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IOM CA June newsletter

  1. 1. June 2011 IOM COUNTER-TRAFFICKING PROGRAM IN CENTRAL ASIA IOM AND GENERAL PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE OF KAZAKHSTAN ENHANCES COUNTER- TRAFFICKING COOPERATION IN CENTRAL ASIA THROUGH A REGIONAL DIALOGUE IOM, together with the General Prose- streamline and standardize counter- In this edition: cutor’s Office of the Republic of Ka- trafficking approaches in the region. zakhstan hosted a regional dialogueKazakhstan: Joint Train- 2 The regional dialogue was financed by “Enhancing Partnership of Centralings for Labor Inspector- the USAID, the Norwegian Ministry ofate and Migration Police Asian Countries in Combating Traf- Foreign Affairs, the US State Depart- ficking in Persons as a Consequence ment’s Bureau for International Narcot-K yrg y zst an : “189” 2 of Irregular Migration” on May 27,Counter Trafficking Hot- ics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) 2011 in Astana (Kazakhstan).line Launched in and Office to Monitor and Combat Traf-Kochkor Village of Naryn The aim of the event was to ficking in Persons (G/TIP).Tajikistan: Round Table 3 Next regional dialogue will take place inwith Religious Leaders, Almaty in 2012 and will allow monitoringLaw Enforcements and implementation of recommendationsNGO Partners developed by representatives of law en-Turkmenistan: Building 3Capacity of CT NGOs’Network for EffectiveAssistance to Victims ofTraffickingUzbekistan: 10 Years 4 strengthen regional cooperationTogether. «Istikbolly among the Central Asian law enforce-Avlod”’s Anniversary ment bodies and NGOs engaged in combating human trafficking and protecting the victims of trafficking. forcement, General Prosecutor’s Office, This dialogue provided a platform for migration services and CT public organi- sharing experiences, discussing rele- zations of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Taji- vant issues, and developing recom- kistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan mendations. It was the first regional during the first regional dialogue in As- counter-trafficking dialogue organ- tana. ized in the framework of the United Recommendations of the Regional Dia- States Agency for International Devel- logue can be found at opment (USAID) Counter Trafficking Project in Central Asia designed to
  2. 2. Page 2 Kazakhstan: Joint Trainings for Labor Inspectorate and Migration Police in Aktobe, Petropavlovsk and Ust-Kamenogorsk cally labor exploitation, and to improve skills to identify During the victims of trafficking, in particular foreign victims of period of labor trafficking. November 2010 - May Three trainings were organized in close cooperation 2011, IOM Kazakhstan with the partner NGOs Women Support Center in Ak- provided tobe and Petropavlovsk and NGO Phoenix in Ust- Kamenogorsk, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protec- three two- day intensive tion and the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Ka- trainings on zakhstan. Migration Manage- During the training sessions, the participants discussed ment and Combating Trafficking in Persons for labour in- Migration Trends in Kazakhstan, Migration and Anti- spectors and migration police officers from West, North Trafficking Legislation, Irregular Migration issues. The and East Kazakhstan regions. participants were trained on identification of trafficking victims and cooperation between anti-trafficking gov- The training programme was developed to promote policies ernmental and non-governmental actors. and institutional procedures to respect, protect and fulfill labour migrants’ rights throughout the migration cycle as Next two trainings will be conducted in Shymkent and well as to increase awareness of human trafficking, specifi- Almaty in June 2011. Kyrgyzstan : “189” Anti-Trafficking Hotline Launched in Kochkor village of Naryn Oblast Today the Kyrgyz Republic has already gained a substantial fied 8 victims of trafficking who have got direct assis- experience of successful functioning of “189” counter traf- tance in terms of reissuance of documents, vocational ficking hotline. trainings, purchase of equipment to arrange business and make profit, medical assistance etc. The work of the hotline in Naryn Oblast run by “Nurjolber” Public Organization (PO) deserves a special mention. In the The launch of Kochkor Counter Trafficking Hotline was period from 18 to 26 April 2011 the staff of PO running advertised in local newspaper; leaflets have been dis- the hotline together with Mayors Office of Naryn and the tributed in the center of the district and in densely City Department of Education have conducted a series of populated areas, in particular in the central bazaar workshops “Prevention of Human Trafficking” for teachers (market) and in supermarkets. and students of high schools and vocational schools. Dur- ing the workshops the anti trafficking movie “Umutko Sa- par” done by “Nurjolber” PO in the framework of Counter Trafficking Information Campaign was demonstrated to the participants. In addition to direct consultations on the hotline the staff of “Nurjolber” PO has found a possibility to open the branch of hotline service in the neighboring Kochkor dis- trict. The State District Center of Employment and Migra- tion has provided a substantial aid to make this happen. It provided the space and one of its land lines to have a fully fledged anti trafficking hotline service on migration and counter trafficking issues in the Center. Especially for The work of the branch of “189” Counter Trafficking this brunch and State Centers of Employment and Migra- hotline in Kochkor is gathering pace; the number of tion in Atbashi and Djumgal districts the “Nurjolber” PO has people calling to get consultancy is increasing; and that produced banners with counter trafficking information and would inevitably ensure that potential migrants are “189” counter trafficking hotline number. more informed on risks of irregular migration and hu- man trafficking. Since January 2011 the operators of hotline have identi- IOM Kyrgyzstan
