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Jay Abraham Webinar 3/5/13 - We First


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  • 2. Introduction •  Award-winning advertising writer and creative director in Australia, U.K. & U.S. •  Nike creative writer at Wieden & Kennedy •  Worldwide Creative Director on Motorola at Ogilvy •  NYT s, WSJ and Amazon bestseller, We First, named Best Marketing Book of 2011 (strategy+business) •  Blogger Fast Company, Mashable, Forbes, GOOD, Huffington Post @SimonMainwaring
  • 3. Key Questions •  Do you think we can turn back the internet? •  Do you think we can turn back social media? •  Do you think we can turn back mobile phones? @SimonMainwaring
  • 4. The Opportunity •  Automation: Scale your lead generation and sales at little expense. •  Social Media: Build your brand reputation, leads and sales through new channels. •  Mobile: Stay connected to customers and sell at all times. @SimonMainwaring
  • 5. ? ? The Obstacle If you want to become a large and profitable brandyou have to start acting like one. @SimonMainwaring
  • 6. The Solution @SimonMainwaring
  • 7. Step 1: Accept new marketplace @SimonMainwaring
  • 8. Zuckerberg s LawPeople will share twice as much information as they share this year, and next year, they will be sharing twice as much as they did the year before. @SimonMainwaring
  • 9. Action Steps: •  Develop a curiosity for new technology that can build your profits. •  Read a technology blog: TechCrunch, Mashable, CNN Tech. •  Ask customers if there are new ways they d like to connect. @SimonMainwaring
  • 10. Step 2: Rediscover your audience Source: Edelman GoodPurpose Report 2012
  • 11. Source: Edelman GoodPurpose Report 2012
  • 12. Action Steps: •  Ask your customers what they care about. •  Identify shared values and a common purpose. •  Commit to contributing in a way that builds your business. @SimonMainwaring
  • 13. Step 3: Focus on Story + Telling @SimonMainwaring
  • 14. Choose how to tell your story •  Facebook •  Twitter •  Google+ •  Linked In •  You Tube •  Pinterest •  Instagram •  Vine •  Social ads •  Mobile ads @SimonMainwaring
  • 15. Social Media Around The World 2012 Report, InSite Consulting
  • 16. Social Media Around The World 2012 Report, InSite Consulting
  • 17. Action Steps: •  Check if your marketing tells a clear and consistent story. •  Check if your marketing has a consistent look and feel. •  Find new ways to you tell your story. @SimonMainwaring
  • 18. Step 4: Define your brand •  What does your company do? •  What is its purpose? •  What are its values? •  Who does it serve? •  What is its mission? @SimonMainwaring
  • 19. Key questions to ask •  Values: Why did you start the company? •  Abstract: What is its purpose in the world? •  Competitive: What are you the only of? •  Skills: When you are at your best, what are you doing? @SimonMainwaring
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  • 23. Action Steps: •  Work with employees and customers to define your purpose. •  Share that purpose in your marketing materials. •  Regularly remind your customers of this common purpose. @SimonMainwaring
  • 24. Step 5: Make a contribution•  Seek financial gain and personal fulfillment.•  See customers as partners in business successand positive impact.•  Avoid accusations of green-washing or causewashing. @SimonMainwaring
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  • 28. Action Steps: •  Identify a cause that matches the values of your brand. •  Demonstrate an authentic commitment to that cause. •  Use that contribution to build greater loyalty and sales. @SimonMainwaring
  • 29. Step 6: Engage customers•  Plan your marketing for the entire year.•  Use unexpected opportunities for free PR.•  Always reinforce the same brand story. @SimonMainwaring
  • 30. Tactics MISSION Tactic TacticSTORY Tactic Tactic Tactic Tactic TIME
  • 31. Tactics•  Coaches: Webinar, free e-book, livestream,live event, Google hangout, speech, book,free chapter, coaching program, mastermind.•  Sales: Offers, coupons, gifts, new products,crowdsourcing, cross–promotion, sponsorship.•  Technology: New website, app, You Tubeshow, blog, social media channel, ad buy. @SimonMainwaring
