We Love Social Data...But What Do We Do With It? (13NTC)


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  • DefinitionExist on all three major networksGenerate significant discussions & thoughts and guide decisionsKey AttributesHigh call-to-action ratioLonger influence propagationValueRapid Campaign accelerationCrisis ManagementP2P FundraisingWhat to do with themIdentify and cultivate through social media channelsGive them the voice to spread your message
  • DefinitionExists on all three major networksGenerates unique posts, shares, & comments  Attributes5% or less of overall usersDrive 80% of all the content and conversations.ValueSignificant influence on the donations and actions of othersCollaborate, share information and contribute significantly to the viral spread of messages and ideas
  • DefinitionThese users have known active presences on at least two major networks.AttributesUsually ~45-50% of social audienceinformed through social media and may participate on occasion. Social media is an important intakeDo not as often influence others sociallyValueHigh potential to engage in specific campaigns that resonate with themVery significant source of offline donationsCritical for advocacy and other calls to action.
  • DefinitionThese users consume information from one known network. AttributesSimply consume information (read updates, click links to read content)Do not actively post new content or comments.  Use social media to staying connected to what’s going on with friends/family and current eventsValueStrong target audience for both online and offline calls to action and campaigns.Very influenced by friends, family & peers and will likely take action if asked
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  • We Love Social Data...But What Do We Do With It? (13NTC)

    1. 1. We <3 Social Data…but what do we dowith it?#13ntcsdataCasey Golden, Small Act, @smallactguyMark Davis, Blackbaud, @mcdavis7Danielle Brigida, NWF, @starfocusKen Bess, CARE, @KBCARE
    2. 2. #13NTCsdataWhat we‟ll cover today• What is Social Data• Why is Social Data important• How Social Data is connected• NWF‟s story and uses of Social Data• CARE‟s story and uses of Social Data• Other industry use cases• Q&A
    3. 3. #13NTCsdataDid you know…• In the year 2000 there were 248 Million people online…compared to 1.01 Billion active users of Facebook alonein 2012 (PS. India only has 1.1 Billion people)• There is more content created every single day than there was created from the beginning of time till the year 2000
    4. 4. #13NTCsdataWhat is Social Data?• Information exchanged and communicated with friends, family and acquaintances on social networks• Information about what is most important and/or relevant for a given person at this moment• 90% of what you can know about a person is unstructured data. (IBM)• This learning drives campaign success• Story of giving a dollar to a beggar
    5. 5. #13NTCsdataWhy is Social Data is important?• Social Data Intelligence is “the management and analysis of donor data from social sources, used to activate and recalibrate marketing and business programs.” (Forrester Research)• Understand donors for high touch & also mass communications• Know what‟s important right now• Know which constituents are right for which campaigns• Bottom line……the right offer……to the right people……for the right reasons……at the right time.
    6. 6. #13NTCsdataHigh level view
    7. 7. #13NTCsdataConnectingemails tosocial profiles
    8. 8. #13NTCsdataReal-timeDossier- Get into the mindset of the donor- Who are they- What‟s important to them right now- How to best engage them
    9. 9. #13NTCsdataFour influencer ratings
    10. 10. #13NTCsdata4 = key influencer
    11. 11. #13NTCsdata3 = engager
    12. 12. #13NTCsdata2 = multichannel consumer
    13. 13. #13NTCsdata1 = standard consumer
    14. 14. #13NTCsdataHow messages travel
    15. 15. #13NTCsdataDanielle BrigidaSr. Manager, SocialStrategy & Integration
    16. 16. #13NTCsdataThe NWF Social Data Story• Social Media has become a connector to give insight to other areas of the organization• Evolution at NWF• Four years ago…social what?• Three years ago…”social experiment”• Two years ago…social isn‟t going away, but doesn‟t impact me• One year ago…of course social is valuable…. but… where do we get started?
