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Prospect Research Using Social Data - Foundation Center, July 24, 2013
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Prospect Research Using Social Data - Foundation Center, July 24, 2013


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Deepen your knowledge of your prospects through the use of social data. …

Deepen your knowledge of your prospects through the use of social data.
You've got your list of major donor prospects, and now it's time to make or enrich your connections with them. In this session, we'll discuss cutting-edge methods for deepening your knowledge of your prospects through the use of social data.
Social data can help you learn what your prospects are truly passionate about, so you can better connect your organization's mission to their lives.
Social data can also help your organization:
Identify new sustainer gift givers
Increase mid-level gifts by knowing who to ask for more
Find new major gift prospects by identifying VP-level (and higher) executives
Implement a matching gift program by identifying where donors work
By referencing case studies and examples from nonprofits including the American Heart Association, CARE, Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife Federation, and others, you'll learn how to use social data to improve your fundraising.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Information exchanged and communicated with friends, family and acquaintances on social networks Information about what is most important and/or relevant for a given person at this moment 90% of what you can know about a person is unstructured data. (IBM) This learning drives campaign success
  • Understand donors for high touch & also mass communications Know what’s important right now Know which constituents are right for which campaigns Bottom line… … the right offer… … to the right people… … for the right reasons… … at the right time.
  • Transcript

    • 1. #FCWProspect Speaker: Casey Golden, @smallactguy, Small Act Venue: Foundation Center Washington, @fcwashington Hashtag: #FCWProspect Using Social Data for Prospect Research
    • 2. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect What we’ll cover today • What is Social Data? • How do we gather it? • How can it be implemented? • How can we use it for prospect research? • Examples • Q&A
    • 3. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect Company Background • With Small Act’s Social Data intelligence platform, organizations can identify, profile and target high-value relationships through social media insight. • Incorporated in October 2008 • Beta: Nov ’09, Commercial: May ’10 • 180+ customers •
    • 4. #FCWProspect What is Social Data?What is Social Data?
    • 5. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect What is Social Data? Where can you find it? Where can you find it?
    • 6. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect Did you know… • In the year 2000 there were 248 Million people online…compared to 1.01 Billion active users of Facebook alone in 2012 (P.S. India only has 1.1 Billion people) • There is more content created every single day than there was created from the beginning of time till the year 2000 • More people in the world have mobile devices than toothbrushes (4.8 billion vs. 4.2 billion)
    • 7. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect Are our major gift prospects social?
    • 8. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect Why is Social Data important? Social Data Intelligence is “the management and analysis of donor data from social sources, used to activate and recalibrate marketing and business programs.” (Forrester Research)
    • 9. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect Why is Social Data important?
    • 10. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect What can Social Data tell us? • Passions • Professional information
    • 11. #FCWProspect How do we gather SocialHow do we gather Social Data?Data?
    • 12. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect How do we gather Social Data? • Manually (spreadsheet or CRM)
    • 13. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect How do we gather Social Data? • Automatically (with a service)
    • 14. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect How do we gather Social Data? • What enhanced profiles can look like
    • 15. #FCWProspect How can we implementHow can we implement Social Data?Social Data?
    • 16. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect How can we implement Social Data? • Identify sustainer givers • Identify mid-level gift givers • Identify major gift givers • Matching program
    • 17. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect • With Social Data, NWF found: • People on social gave higher average gifts • People on social have better response rate to mail • Those on Facebook or Twitter were at the top • Response rates especially high for • Donors above $1,000 • New Donor Acquisition Case study
    • 18. #FCWProspect How can we use Social DataHow can we use Social Data for prospect research?for prospect research?
    • 19. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect How can we use social media for prospect research? • Learn what is important to your donor, right now • Learn what they like and laugh about • Present opportunities that match their passions to the needs of the organization
    • 20. #FCWProspect ExamplesExamples
    • 21. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect • Goal: Improve Online Fundraising Campaign Event • Special campaign and promotion for 50th Anniversary Event • (50/50/50) – Raise $50,000 in 50 hours for 50th Anniversary (July 2013) • How: Use Social Data to identify best promoters • Use social types (Engagers and Key Influencers) to determine those best suited for personal engagement prior to the event. • Implementation: Plant key seeds for performance lift • Personal calls out to 600 Key Influencers • Targeted email to 3,000 Engagers
    • 22. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect • Goal: Identify executives for larger gifts & corp gifts • Increase mid-level giving ($1K-$100K) • How: Use Social Data to find executives • Identify Manager level and above for increased giving levels • Identify VP level and above for corporate gift opportunities • Implementation: Modify Asks and Cultivation Method • Compare executive level to prior giving and increase accordingly • Assign corporate development officer to VP and C-Level
    • 23. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect • Goal: Improve international campaigns and events • Generate more local support of TNC initiatives in foreign countries • How: Use Social Data to locate ‘locals’ • Use location component from Social Data to identify prospects in countries/locations they will be having events and campaigns • Implementation: Targeted outreach to individuals • Multi-channel approach to get support for initiatives in their respective countries/locations • Personal outreach to international prospects who are VP and above
    • 24. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect • Goal: Improve current year performance • Bring more relevant, engaging content to lift fundraising success • How: Use Social Data segment participants • Based on the social score, social type and network participation, create target communication groups • Example: • Group 1 – Active Twitter participants • Group 2 – Active Facebook participants • Group 3 – Active LinkedIn participants • Group 4 – Social Types: Engagers & Key Influencers • Implementation: Targeted emails for each Group • Including more content/links/activities for the social networks that participant is a member of. • Personal correspondence with Engagers & Key Influencers
    • 25. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect • Goal: Improve year over year retention for events • Get more participants and teams to come back again • How: Use Social Data to find high potential Captains • Based on behaviors and networks on social media, find those who are not captains this year, but could pick up next year if this years captain does not. • Combine Social Data with past event participation to further identification • Implementation: Recruit future Captains from this years participants • Specialized mid to high touch cultivation of those who are not captains this year, but have capacity and natural drive to step in next year.
    • 26. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect • Goal: Prospect Segmentation for Telemarketing • Special campaign and promotion for parents • How: Use Social Data to find parents • Based on self-bios and content they discuss, they can determine those they know as active parents • Use social types (moderate to high social) to determine those best suited for sustainer, monthly gifts. • Implementation: Promote Kids Programming • Discuss Curious George, Wild Kratts, Martha Speaks, Dinosaur Train, etc. to be relevant and on point with these donors
    • 27. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect • Goal: Improve email open and click thru rates • How: Use Social Data optimize subject & body • Iteratively modify subject line based upon which social networks they are on and social types • Modify body content & calls to action to match social networks they participate in • Implementation: On target wording and content • Use Marketo to measure results, and iteratively optimize performance
    • 28. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect Thoughts and Questions? #13NTCsdata
    • 29. #FCWProspect Bonus: Demo ofBonus: Demo of SovialVisionSovialVision
    • 30. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect Real-time Dossier -Get into the mindset of the donor -Who are they -What’s important to them right now -How to best engage them
    • 31. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect High level view
    • 32. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect Connecting emails to social profiles
    • 33. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect Real-time Segmentation & List Building
    • 34. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect Individual Real-time Composite Profiles
    • 35. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect Mobile and Tablet Ready!
    • 36. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect Four influencer ratings
    • 37. #FCWProspect#FCWProspect How messages travel