Secret of SEO Dominate Superiority


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Learn true secrets and step by step methods to rule the search engines.

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Secret of SEO Dominate Superiority

  2. 2. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTYCONTENTS CHAPTER 1 – What is SEO? ................................................................ 3 CHAPTER 2 – Content Creation and How Can You Do It Right............ 6 CHAPTER 3 – On Page SEO ................................................................ 8 CHAPTER 4 – Off Page SEO .............................................................. 10 CHAPTER 5 – Link Building ................................................................ 12 CHAPTER 6 – RSS Directory Submissions......................................... 14 CHAPTER 7 – Link Indexing ............................................................... 16 CHAPTER 8 – Link Wheels ................................................................. 18 CHAPTER 9 – The Concept Of Web 2.0 ............................................. 22 CHAPTER 10 – Citations..................................................................... 24 Page 2
  3. 3. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTY SEO, short form for search engine optimization is a free way to get high traffic from search engines.When people use major search engines like Google Yahoo, Bing and Ask to search for their queries, the search engines produce search results for the query. Search Engine Optimization is the art to affect these search results by making a particular page look important in the eyes of a search engine. The higher a website gets listed, the more traffic it will get from search engines. SEO is trying to get high rank in the search results. It increases the possibility of user ending up of his website at a place on search engine where we desire. SEO is a part of internet marketing strategy. Before you know what is SEO lets learn how a search engine works.Working of Google: Google displays sites it believes are respected and appropriate. The Google Spidersand Crawlers called Googlebot are the programs that crawls the web and put every web page that they find on Google Database. Google has a system of ranking pages called PageRank. Page rank is the relevance point or authority point that Google allots to a site depending on numerousfactors in its own brand algorithm. PageRank is like the effect of voting system. When your website/blog gets a link from some other website, Google considers it as that site has voted for you. Other search engines work on the same pattern but with different algorithms. Optimizing a website isnot an easy task; it involves great quality content, proper editing and use of the common methods used in SEO such as link building, back linking etc. Page 3
  4. 4. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTY Two types of SEO: 1) White hat SEO: White hat SEO techniques produce long lasting results. An SEO practice is measured white hat if it adapts to the search engines guidelines and doesnt involve in any kind of deception.White Hat SEO technique ensures that a user will be watching the same content a search engine indexes and ranks afterwards. In simple words, white hat seo creates content for people, not just for search engines, and then makes that web content simply reachable to the spiders and crawlers.2) Black hat SEO: In Black hat SEO technique attempts are made that is disapproved by search engines.Black hat techniques believe in deception. Some of the common black hat techniques use hidden text in pages, excessive use of tags, using text in invisible div tags. There is also a method called cloaking which shows a different page rather that what a user requested for. The websites which use such techniques are penalized by search engines. These websites are banned from search engines by eliminating their listings. Tips for SEO: 1) Concentrate on keywords: you should be conscious on placing the keywords. You should consider your keywords as search queries.2) External Linking: It is very important part of SEO. You should try to get more and more external links from other websites. This will help your website get good ranking in the search results. 3) Internal Linking: It is as much important as external linking is. If you write a post, try to link other posts from your website. So that juice is passed to your own website. Page 4
  5. 5. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTYThese days, the internet has become one of the most powerful tools for commerce. The main reason for this is that it is very easy to use it for such purposes as marketing and selling goods and services, even for people who do not have online stores.However, one of the things that one may need to concentrate on when they need to use the internet forbusiness purposes is content creation. As the name suggests, content creation refers to a process where one gets content for sites, blogs and other online resources.Such articles are usually used to increase the amount of traffic to a site and also to increase the chancesof making sales from online stores.On the surface, the concept of content creation may seem very easyto do. All you need to do is create an article and then use things such as images and lists to make it more readable to people. However, for you to end up having content that is of high quality and which will attract as much traffic as possible, you need to consider much more than this. In this day and age, the quality of content heavily determines the kind of effect it will have on things such as the page rank of the site, which means that content creation has to be done in a very careful manner. First, when you are going through the process of content creation, you have to make sure that you Page 5
  6. 6. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTYprovide quality information to the readers. Whether you are writing such articles on your own or gettingthem from another source, you have to make sure that they are not just filled with fluff words, in which case they are not going to be very effective for either marketing or search engine optimization. In the current times, this is perhaps one of the most important aspects of content creation that must never be taken for granted. In addition to that, another issue that defines quality content creation is readability. When you arecreating content for a website or blog, you need to do so in such a manner that people find it refreshingto read. This usually means having to avoid making the articles too lengthy or wordy. You may also need to find a way to break up the content through the use of lists, bullet points and even images. This reduces the fatigue of reading entire articles, and makes it much easier for most people to go through the entire article easily. In summary, the concept of content creation is one that has many things that you have to consider ifyou have to do it right. The above are just a few examples of some of the things you may need to keep in mind when creating content for your blog or website. The one thing you need to remember is thatwhether you are buying or writing such content, you have to make sure that it is of the very best quality in terms of readability, grammar, punctuation, and amount of information. Otherwise, the content will just be a bunch of words that will not add much value to your site or blog. Page 6
  7. 7. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTYYour website must be designed and constructed so that the Search Engines are readily able to find and navigate it easily. The process of making your page friendly for the search engines is known as Seo on Search engine optimization.There are two methods in involved in seo. On page seo is what you actually do on the page and Off page seo is primarily concerned with how the links back to your site are constructed.There are three major search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo, are the destinations to which more than95 % of the people on the web go when they are looking for information. Google control almost 85% ofthe web traffic, and the software bots are constantly scouring the Internet to find new pages to add the index.When you publish your web page, it should be done so that not only your human visitors, can read and easily understand it, but the search bots must also be able to fully understand and follow it.The language used on the web that the bots understand is Hypertext MarkUP Language, or HTML, and it consists mostly of code that is enclosed in tags. In order for the bots to properly read and classify your page, you must include instructions that it understands within the tags. You must indicate to the bots what your site all about. It is the only way that you can issue instructions to the bot. The search engines are constantly changing the algorithm, and the way that your site is ranked, but there are something’s that are absolutely necessary to be included in the tags of the HTML code. You must have a title for your page, and this is what is shown in your browser. The proper format for inserting a title tag in HTML very simple.You can use instructions embedded in tags to describe the content of your site or to tell the bot when to revisit your website. Page 7
  8. 8. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTY In order for the bots to classify your website in the index, you must tell it what your site is about by using keyword tags. The format for keywords is also very simple. The list does not have to be single words, as it can also include phrases. Keywords are perhaps the most important component of your site. When you include written content on your pages, you should include the keywords, so that the bot knows that your page is about what you say it is, If you include used cars “as one of the keywords in your tags, the bot is expecting to find the phrase "used cars " in the content on the page.There is some discussion as to how many times the keyword phrase must be repeated, on the page, but if it over done, it will be classified as spam and your page is unlikely to added to the index. A keyword density of 2% is considered as average.The rules for proper on page seo are constantly changing, and if you are involved with seo, you need tobe constantly aware of when the changes are made, as they will affect how the search engines see your site. Page 8
  9. 9. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTY The world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very huge; all that you are doing is for Google PageRank. You know that the popular pages within search engines are on the first page of the results, and mostly the top five. If you Increase your page rankings with the chief search engines i.e. Google, it increases your websites visibility and gets you to that higher PageRank. Your website/Blog, and your business, relies on Search Engine Optimization and all that it entails. Search engine optimization has been divided into two main categories, on-page SEO which talks about what can be done on the posts of the website itself, and there is off-page SEO which shelters activity that are taking place elsewhere.One of the main parts of Off Page SEO is Link Building.Off Page SEO denotes to the "inbound" and text links from other websites and blogs to yourwebsite/blog. This is a much harder if not impossible factor to totally manage.Off Page Search Engine Optimization has been become perhaps the most essential factor in how yoursite ranks in search results. The internet and World Wide Web is continuously growing at an enormousrate. So it is normal that similar topic pages obviously arise. There may be 100 million web pages on thesubject of baseball or 100 million websites on the subject of website design and search engineprogramming etc. Because of this very large record size of same content, search engines focus on offpage reasons in determining relevancy of search results.Off Page SEO tips Page 9
  10. 10. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTYSome important tips of Off Page SEO are listed below:1) Submitting your website in Directories: Do you want to declare your website in front of the world?Then submitting your website to online directories is one of the first steps of off page SEO. OnlineDirectories initiative targeted traffic and increase the reputation of your website on Search engines.2) Article Submission: submitting articles is also a great way to promote your website/blog. If you submitan article to a popular website that people find it worth reading, they will surely visit your website. It notonly improves traffic, but it also improves reputation of the website.3) Social bookmarking: SMO is one of the very popular forms of the Off page SEO technique. Using socialmedia to drive traffic towards your website. It increases the link popularity of by exposing your links infront of the audience of the social media users.4) Blog Submission: It is almost as same as submitting to the directory; the only difference is that thesekinds of services only accept blogs. Nowadays many hybrid directories are also there which allows bothwebsites and blogs.5) Submitting website to RSS feeds: If you submit your website to RRS feed submission services, then itwill certainly help you in getting a good rank in search engines. Most of the services extract data fromthe RRS feeds and then send it to the search engines.What you should avoid off Page SEO?Although you should try to avoid spamming your website link on the internet as it will have a negativeeffect on your search rankings. You should also avoid excess cross linking of your own website. it mayincrease chances of search engines considering your content as duplicate. Page 10
  11. 11. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTY Link building is one way to popularize a website in search engines with a spread the link as much as possible. This will generate back links to your site. Quality back links will determine the ranking (PR) a site. Quality back links are links that come from the same niche with a higher page rank. It is showing that the site has a good reputation in the search engines. There are many ways you can do for link building such as commenting on sites that have a higher page rank, be a guest blogger, create a post in the forum, and submit articles to various directories, social bookmarking and links exchange. Commenting on sites that have a higher page rank is the easiest way to get quality back links. Popularsites that often use to get quality back links are .gov, and .edu sites. You can leave your comment in the site that has same niche with your site. Becoming a guest blogger is a great way to get quality back links and improve traffics. There are many sites that would be used to publish your writing according to your niche. These sites usually have anumber of requirements that must be adhered to. Some sites also offer income opportunities for thoseof you who want to write on their site such as shvoong and squidoo. These site can provide quality back links, traffic and revenue opportunities for you. You will get the results from the ads posted on the article that you publish.Active in forums is a great way to introduce you in the online world. There are many things you can do in the forum such as answer the questions from the other members and make many qualified posts. Anytext you fit on the forum could provide a quality back link to your sites. In addition, links and traffic can also be obtained from the well-known directories such as, articles, Page 11
  12. 12. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTY, Go and more. To make a post on these directories, you must register as a member. Do not forget to fill out your link on the profile. You can also insert a link to each article that will be published. Currently, the number of internet users has increased includes social media. These sites are also a source of quality links for you such as digg, twitter, stumble upon, delicious and others. To get quality back links you must create account on the social media sites. Do not forget to add your link on theprofile. You can also put social bookmarking plugin on your site. Every visitor sharing your writings to his friends, your writing will be more rapid spread. This will increase the number of links to your site. Quality back links can also be obtained by exchanging links with other website owners. Link exchanges should be done for the same niche. Link building is one of the important components in seo and online business. Build lots of links is the same as build lot of relationships with others. Page 12
  13. 13. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTY You may be wondering what rss directory submissions are and why do you need them. Well, let us briefly explain what they are and how beneficial it can be for you to use rss directory submission services to increase traffic to your blog or website. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is also known as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool that can be used to submit your rss feeds to blogs, website directories and search engines. The XML language is often used to create rss feeds with high ranking keywords to help increase your blog or websites visibility on search engines.When you use a rss directory submission service, your feeds are indexed by popular search engines likeYahoo, Google and Bing. You can achieve instant link popularity and more traffic to your websites when you use keywords that search engines are looking for in your content. Internet users that subscribe to search result feeds, and use keywords that are embedded in your blog o websites content will be presented with your rss feed.One of the nicest thing about rss directory submission services is they allow you to get free inbound one way links, and you wont have to do any reciprocal links in return. Its a great way to engage readers, broadcast messages, attract potential customers and build up a loyal audience. Overtime, your rss directory submissions will attract thousands of Internet users to your blog or website. You can also keep your blog or website updated by using a rss directory submission service to refresh Page 13
  14. 14. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTY your content. Simply, promote your own web pages via rss, which will keep your content looking freshand keep search engine spiders busy. Webmasters will be able to download your feeds and supplement their own websites content and give it a fresh new look, too. Its a good idea to either outsource or manually submit your feeds to rss directory submission services.However, if you decide to outsource your feeds to a professional rss directory submission service to save time, expect to pay a fee for their SEO services. You will get optimal results for your rss directory submissions, including higher search engine rankings and increased traffic to your blog or website. If you cant afford to use a professional rss directory submission service, we recommend using free rssdirectory submission services with high page ranks. For instance, has a PR rank of 8, butyou will have to sign up and register for an account with them. and have a PR ranking of 7, and, and have a PR ranking of 6. You will also have to register for an account with each of these rss directory submission services. We dont recommend using a rss directory submission service that has a PR ranking below 4 or 5. Also, make certain that you use rss directory submission services that have good reviews and customer testimonials that you can read to help you make a decision about using their services. Page 14
  15. 15. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTY Link indexing is the inclusion of a webpage into the search engines database. Google includes onlyvaluable pages in its search results. Your link will be indexed only when Google thinks that it is valuable. When you generate links to your website/blog, they are not crawled at all times by Google. This means you can theoretically make a lot of great worth backlinks that will never be selected by Google.Some people complain about their links not getting indexed. The reason is that on internet thousands ofbillions of web pages are already there and its growing every day. There are more websites then there are people on earth and if each of those sites has at least a few pages it should be admitted that there would be countless number of web pages. Some of the reasons why your links are not indexed by Search Engines:1) If you have copied the content from some other website or your website has the same content as of any other website, then Google might not index your page in its search ranking.2) It is also necessary you submit RRS feeds to websites that ping to search engines. It might also create problems for you if you are not submitting links to pinging websites. 3) Your content should be unique and should be of good quality. As daily new content is added to the search engines it becomes hard for search engines to index every page. Page 15
  16. 16. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTY4) If your site takes too much time to load, you have not allowed bots to crawl your website, then in that case your web pages will not be crawled by search engines. 5) While Google crawl the web persistently, it will unavoidably to miss certain links which are not created properly. There are a many services on web that allow you to submit your website links and have them indexed for you on the search engines. These services publish your backlink onto High PageRank websites thatare indexed by Google quickly. This means that your links can be indexed within a few days if not hours. How to do Link Indexing Effectively?Link indexing is planned to overcome these difficulties by trying to get your webpage noticed by searchengines, in spite of their having been created falsely. This way your links will be noticed and will add up towards your total. It works in two ways: 1) Ping the Search Engines: this is the most common method of all in Link Indexing and it is known asping. The basic concept of ping is that it will try to bring to the notice of search engines that a new web page has been added to and list it on your search results. 2) Create links to links: it is also very popular method used in link indexing. In this method a person creates link of his own links, it is like creating a chain. It can be understood like this: my domain>first link>second link>…. And so on. It is a pyramid of links from top level to bottom level. Page 16
  17. 17. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTYWhat happens is that Search Engines thinks that these links are useful because other websites are linking back to them. So in that way these links are included in the search engines. Page 17
  18. 18. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTY If you are a beginner SEO getting familiar with the most used internet marketing strategies can guarantee and advance your SEO career. Link wheels are one of the oldest and most popular internet marketing strategies, although many new SEO methods have developed out of this single SEO technique, is safe to say that to this day, a well-made link wheel can bring results and rankings. In thisarticle we will take a close look at what it takes to build a successful link wheel, and how link wheels are created in todays SEO world. What Is A Link Wheel To give a small but effective idea, lets review the concept of SEO first. SEO is the basic practice ofperforming marketing campaigns in order to affect rankings in search engines. With this said, almost all SEO at the moment in one way or another, revolve around building backlinks. Backlinks are a voucher of trust in the eyes of most search engines, and depending on how many backlinks your site possesses and how "trusted" these backlinks are, Google will rank your websiteaccordingly. A link wheel SEO strategy attempts to efficiently create "smart backlinks" that not only link to your site, but they also link to each other.Reviewing our concept of how search engines see trust, we understand that sites that link to each other are basically passing a vote of trust, thus becoming better and more "trusted" link source. In a link Page 18