    17. 17. #13NTCsdataSome key findings• In order to implement…we needed to do some back testing…and here‟s what we found:• People on social gave higher average gifts• People on social have better response rate to mail • Those on Facebook or Twitter were at the top• Response rates especially high for • Donors above $1,000 • New Donor Acquisition
    18. 18. #13NTCsdataAre our major gift prospects social?
    19. 19. #13NTCsdataWays to use integrated social & CRM data • Make Social smarter • Know who you‟re talking to • Informed engagement • Example 1: Donors who are passionate and influential (proactive) • Example 2: Crisis management – Scotts (reactive) • Social Reporting that is relevant • Different feedback for different parts of the organization • “All Retweets are nice…but all that I care about is current and lapsed members. What are they retweeting?” • Make Traditional campaigns smarter • More informed content choices (integrated multi-channel outreach) • More targeted campaigns • Sustainers • Local Event Champions • Monitoring long term benefits & changes to donors • How does their engagement with you on social change their commitment to the organization
    20. 20. #13NTCsdataAreas to use Social Data• Social Engagement (CRM history in social context)• Employer Matching (those who work at a company who would match gift)• Overall Gift Level Increase (who has higher capacity to give) • Modify Ask Level (an increase of 25-50% for relevant donors)• Sustainer Gifts (biggest growth objective for 2013)• Local Events/Advocacy – Hike and Seek• Gala Events – Inauguration Green Ball
    21. 21. Attempting Social Integration
    22. 22. #13NTCsdataEvents: National Strategy• National • Goal: Raise overall awareness and support of kids outdoor activities • Method: Identify & engage national Key Influencers who can best help spread the word about the events and benefits
    23. 23. #13NTCsdataEvents – Local Chapters for Hike & Seek• Three Main Goals • New participants acquisition & advocacy • Re-engage lapsed participants • Increase retention of last year‟s participants• Developed Key Target “VIP” Lists for the different locations. • Out of the 2.3M email records, we hyper focused on those who • have participated recently in Hike and Seek (794 participants) • are in top 5% of users (40 key participants) • Here‟s how the lists shook out • Atlanta Area - 3 • Seattle Area – 6 • Chicago Area – 5 • Greater DC Area – 15 • New York/New Jersey Area –11
    24. 24. Events - Hike and Seek Engagement
    25. 25. #13NTCsdataEvents – Local Chapters for Hike & Seek• Example of key influencer list in local chapter (NY/NJ)
    26. 26. #13NTCsdataInauguration Green Ball• Social Engagement before• Social Engagement during• Analysis after• Monitoring going forward
    27. 27. #13NTCsdataGreen Ball - During People tweeted the #greenball2013 and #greenwishhashtags
    28. 28. #13NTCsdataGreen Ball – Analysis After
    29. 29. #13NTCsdataGreen Ball – Analysis After
    30. 30. #13NTCsdataGreen Ball – Going Forward• Monitor behavior going forward and see if these events change their relationship over time
    31. 31. #13NTCsdataKen BessManager ofweb Development
    32. 32. What I will cover today• Intros• How CARE started with Small Act• A look at the Social Data and Segmentations• Introducing the potential of the data to CARE: - Major Gifts - Relationship Managers• Using Social Data for focused messaging – Email• Using Social Data for improved advertising – Social• Where should it Live? Tools and Techniques• Final Thoughts – Questions
    33. 33. Ken Bess – About Me• CARE USA - Manager of Web Development• Both a Manager and a Developer - CARE.ORG - Convio Luminate Online Admin - Analytics / CRM / BI - Open Source – PHP / Drupal / Ruby First work with NP‟s was in 1992 – Georgia Kids Count 1995 to present building data driven web apps, sites, services and data bases, data feeds, data something.
    34. 34. Ken Bess - Intro – About CAREWeb Team is comprised of 4 people.- Content Manager- Designer / Developer- Social Media Manager- MyselfSeparate Online and Offline Systems… Convio Luminate Online sends batch transactions data nightly to Donor Direct Data Warehouse in development to bridge the two.
