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  • 1. HOLIDAY MARKETING QUICK TIPS 12 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas for the Ho-Ho-Ho-lidays! Even small businesses on a tight budget can make an impact during the Year-end Holidays – all it takes is creativity. Whatever level of effort and/or money you put into holiday marketing, there’s something to choose from. Start early (late October or early November) while you still have plenty of lead time. Make sure your business is top of mind with customers as we end the year. Try these ideas: 1. Dress up your website or blog logo like Google – Use Logoworks and have them do a series of logos with fun holiday flair. 2. Personalize it! These days there are so many fun and interesting ways to personalize just about anything. Try these: postage stamps , necktie or scarf with your logo image , Hershey’s , giant fortune cookie, M&Ms, bottles or other beverages private-labeled with your logo. 3. Digital picture frame – Store pictures from a business event and give to customers. 4. Meet Your customers half-way – If you have a product or service that requires “raw materials” such as a bakery, have your customers bring in the ingredients and you do the baking or decorating. 5. Create a Video Card on your site or on YouTube. 6. Create 12-days of “your product” – or maybe product or service of the month. 7. Write an industry-specific Holiday Survival Guide for customers -- Use these templates. 8. Write your own “Holiday Story.” -- Include employees’ and customers’ names in a poem or story and print a custom book that you can distribute as a gift. 9. Create a real-life or a digital “Holiday Tree” decorated with your organization’s features and benefits – Create ornament cards digitally on and they’ll be shipped to you.
  • 2. HOLIDAY MARKETING QUICK TIPS 10. Commission a special holiday greeting – Commission a cartoon through Andertoons, for example. Create your card using a custom card-making app like, Zazzle or . 11. Create a Customer Recipe Collection -- Let your customers know that they are part of your family by including THEIR favorite recipes mingled in with yours. HP has made this whole process painless by providing an easy how-to article to get you started. 12. Holiday Cards and Invitations – Create a customized holiday party invitation or a customized, traditional holiday card that you print out on your printer and mail. For more detail, visit: