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Brand Manage Camp Brand Manage Camp Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The New Marketplace @simonmainwaring [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring Global Recession [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring Consumer Distrust [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring Connected Citizens [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring 3. Connected Citizens [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring 3. Connected Citizens [email_address]
  • Consumers want a better world, not just better widgets. @simonmainwaring [email_address]
  • “ 86% of global consumers believe that business needs to place at least equal weight on society’s interests as on business’ interests.” Edelman 2010 GoodPurpose® Study @simonmainwaring [email_address]
  • Timeless Brand Strategy @simonmainwaring [email_address] Define Purpose and Core Values Distil into Emotional terms Craft a Manifesto Write a Vision Statement Commit to Purpose Align Internally
  • 5 Essentials Social Platforms @simonmainwaring [email_address] Blog Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Linked In You Tube Channel Content (re Products/Services/Purpose) E-commerce (Offline/Online/Mobile)
  • 1. Brand Community Building @simonmainwaring [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring Brand Content/Values: Expedition 206 ‘Open Happiness’ [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring Brand/Consumer/Causes: Pepsi Refresh Project [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring Brand Community Architecture : Nike & Livestrong Foundation [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring Brand Community Architecture: Nike & Livestrong [email_address]
  • 2. Contributory Consumption @simonmainwaring [email_address]
  • Build Community Through Contribution @simonmainwaring [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring Brand/Consumer Partnership: P&G supporting causes in alignment with brand core values [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring Contributory Consumption: Zynga uses the sale of virtual goods for earthquake relief [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring Contributory Consumption: Zynga & Pepsi Hut partner to fight world hunger [email_address]
  • 3. Brand Collaboration @simonmainwaring [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring Brand Cooperation: Brands support First Lady’s ‘Let’s Move’ Initiative [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring Brand Collaboration: Nike GreenXChange [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring Brand Coalitions: Patagonia-led coalition of apparel brands addressing sustainability [email_address]
  • Key Social Strategies/Tactics Crowdsource ideas or funds or IP Collaborate with competitors/cross sector Build contribution into real/virtual consumption Launch/partner with employee volunteer programs Use social platforms to trigger donations/actions Use online platforms/mobile apps for credibility/reach @simonmainwaring [email_address]
  • Return on Investment @simonmainwaring [email_address]
  • @simonmainwaring [email_address] Return on Investment
  • Extra Return on Investment @simonmainwaring [email_address] Employee Retention Intellectual Property Research & Development PR Reputation Management/Word of Mouth
  • 1. The future of profit is purpose. 2. Brands must become community celebrants not celebrities. 3. Marketers must become day traders in social emotion. @simonmainwaring [email_address] Key Takeaways
  • Thank You. Twitter: @simonmainwaring Email: [email_address] For the slides, email: [email_address] For information on the first WE FIRST SOCIAL BRANDING SEMINAR, email: