Serious problem Credit for my small business is a problem Somewhat serious problem 17% 20% 37%
    22. 22. 2014 priorities: Opportunity employment & retirement Opportunity employment Retirement
    23. 23. 2014 goals • Solidify role as leading pragmatic small business voice • Dramatically expand small business network • Use expanded state presence to engage on state issues • Launch initiative on women’s entrepreneurship
    24. 24. Questions? Rhett Buttle VP, External Affairs rbuttle@smallbusinessmajority.org 202-828-8357 Connect with us! @SmlBizMajority Small Business Majority