  • 32. Action Steps: •  Plan each tactic as a chapter in a longer brand story. •  Use the common purpose to engage customers. •  Update customers about progress towards the mission of the brand. @SimonMainwaring
  • 33. Step 7: Co-create marketing•  Pull in your customers rather than pushmarketing on them.•  Lead with listening, rather than talking.•  Share the sales and marketing burden withcustomers. @SimonMainwaring
  • 34. Add logo here And remove formatting box @SimonMainwaring
  • 35. Action Steps: •  Ask customers to promote your product, services and cause. •  Create marketing content with customers specific to different channels. •  Ask customers for ideas about new products and services they want. @SimonMainwaring
  • 36. Step 8: Grow community•  Plan an editorial calendar for the entire year.•  Respond to unforeseen engagementopportunities.•  Always engage, upgrade and rewardcustomers. @SimonMainwaring
  • 37. Grow community MISSION Upgrade Reward Engage UpgradeSTORY Reward Engage Upgrade Reward Engage Upgrade Engage TIME
  • 38. Action Steps: •  Use each tactic to build the longer brand story. •  Use your common purpose as a way to inspire customer loyalty. •  Keep customers informed of your progress towards the brand s mission. @SimonMainwaring
  • 39. Eight steps to leadership 1.  Accept new marketplace 2.  Rediscover your audience 3.  Focus on Story + Telling 4.  Define your brand 5.  Make a contribution 6.  Engage customers 7.  Co-create marketing 8.  Grow community @SimonMainwaring
  • 40. Leadership strategies •  The future of profit is purpose. •  Be the celebrant, not celebrity, of your customer community •  The evolution of revolution is contribution. @SimonMainwaring
  • 41. Leadership tactics •  Stop selling, start caring. •  Let the customer be the hero. •  Scale intimacy. @SimonMainwaring
  • 42. @SimonMainwaring
  • 43. Self-sustaining profits + impact MISSION Tactic TacticSTORY Tactic Tactic Tactic Tactic TIME
  • 44. Your Brand @SimonMainwaring
  • 45. Social Branding Blueprint 1. How to talk about the good that you do so customers to buy more. 2. How to frame your brand story so customers promote your business. 3. The best strategies, tactics and tools to make sure you get results. Get your Blueprint at:
  • 46. Social Branding Blueprint 1. Save Time: 8-step, easy-to-follow program. 2. Less Work: Simple menu of the tactics to choose from. 3. Less Effort: Get customers to build your brand with you. Get your Blueprint at:
  • 47. Social Branding Blueprint"Since taking the We First training, our new Customer CEO brand has had rapidmarket acceptance, measured in three ways. In new business, we have seen ourclient base nearly double within six months. In brand awareness, our social mediaconnections have exploded with thousands of new followers. Finally, in pre-sales ofour new book, several dozen organizations are placing bulk orders and booking usfor speaking and workshops. Simons gift is understanding how to really make thishappen, not just talk about it.Chuck Wall, Founder, CEO Customer"After training with We First our engagement level on Facebook (people talkingabout us) has constantly exceeded 10% and mostly stays between 20-30% with ahigh of 70%. This is compared to good target range between 1-5%. We have seensignificant sales increases as a direct result of the high interaction levels."Michael Jones, CEO, Thrive Farmers CoffeeAfter working with Simon, the number of new business leads increased 40% in thepast three months.Mark Burgess, Co-founder, Blue Focus Marketing Get your Blueprint at:
  • 48. Social Branding Blueprint Step-by-step online Blueprint training course. $997 Free Ticket to We First Seminar in Fall 2013. $1997 Teleseminar and webcam trainings: $497 Investment: $997 ($3500+ value)
  • 49. Thank you! For the special offer on the Social Branding BlueprintVisit now. Will you be the NEXT contagious social brand?