  3. 3. Page 3 Tajikistan: Round Table with Religious Leaders, Law Enforcements and NGO PartnersA Round Table has been organized in the framework of taking into account the growing tendency of the internalcounter-trafficking program in Central Asia, funded by IOM human trafficking, the measures and actions to preventthrough USAID, which brought together the key represen- and combat trafficking in persons in the internal markettatives of the power structures, law enforcement officials, should be enhanced. Within the discussions, strong exam-religious leaders, and Government. ples were given out of the basis of the religion of Islam and Prophet Muhammad, confirming the condemnation of slav-The particular success of the Round Table was the partici- ery in Islam. Religious figures and Imam-Hatibs expressed pation of their readiness to fruitful cooperation. They suggested ini- the Chair- tiation of the regular TV and radio programs with experts, man of the professionals and religious leaders on the issue of human Ulamo trafficking. Council in Sogd oblast Show of the video trailers had a strong impression on the and Imam- participants who valued the job of the creative group and Khatibs of suggested to broadcast them widely through local TV chan- the major nels. and biggest mosques in Participants were encouraged to suggest organization of Khujand - the outside training courses and study tours and visits to study good practices in combating human trafficking and SheikhMuslihitditdin and Noori Islam mosques, whose speech application of gained knowledge and skills in their work. Itand presentations impressed the audience with the con- was decided to establish a working group responsible to arrange the activities of the anti-trafficking coordinatingstructive dialogue and profound knowledge of the prob-lem. Big attention was paid to the trend of the internal structure.trafficking that has been confirmed by the impressive This event was a successful indicator of the high motiva-examples and stories from the life of our citizens. The tion of the officials in cooperation and strengthening theparticipants confirmed that despite the considerable ex- effectiveness of the fight against human trafficking. It wasperience in combating human trafficking obtained within the first event, conducted on the oblast level with a widethe years, much of the information provided has been range of the key representatives who pledged to consoli-new for them and is the real cause for alarm. Actually, date their capacities, knowledge, experience and re- Turkmenistan: Building Capacity of CT NGOs’ Network for Effective Assistance to Victims of TraffickingOn 22-23rd of April, 2011 the Mission of International During the training, representatives of the NGOs’ networkOrganization for Migration (IOM) conducted training in had the opportunity to learn Uzbek experience of VOTsAshgabat on “Rehabilitation and Reintegration Programs reintegration and assistance in ensuring the economicfor Victims of Trafficking”. The training was organized for stability ofmembers of CT NGO Network, which represents NGOs victims ofand public organizations of Turkmenistan involved in rais- traffickinging public awareness on TIP issues as well as providing though pro-rehabilitation and reintegration assistances to victims of viding finan-trafficking (VOTs). cial credits for organiz-The two experienced trainers and leading experts on pro- ing smallviding direct assistance to victims of trafficking were in- business.vited to conduct the training: Elena Morgun from Ukraineand Nazifa Kamalova from Uzbekistan. Trainers familiar-ized participants with the methods of identifying potential The NGOs’victims of trafficking and shared their experiences on as- network dis-sessing reintegration needs of VOTs , conditions and pe- cussion tookculiarities of providing direct assistance to victims of traf- place at the final part of the training, where participantsficking. had an opportunity to raise and discuss the issues from their practice and receive trainers’ recommendations onThe training participants were introduced into the Na- the direct assistance to victims of trafficking.tional Referral System (NRS) for VOTs and continued bydeveloping NRS plan in small working groups based on areal trafficking case. At the end of the training participants emphasized that provided knowledge, information and handout materialsTrainers introduced participants with the existing best are very useful for them, particularly in providing effectivepractices of NGOs’ cooperation with law enforcement rehabilitation and reintegration assistance to traffickedagencies to identify the victims of trafficking and to pro- victims as well as for raising public awareness on IOM’stect their rights, as well as cooperation with the many assistance programs to victims of trafficking.other organizations and state agencies in the process ofvictims’ rehabilitation and reintegration.