    35. 35. Small Act – The StartBegan as a Web Team „Skunk Works‟ Project.We first wanted to determine how much of our active donorbase was active on social to simply justify increased webmarketing spend in social.We want to align our messaging and advertising withdonors to increase giving / move to monthly sustainerprogram – how do we segment and model them todetermine who to send the most effective message?How can we best increase donor engagement?
    36. 36. Small Act – The MixTake Convio Online data … – Active Emails = 507,106 addresses.Mix in Offline data …– Accounts „Householded‟ with multiple email address- Giving amounts and frequencyBring in the Lapsed Donors …Add the Advocacy „Action Takers‟ data
    37. 37. Small Act – The ResultEmails: 507,106 [100.0%]One of Big 3: 284,042[56.0%]
    38. 38. Small Act – The Data
    39. 39. Small Act – The Data
    40. 40. #13NTCsdata Fundraising comparison across Social networks Average Lifetime Money Average Single Gift $2,292.1 5 $140.00 $120.00 $100.00 $1,221.8 $80.00 $1,000.4 3 9 $60.00 $40.00 $20.00 $- Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Average LifetimeFacebook Twitter LinkedIn $90.75 $94.63 $123.69 Average Gift *SOURCE: SocialData Analysis for CARE
    41. 41. #13NTCsdataSocial Practitioners across GivingChannels
    42. 42. Small Act – The Segments
    43. 43. Major Giving – Relationship Managers(RM‟s)Changing the Mindsets with Data.Much easier to convince RM with a Title from LinkedIin and SegmentationMatches.Just because someone is not a donor „yet‟ does not mean they are notExtremely Valuable to your Org.KI / En - Let them Amplify your own message.Use Social Score rank to qualify.
    44. 44. Email – Convio Groups
    45. 45. Email – A / B Test
    46. 46. #13NTCsdataAction comparison By Social Type *SOURCE: SocialData Analysis for CARE
    47. 47. Social – FaceBook Advertising
    48. 48. Where Should the Data Live?After you have the Social Data Matches the CONNECTIONS aremore important than the just having an email address of the donors.People may change there email addresses – there profiles in SocialMedia rarely change – they just expand.Best to store this with the Donors record in CRM.Custom field for the URL.Don‟t make it difficult to get at or use…Keep expanding the database.
    49. 49. Data ToolsOpen Source Relational Database Engine:MySQLSQLite3Mac: SequelProWindows: SQLYog - NaviCatMySQL Admin ToolsMicrosoft:AccessSQL Server ExpressMac:FileMaker
    50. 50. Questions - Connections • @KBCARE – Twitter • kbess@care.org
    51. 51. #13NTCsdataHow are other NPOs using SocialIntelligence to drive fundraising
    52. 52. #13NTCsdata• Goal: Prospect Segmentation for Telemarketing • Special campaign and promotion for parents• How: Use Social Data to find parents • Based on self-bios and content they discuss, they can determine those they know as active parents • Use social types (moderate to high social) to determine those best suited for sustainer, monthly gifts.• Implementation: Promote Kids Programing • Discuss Curious George, Wild Kratts, Martha Speaks, Dinosaur Train, etc. to be relevant and on point with these donors
    53. 53. #13NTCsdata• Goal: Improve email open and click thru rates• How: Use Social Data optimize subject & body • Iteratively modify subject line based upon which social networks they are on and social types • Modify body content & calls to action to match social networks they participate in• Implementation: Promote Kids Programing • Use Marketo to measure results, and iteratively optimize performance
    54. 54. #13NTCsdataWhat does the future hold
    55. 55. #13NTCsdataWhere to get started?• Start experimenting, no matter the size • Get a free account to try • http://SocialVision.io• Focus on one key area of improvement• Buy-in comes with “what‟s in it for me”
    56. 56. #13NTCsdataQuestions!
    57. 57. Evaluate This Session!Each entry is a chance to win an NTEN engraved iPad! Online using #13ntcsdata at www.nten.org/ntc/eval