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We First Seattle

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  • 1.  
  • 2. @simonmainwaring
  • 3. @simonmainwaring
  • 4. @simonmainwaring
  • 5. Consumers want a better world, not just better widgets. @simonmainwaring
  • 6. “ 86% of global consumers believe that business needs to place at least equal weight on society’s interests as on business’ interests.” Edelman 2010 GoodPurpose® Study @simonmainwaring
  • 7. How does the private sector help fix our world? @simonmainwaring
  • 8. @simonmainwaring
  • 9. @simonmainwaring
  • 10. @simonmainwaring
  • 11. @simonmainwaring
  • 12. @simonmainwaring
  • 13. @simonmainwaring
  • 14. @simonmainwaring Brand/Foundation Partnership: BMGF & FC Barcelona
  • 15. @simonmainwaring Brand/Consumer Partnership: Expedition 206 ‘Open Happiness’
  • 16. @simonmainwaring Brand/Consumer/Non-Profit Partnership: Pepsi Refresh Project
  • 17. @simonmainwaring Brand/Foundation Partnership: Nike & Livestrong Foundation
  • 18. @simonmainwaring Brand/Foundation Partnerships: Nike & Livestrong
  • 19. @simonmainwaring Contributory Consumption: Zynga uses the sale of virtual goods for earthquake relief
  • 20. @simonmainwaring Contributory Consumption: Daillly uses the sale of virtual goods for Tsunami relief
  • 21. @simonmainwaring Global Brand Initiative: Brands support First Lady’s ‘Let’s Move’ Initiative
  • 22. @simonmainwaring Global Brand Initiative: Nike GreenXChange
  • 23. @simonmainwaring Global Brand Initiative: Patagonia-led coalition of apparel brands addressing sustainability
  • 24. How will social technology reshape the future of social change? @simonmainwaring
  • 25. @simonmainwaring Brand Goodwill: Nordstrom enters NYC with charity store
  • 26. @simonmainwaring For Profit/Cause Integration: TOMS Shoes and Eyewear
  • 27. @simonmainwaring Non-Profit Brand Storytellers: charity: water
  • 28. @simonmainwaring Brand/Non-Profit Partnerships: Made For Good
  • 29. @simonmainwaring Brand Collaboration: Nike Environmental Design Tool
  • 30. @simonmainwaring Brand Accountability: BrandKarma.com
  • 31. @simonmainwaring Brand/Customer Partnerships: Socialvest online/mobile platform
  • 32. @simonmainwaring Citizen Activism: #OperationCupOfTea
  • 33. @simonmainwaring Community Activism: BeRemedy.org
  • 34. @simonmainwaring Mobile Brand Accountability: GoodGuide customer app
  • 35. @simonmainwaring Future: Kiip = Social Gaming as OS + Social Currency + Mobile Content
  • 36. Thank You. Twitter: @simonmainwaring Facebook: facebook.com/wefirst Google+: Simon Mainwaring Book: wefirstbook.com Blog: simonmainwaring.com For these SLIDES and We First VIDEO, text your NAME and EMAIL to 1 (310) 321-4009
  • 37. Global Brand Initiative @simonmainwaring
  • 38. Global Brand Initiative
  • 39. Key Strategies @simonmainwaring
  • 40. Key Social Strategies/Tactics Crowdsource ideas or funds or IP Collaborate with competitors/cross sector Build contribution into real/virtual consumption Launch/partner with employee volunteer programs Use social platforms to trigger donations/actions Use online platforms/mobile apps for credibility/reach @simonmainwaring #WeFirst
  • 41. Case Studies @simonmainwaring
  • 42. Case Studies Brand/Non-profit/Consumer Platforms: Causecast, SocialVibe, SwipeGood, Network for Good, 7 Billion Brand/Cause Marketing: GMC/Invisible People, Pampers/UNICEF, Nike/Livestrong, Ford/People’s Fleet, charity:water, AOL 365, Toyota/100 cars, Tide/Loads of Hope, CareOne, Hershey/Care to Learn Brand Collaboration: Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Nike Environmental Apparel Design Tool, Let’s Move Nutrition Charter, Nike Green XChange Crowdsourcing: Threadless Atrium, Crowdrise, Kickstarter, BeRemedy.org, LoudSauce For Profit: TOMS, GOODcorps, B Corps, StartSomeGood, Dancing Deer Bakery, Yerba Mate Online/Mobile Apps: brandkarma.com, GoodGuide, SocialVest @simonmainwaring #WeFirst