  4. 4. Page 4 Uzbekistan: 10 Years Together On May 16, 2011 NGO “Istiqbolli Avlod” trafficking have been assisted in return to Tashkent celebrated its 10-year anniver- their motherland. sary. “10 Years Together” - was the slo- Apart from state structures there is an im- gan chosen for the celebration. This slo- pressive list of international organizations, gan had been chosen for a reason – for with which NGO “Istiqbolli Avlod” Tashkent the whole period of its active work in the has been cooperating – IOM, USAID, INL, field of combating human trafficking in OSCE, UN, US Embassy, World Bank, Uzbekistan, NGO “Istiqbolli Avlod” Tash- Mama Cash, VIVERE, Global Fund for kent has established an effective partner- Women, Fair Fund. A special place in this ship with a multitude of state, non- list belongs to the most significant strate- governmental, international organiza- gic partner – the International Organization tions, and even with business structures, for Migration (IOM), with which “Istiqbolli in order to implement a variety of projects Avlod” has been collaborating since 2002, in this field. It is especially necessary to implementing the USAID funded project note joint work with the Ministry of Inter- “Combating Trafficking in Persons in Cen- nal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan tral Asia”. During this time, over 3,000 – in the framework of the established people-survivors of human trafficking have cooperation with this ministry, joint action been assisted. Over 100,000 people, who plans to prevent human trafficking and to called the hotlines of NGO “Istiqbolli Avlod” provide direct assistance to those who Tashkent and its partner organizations in 8 have suffered from this crime are signed regions of the country, received free of annually. Another old and crucial partner charge and confidential consultations on of the organization is the Womens Com- the issues of legal employment abroad and mittee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, to- measures to prevent themselves of be- gether with which a plethora of round coming a victim of human trafficking. A tables and seminars on this problem large number of information materials on have been conducted, as well as many this problem has been published and dis- women victims of human trafficking have seminated at all the events, conducted in been assisted. Together with the Consu- lar Department of the Ministry of Foreign the framework of this project. Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and We wish NGO “Istiqbolli Avlod” Tashkent with embassies and consulates of Uz- prosperity and success, and hope to cele- bekistan abroad many victims of human brate its 20-year anniversary together. ГОРЯЧИЕ ЛИНИИ МОМ ПО ПРОТИВОДЕЙСТВИЮ ТОРГОВЛЕ IOM COUNTER-TRAFFICKING HOTLINES IN CENTRAL ASIA ЛЮДЬМИ В ЦЕНТРАЛЬНОЙ АЗИИ Kazakhstan Казахстан 8000 8000 15(landline) 8000 8000 15(с наземных линий) 11616 (mobile phones) 11616 (с мобильных теле- Kyrgyzstan фонов) 189 (inside the country) + 996 312 641364 Кыргызстан Tajikistan страны) 189 (внутри + 918-85-34-34 + 996 312 641364 Turkmenistan + 99 312 463514 Таджикистан Uzbekistan + 918-85-34-34 +99871 276 94 44 Туркменистан
  5. 5. THE IOM COUNTER- Charity and Creativity: IOM’s Main Principles in Providing Rehabilita- TRAFFICKING tion Assistance to Victims of Trafficking PROGR AM IN CENTR AL ASI A In 2009 the mother of Alina applied to NGO “Istiqbolli Avlod” asking for assistance in repatriating herMr. Zlatko Zigic daughter from the UAE. But a few days later the mother came to theIOM Regional Coordinator for NGO office again and took all theCentral Asia application documents saying thatTel:+7 7172 990521 her daughter had called her and said that she was fine, and if mother applied anywhere Alina would have many problems.REGIONAL CT STAFFMs. Bermet Moldobaeva In April 2011 Alina’s mother applied to NGO “Istiqbolli Avlod” again and informedtel:+ 996 312 612456 that her daughter’s health worsened badly, and she finally decided to from the woman who had been exploiting her all that time. Alina also informed that her trafficker’s daughter would help her escape. The psychologist of NGO “Istiqbolli Avlod” contacted Alina directly on the phone (Alina had already beenKAZAKHSTAN informed by her mother and was waiting for her call), Alina told her that they wereMs. Aliya Alikova planning to escape in 2-3 days and then to apply to the UAE police. The NGO psy-tel: + 727 2913973 chologist suggested her to apply to the representatives of the Orthodox Church the UAE providing assistance to Russian speaking girls victims of trafficking. At that moment Alina did not believe anybody and therefore firmly decided to applyKYRGYZSTAN to the police only. A few days later the NGO psychologist contacted Alina again.Ms. Janna Salieva This time her trafficker’s daughter answered her informing that Alina was alreadytel:+ 996 312 612456 in one of the immigration prisons of the UAE. The information was immediately forwarded to the representatives of the Orthodox Church in the UAE, who in turn visited the victim in that prison. In cooperation with NGO “Istiqbolli Avlod” the repatriation process started.TAJIKISTANMr. Bahrom Rahmatjonovtel: +992 37 221 03 02 Alina returned home in May 2011. At present, in the framework of the USAID funded “Counter Trafficking Project in Central Asia” she is receiving legal tance – the NGO lawyer is accompanying her to the local law enforcement bodies, for writing and submitting a statement against her trafficker. Alina is also receiv-TURKMENISTAN ing medical and psychological assistance in IOM shelter.Ms. Mahym Orazmuhamedova IOM’s counter-trafficking program in Central Asia is generously supported by the Nor-tel: +99312 420817 wegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United States Agency for International ment (USAID), the U.S. State Department Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (G/TIP) and the U.S. State Department International Narcotics and Law En- forcement Bureau (INL).UZBEKISTANMs. Nodira Karimovatel: + 99871 252 60