  19. 19. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTY wheel, we have two main components. We have your main site that is attempting to get ranked on Google, and we have secondary websites. All of the secondary websites, link to your main site. All of these sites by giving you a voucher of trust can potentially increase your rank. However, link wheels go a step further in an attempt to bring even more results to your ranking campaign.In a link wheel, these secondary sites will also link to one another in a sort of spider-web formation. If allof the secondary sites, also link to each other’s; they potentially become a more "valuable link source" in the eyes of search engines, and if all of these sites become more respected and trusted, it means your site will also become more trusted and gain even better ranks. How Are Successful Link wheels Created? When the first link wheels were built in the prime age of SEO, all you needed was massive numbers ofbacklinks that pointed to each other. However, as search engines became smarter and began to see howthese linkwheels spammed the web in order to gain rankings, the search engines destroyed low quality link wheels by doing two things. First they penalized massive amounts of backlinks built over a shortperiod of time, and second they devalued low quality links. With this said, link wheels as they once were no longer work. Today link wheels must be smarter and more effectively made. Tip Number 1: Pick Only The Highest Ranked Websites for your Link wheel Today in SEO, less means more. Although you could have some 6000 websites take part of your link wheel, the end result will not beat 50 smart and high ranking websites in your wheel. Tip Number 2: Play It Relevant Again, todays major Google updates have put a lot of emphasis on relevancy. All your secondary sites Page 19
  20. 20. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTY should link to each other in a relevant way. In other words, you want your secondary sites and yourmain website to all share common topics, thus making your link wheel seem more natural and valuable. Tip Number 3: Understand Why People Use Link WheelsThe point of link wheels goes back to making each backlink count more towards the ranking of your site.With this said, if your goal is to create a link wheel to promote a product to REAL visitors, it might not be as effective. Link wheels should only be used for backlink and ranking purposes. Page 20
  21. 21. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTYIf you are an avid fan of the internet, you may have come across the term web 2.0. For some people, this may make it sound like some kind of upgrade to the internet.However, for the most part, this is not the case. The term web 2.0 has been used to describe the changein the way people use the internet today. It can also be seen as a general term describing the new state of the internet as regards to how information is shared between many different people.In the past, information on the internet was more or less regulated. People such as webmasters created the content on websites, and internet users simply read it. There was very little room for interactionbetween different groups of people such as the internet users and the authors of websites, which is one of the hallmarks of web 2.0.As time has gone by, there has been a shift in the way that the internet is used. For instance, the advent of social media has made it possible for people to create and share content very easily, which is one of the features of web 2.0. Unlike in the past, you do not need to have your own website in order to provide information to other people; you can do it easily through your social media account.This has made the internet much more useful to people, since it means that they can use it for purposes such as marketing as well as gaining information. Another development that has made the internet become more interactive for most people is the advent of blogs. Most blog sites make it very easy for one to have an account and start posting Page 21
  22. 22. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTYinformation on it within a matter of minutes. In the past, the only way you could have your information online was through the use of a website. The process of getting one, registering it and then tinkering with things such as HTML in order to make the site more appealing made such a move undesirable to people who did not have a background in technology.When you consider all the above issues, you may think that the concept of web 2.0 is one that is new. Infact, if you look at how the use of the internet has changed over the recent past, you may find it easy to think that the notion of web 2.0 represents something new. However, there are many people who beg to differ with this. The most notable of these is Tim BernersLee, who is the inventor of the World Wide Web. When he started the project to invent the web, he had in mind a situation where people could more easily share information. When you think about the internet in this manner, you will see that the concept of web 2.0 is notnecessarily something new, but a fulfillment of why we have the internet in the first place. Whatever the case, the fact that web 2.0 advances make the internet more interactive is not disputable. However, whether one thinks this is something new or not is purely a matter of subjective opinion. Page 22
  23. 23. Dale Dupree SECRET OF SEO DOMINATE SUPERIORTYBibliographyDupree, D. (2013). SEO Small Business Marketing. Retrieved from SEO Small Business Marketing:, D. (2013). Top Affiliate Marketing Models. (D. Dupree, Producer) Retrieved from Top Affiliate Marketing Models:, D. (2013). Top Affiliate Marketing Models HomePage. Retrieved from Top Affiliate Marketing Models: Page 23